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Hooked on You - The Hook Man

by Miss Christie Nortje

Next time you hear a scrapping on the roof of your car think twice before you getting out to look. It just might be the Hook Man waiting for you.

Book of Urban Legends 2 - Enter at Own Risk

by Miss Christie Nortje

This is the second book in the ever popular Book of Urban Legends Series. This book is filled with more creepy stories that will make you comeback for more. Enter At Own Risk.

Truth or Dare - Bloody Mary

by Miss Christie Nortje

They told you not to mess with things you didn't understand. They told you not to play with fire. They told you not to call her name, but you didn't listen now she's coming and there is no place for you to hide...

Black Magic: A Tale of the Rise and Fall of the Antichrist

by Marjorie Bowen

Demons! Spells! Satanic rituals! Ultra-Gothic atmosphere! Papal corruption! Violent thunderstorms! Love triangles! Ghosts and witches! Medieval opulence! Gruesome violence! Good vs. evil! Comets! THE ANTICHRIST!...

Book of Urban Legends 1 - Enter If You Dare

by Miss Christie Nortje

It's a dark and stormy night, you are home alone and the power suddenly goes out, for no reason. Is something outside? Did you lock the door? Then you hear something go bump in the night, your mind races as...


by Christopher Grimmstad

Somber is a supernatural horror novel about a young man who, after being unexpectedly dumped by his girlfriend, goes to a friend's Halloween party to take his mind off of everything. Not long after arriving,...

Debbie Doll - Wanna Play?

by Miss Christie Nortje

Debbie is no ordinary doll, with an evil streak and a bad temper do you want to play?

The Forsaken City

by Gregory Hayden

Submitted for your interpretation, The Forsaken City is the tale of a nightmarish world overrun by evil, death and decay. It is the story of a damned society and one man's journey through an Apocalyptic wasteland...

Sweeney Todd - Demon Barber of Fleet Street

by David Carlisle

Todd is a barber who dispatches his victims by pulling a lever as they sit in his barber chair. His victims fall backward down a revolving trapdoor into the basement of his shop, generally causing them to break...


by Mark Carroll & Elexonic Com

280 extraordinary Halloween picture costumes. Halloween costumes are traditionally modeled after supernatural figures such as vampires, monsters, ghosts, skeletons, witches, and devils.

The Scary Room - What Hides Within?

by Miss Christie Nortje

Afraid of the dark? Then go down into the basement. Something lurks there waiting.

Do the Weird Crime, Serve the Weird Time: Tales of the Bizarre

by Don Webb

A man who terrifies women, a mystery writer stalking his editors, an old man fantasizing about murder, Brittany Spears revenging her kidnappers, a writer killing people to work out his plots, a magic ring that...

Gargoyle Nights: A Collection of Horror

by Gary Lovisi

At the end of Earth's days, a sorcerer creates a powerful creature--The Gargoyle--to guard the secrets of Earth's last city, Shenumbra. Then the alien Leinites arrive, determined to plunder our world of its...

What Lies Beneath

by Thirteen Press

What lies beneath brought out a whole range of themes from talented writers as they interpreted it both literally and metaphorically. The stories are wildly different, every one of them worthy of their place...


by Horrified Press

Plague is a collection of short horror stories penned by various authors from around the world. Witness the outbreak of something nasty that changed our past, affects the present and may even destroy our future,...

Mirror Mirror

by Thirteen Press

Mirrors are fascinating. They reflect everything accurately the things that are in front of them, or do they? Scientists were at one time attempting to create a mirror which showed everything the way the viewer...

Western Ghost Stories

by Thirteen Press

Cowboys, Wild West frontiers, gunfights, ghosts and hauntings of deserted and sometimes not so deserted places... once again our talented bunch of writers have come up with an intriguing set of stories set in...

Dangerous Dreams

by Thirteen Press

Top Ten Finisher in the 2014 P & E Readers Poll (2nd Place: anthologies category). Everyone dreams but not everyone remembers them... Sometimes that's a very good thing. This collection of dark stories explores...

Tales of the Undead - Hell Whore Anthology: Volume III

by Horrified Press

The undead stand defiant before the dawn, determined to outlive and outrun the end of forever. One final time we shall know their pain and suffering for ourselves. It's time to run with the wild ones and break...


by Thirteen Press

Everything eventually gets broken, whether it's Greek sculptures or spaceships, someone somewhere does something and it gets broken. All the cursing and skilful patching in the world can never put it back together...