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Flying Too High

Phryne Fisher #2

by Kerry Greenwood

The second in the classic Phryne Fisher series from Kerry Greenwood, featuring the irresistible heroine Phryne. Whether shes foiling kidnappers, seducing beautiful young men or simply deciding what to wear for...

Darker Than Any Shadow

Tai Randolph #2

by Tina Whittle

The dog days of summer have arrived, and Tai Randolph is feeling the heat. Running her uncle's gun shop is more demanding than she ever imagined. Her best friend Rico is competing for a national slam poetry...

The Sandburg Connection: A Sam Blackman Mystery

by Mark de Castrique

A simple assignment for private investigator Sam Blackman and his partner Nakayla Robertson: follow Professor Janice Wainwright, who's suing a surgeon for malpractice, and catch her in activities that undercut...

The Fourth Time is Murder: A Posadas County Mystery

by Steven F Havill

Undersheriff Estelle Reyes-Guzman is always busy, but now more so than ever. The sheriff is still not completely recovered from his stay in the hospital, and she is recovering from a hospital stay herself. After...

Eighth Veil, The: A Jerusalem Mystery

by Frederick Ramsay

The Eighth Veil is a mystery set in the year 28 CE in Jerusalem during the feast of Tabernacles. A murdered servant girl is found in the palace of King Herod Antipas. The Prefect, Pontius Pilate is in attendance....

Stolen Hearts: A Grace Street Mystery

by Jane Tesh

David Randall used to be a lively, carefree fellow with a talent for finding things. But his perfect family life was derailed when he lost his little daughter Lindsey in a car crash. Thrown out by his second...

Sticks and Stones: A Cat DeLuca Mystery

Cat DeLuca #2

by K J Larsen

What does a woman do when she discovers her husband is an incurable cheater? If she's Cat DeLuca she launches the Pants On Fire Detective Agency. Now Cat does what two years of unholy matrimony taught her. She...

Murder in the 11th House: A Starlight Detective Agency Mystery

by Mitchell Scott Lewis

Astrological detective David Lowell must use his charts and knowledge to solve the murder of a federal judge in a New York City parking garage. Joined by his daughter, Melinda, a young defense attorney; his...

Mercury's Rise: A Silver Rush Mystery

by Ann Parker

Inez Stannert, one of the partners in the Silver Queen Saloon in Leadville, Colorado, travels to a fashionable summer retreat for a reunion with her son, now a toddler in the care of her sister. Manitou, at...

Fever Dream: A Daniel Rinaldi Mystery

by Dennis Palumbo

Nearly a year after Pittsburgh psychologist and trauma expert Daniel Rinaldi helped unravel a baffling murder, he finds himself drawn into another case. On a blistering summer day, a bank robbery goes wrong,...

Desert Wind: A Lena Jones Mystery

by Betty Webb

When P.I. Lena Jones' Pima Indian partner Jimmy Sisiwan is arrested in the remote northern Arizona town of Walapai Flats, Lena closes the Desert Investigations office and rushes to his aid. What she finds is...

But Remember Their Names: A Cynthia Jakubek Legal Thriller

by Hillary Bell Locke

Before her Wall Street dream is again within her grasp, Cynthia Jakubek will come to appreciate Robert F. Kennedy's memorable advice: ''Forgive your enemies--but remember their names.'' Eight colonists were...

A Perilous Conception: A Detective Baumgartner Mystery

by Larry Karp

It's 1976. Despite fierce international controversy over whether in vitro fertilization should ever be performed in humans, doctors around the world race to be first to produce a baby by this procedure. Dr....

A Paradise for Fools: A Fred Taylor Art Mystery

by Nicholas Kilmer

The young woman in the hair salon raises her shirt to show a friend a work in progress-a riot of stunning tattoos. From the barber's chair, Fred Taylor knows that those images-weird insects, beasts, and naked...

A Killing Season: A Medieval Mystery

by Priscilla Royal

When Baron Herbert returns from crusade he grows increasingly morose and withdraws from his family. When his sons begin to die in strange accidents, questions are asked whether Herbert harbors a dark sin for...

Unforced Error

Rep and Melissa Pennyworth #2

by Michael Bowen

Intellectual property attorneys, romance publishers, and librarians-the very last people you'd expect to be mixed up in murder! Add a pinch of authentic Civil War re-enactors and a sparkling tour of Kansas City,...

Shoot the Lawyer Twice

Rep and Melissa Pennyworth #4

by Michael Bowen

When a frat boy finds himself on trial in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for piracy on the high seas, Lawyer Rep Pennyworth, suspects he's being used as an unwitting accomplice in a cheap publicity stunt. Meanwhile Rep's...

Service Dress Blues

Rep and Melissa Pennyworth #5

by Michael Bowen

Rep Pennyworth, a trademark and copyright lawyer, has loyally followed his wife Melissa to Milwaukee in her quest for an assistant professorship in English Literature at UWM. On the night before the 2008 Army-Navy...


Rep and Melissa Pennyworth #1

by Michael Bowen

Attorney Rep Pennyworth has the client from hell.... Charlotte Buchanan, author of a mystery of no particular merit, contends her 1997 novel was stolen and used as the basis for a 1999 film. She wants to sue....

Putting Lipstick on a Pig

Rep and Melissa Pennyworth #3

by Michael Bowen

Vance Hayes died while joyriding on a snowmobile late one night and breaking through thin ice near the Wisconsin Dells. The cold-hearted, hard-headed lawyer goes unmourned by clients, colleagues, or anyone else-including...