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Claimed by Sin

by Regina Puckett & Charity Parkerson

Book 3 in the Seven Levels series Wade Collins survived a childhood filled with abuse and vows he'll never have children of his own. So his bargain with Septem, prince of the Seventh Realm of Hell, for the soul...

Forever and Ever

by Anthony Hulse

Following a car accident, Lucy Kinsella wakens after five years in a coma. She experiences terrifying hallucinations, and with the help of a psychologist, she discovers that she actually lived the lives of the...

The Culling

by Anthony Hulse

A series of child abductions are linked to Jules Devlin's touring circus. A team of CID detectives are deployed and attempt to unravel the mystery. The performers, including a clown, a lion-tamer, a fire-eater,...

The Eternal Chain

by Anthony Hulse

France, June 6th, 1944 After finding themselves separated from their unit, six British soldiers of the 6th Airborne Division encounter a band of gypsies. Two of the soldiers rape a girl and murder her boyfriend,...

Oliver Spencer and the Ouija Board

by Aaron Deakin

Martha has always wanted to foster a child, however keith her husband, is far from keen, until he researches the fostering process and decides to go ahead and see what it entails. They eventually foster Oliver,...

One Summer - eBook

by M.W. Southard

Andy, Truck, Striker and Calvin made their way into the Big Boonies. They would have never guessed that a simple camping trip, something they'd done many times before, would turn into a fight for survival. They...

Life''s Lottery

by Kim Newman

A brand new edition of Life's Lottery - an exciting speculative fiction novel that invites the reader to assume the role of the protagonist!

A role-playing novel that reveals how small decisions can have monumental...

The Ouroboros Cycle, Book Two: A Cautionary Tale for Young Vampires

by G.D. Falksen

The year is 1888 and a madman is terrorizing the East End of London. But Doctor Varanus Shashavani has far more pressing concerns to worry about than a lunatic in Whitechapel. Her charitable hospital is under...

Teenage Timberwolves: Lust for Lightning

by James Havoc

In 1795, the survivors of a murderous torture orgy at the Château de Selligny in France are attacked by rabid wolves. Badly bitten, Guillaume Garou ends up in New Orleans, one hundred years later, as a cannibal...

The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

by H P Lovecraft

A nameless terror surges through centuries to engulf the soul of Charles Dexter Ward, a brilliant New England antiquarian. Evil spirits, malefic gods whose memory lives on in whispered legends and fear-stricken...

Sixteen Small Deaths: A Collection of Stories

by Christopher J. Dwyer

Sixteen Small Deaths is a collection of short fiction that will break your heart, shatter your soul and unravel the boundaries of space and time.

Knife Fight and Other Struggles

by David Nickle

A young man at loose ends finds he cannot look away from his new lover's alien gaze. A young woman out of time seeks her old lover in the cold spaces between the stars. The fleeing worshippers of an ancient...

Motherless Child

by Glen Hirshberg

In his powerful novel, Motherless Child, Bram Stoker Award–nominee Glen Hirshberg, author of the International Horror Guild Award–winning American Morons, exposes the fallacy of the Twilight-style romantic...

The Haunting of Hill House

by Shirley Jackson, Guillermo Del Toro & Laura Miller

Part of a new six-volume series of the best in classic horror, selected by award-winning director Guillermo del Toro

Filmmaker and longtime horror literature fan Guillermo del Toro serves as the curator for...

Nonconsentual Erotic Sex Stories: Blackmail, Bondage, Babes, and More

by Bryan Carter

Non consensual sex stories of rape, unwilling victims in a variety of rape fantasy stories. NC is throughout, with stories of blackmail, trickery, and much, much more. Both straight and lesbian themed stories,...

The Mermaid's Curse

by Ed Russo

Ed Russo wrote a story to awaken society about the crimes of human trafficking and slavery prostitution that exist here in America. Even though The Mermaid's Curse is a sci-fi horror crime mystery novel, it...

At the Stroke of Thirteen

by Thirteen Press

At the stroke of thirteen, terror reigns... Thirteen O' Clock is a sinister hour, strange and horrific, just like the incredible stories in this anthology. These authors have track records for producing spine...

Nightmare Stalkers & Dream Walkers

by Horrified Press

Winner of the P & E Readers Poll 2013 - 2nd place for best anthology of the year. Welcome to the dreaded night realm... lingering just beneath your eyelids, where the hellish things borne of fear eagerly await...


by Stefano Fornacciari

A light appears mysteriously investing an airplane flight ... Landing in a world family, but that it is not ... the passengers will find in a world that is no longer theirs, populated by terrifying creatures,...


by Stefano Fornacciari

the bedroom of a child of seven years... a safe place... or so it should be... but every night that Timmy goes to bed in his room something happens that frightens him... until the final epilogue...