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Nine Lives

by Bernice Rubens

The killer's modus operandi is the same in each instance: strangulation, always with a guitar string, pulled tight from behind until life is taken. And though the murders are happening up and down the country,...

Slapton Sands

by Francis Cottam

They were just like the beaches at Normandy, Slapton Sand. That's why they trained them there - an army of invasion secluded in sleepy south Devon. But fifteen hundred soldiers perished at Slapton Sands, and...

Heathcliff's Tale

by Emma Tennant

Can evil be passed from one generation to the next? Or is it born out of deprivation and despair? Does it linger, long after the death of the evil-doer - and can it haunt chillingly through the pages of a book?...

Strangers in Company

by Jane Aiken Hodge

Marian is in her mid-thirties, and trying to get over the shock of her eighteen-year-old twins leaving her to live with their father in the USA. As a distraction she takes a job looking after a younger woman,...

A Death in Two Parts

by Jane Aiken Hodge

The 50-year-old unsolved murder of a manipulative but wealthy old lady still tortures the woman made rich by her death

A Penknife in My Heart

by Nicholas Blake

We might make a contract for disposing of each other's rubbish.

A Tangled Web

by Nicholas Blake

A chance meeting in a London street in the 1950s... and fate is sealed for carefree cat burglar Hugo Chesterman and Daisy Bland, the girl eager to become his mistress. When a police officer is murdered in Brighton,...

The Typhoon Lover

Rei Shimura, Detective #8

by Sujata Massey

A young woman with a foothold in two cultures, Rei Shimura has gone wherever fortune and her unruly passions have led her throughout her chaotic twenties. Now, after the streamers for her thirtieth birthday...

The Trick of the Ga Bolga

by Patrick McGinley

It's P.G.Wodehouse meets Carl Jung with knives drawn.

After the Cabaret

by Hilary Bailey

'Hilary Bailey ... is a mistress of her melodrama'


'Bailey plays on the fear of the monstrous, compassionless woman and also plays with it'



by Hilary Bailey

Two stories about romance on the rocks, served with a twist of intrigue.

Fifty-First State

by Hilary Bailey

Bailey's post-apocalyptic London in 2013 eerily foreshadows and accurately depicts the climate of fear and paranoia surrounding global economic downturn and its effects on society.

Hannie Richards

by Hilary Bailey

Hannie leads a double life, one as a wife and mother in a Devon manor house, and the other as an International smuggler.

In this sharp and witty pastiche of the worlds of John Buchan and Rider Haggard, our heroine...

The War Against Chaos

by Anita Mason

A dystopian tale, similar to Orwell's 1984 where our hero, Hare, leads an anarchic commune into 'the Zone' with no idea if they will be able to survive.

Why Aren't They Screaming?

by Joan Smith

April, 1986: American airplanes stationed in Britain attack Libya. Civilian casualties are heavy; world opinion is outraged.

University lecturer Loretta Lawson is staying in the country for a few days' rest....

What Men Say

by Joan Smith

When a woman's decomposed body is found in the aging barn of Oxford don Bridget Bennett's estate, Loretta knows her friend Bridget's shock is genuine. Unfortunately, the local constabulary are not so sure. And...

What Will Survive

by Joan Smith

July 1997: Lebanon makes the British headlines when an Englishwoman dies in a landmine explosion near the town of Nabatiyeh.

The dead woman is Aisha, a former model with an Egyptian mother, visiting the Middle...

Full Stop

by Joan Smith

Loretta Lawson is already a little apprehensive about spending a hot, muggy weekend alone in New York City at her friend Toni's apartment. And it seems her fears are confirmed when she receives a series of mysterious...

Don't Leave Me This Way

by Joan Smith

Loretta Lawson is not overjoyed when an old acquaintance, Sandra, turns up knocking on Loretta's doorstep on Christmas Eve. After a week of wrecking havock on Loretta's content, quiet life, Sandra suddenly disappears....

A Masculine Ending

by Joan Smith

Loretta Lawson, a feminist professor visiting Paris to deliver a paper on the oppressive nature of masculine grammatical forms, stumbles across the murder of an Oxford don.

But when the body disappears, she returns...