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Daughter of Murder

by Robert Leslie Bellem

Dan Turner works on another mystery in "Daughter of Murder"

Broken Melody

by Robert Leslie Bellem

Nothing scalds Dan Turner so much as a threatening note. When there's money in a case, and when there's a little songbird like Chiquita in the picture, nobody's going to tell Dan to layoff, and get away with...

The Girl from Hollywood

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Life at the Pennington's Rancho del Granado was hard, but it was a good life, far removed from the unnatural pressures and dangers of the big city. It was, that is, until the desperate and evil ambitions of...

The Girl From Farris

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

A one-time resident of Chicago's notorious Red light district, Maggie Lynch sets out determinedly to end her life of sin and find a decent job. But on entering the respectable world Maggie finds that deceit...

Bullet From Nowhere

by Robert Leslie Bellem

The cameras are set, the scene has already been rehearsed; "Shoot!" the director says. . . . What happens is stark tragedy-not of the movie, play-acting variety, but like a chapter out of the deeper drama of...

Atom Boy

by Ray Cummings

Retired and rusticating Pete McLean, former policeman, sees something new in crime-fighting in a rural setting! Note: short story

Million Buck Snatch

by Robert Leslie Bellem

Guns roared in Chinatown. The police took it calmly. "Another ton war," they said. But Hollywood's super-sleuth was always a doubter. Wouldn't it seem more reasonable that somebody had deliberately short at...

Malibu Mess

by Robert Leslie Bellem

Nothing can be so mixed up as a couple of scrambled Hollywood marriages-with everybody wanting to kill everybody else. Dan is on hand to prevent things going quite that far . . .

Dead Heat

by Robert Leslie Bellem

The cash customers paid plenty to watch her emote on the screen. They looked upon her as brunette angel, but there were a lot of substantial citizens in Hollywood, who knew Linda for a rat!


by Tom Curry

Carefully, cautiously, with his full force of his underworld spies did Tao the Chinese fence keep an eye on the newest recruit among his clients, and right up to the final act he could not be sure whether or...


by Robert Leslie Bellem

An ounce of murder prevention is worth a pound of chasing a killer. So Dan tries to help the girl--- only to find that a very fast one is being pulled on him...

The Mucker

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Billy Byrne was a thug and alcoholic, but his choices have lead to a life of adventure and peril!

The Color of Murder

by Robert Leslie Bellem

When a man goes on a bender and tries to kill the woman who has made a success of him, an ounce of prevention is called, Dan figures, or a pound of murder will be roosting on his doorstep.

The Graveyard Rats

by Henry Kuttner

Mason had decided that the rats had to go... they had other plans... (note: very short story!)

Shriek in the Night

by Sewell Peaslee Wright

A woman's cry for "Help!"-an eerie wail over the telephone, "like some monster screaming in agony"-and young Dellert rushes into the night on a wild and dangerous chase.

Arrow From Nowhere

by Robert Leslie Bellem

There was only one man on the set who could have shot the arrow, yet Dan hated to think Jeff could be guilty. Motive tumbles over motive, and suspect waltzes around with suspect-but there still remains the question:...

Scalpel of Doom

by Ray Cummings

A doctor is not supposed to use his knowledge to slay. Yet there came a time when this small-town medico had to operate with... note: short story

The Precipice

by Ray Cummings

Finding the body was enough evidence to show just how the killer had worked in cold-blooded wickedness. (note: a short story) Excerpt Old Man Macpherson was dying. There was no argument on that. You could see...

Murder In The Fog

by Ray Cummings

Dr. Feather Tries to Prove You Can "Set a Thief to Catch a Thief" (note: short story) Excerpt The fog, almost without warning, swirled out of the East in the late afternoon. Grey at first, then murky green,...

The Dead Man Laughs

by Ray Cummings

The dead man laughs as a scientific sleuth tackles the riddle of a mysterious fire! (note: a short story)