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Find Me Again: A Rebecca Temple Mystery

Edgar Allan Poe Award Best Paperback Original 2004

by Sylvia Warsh

Rebecca Temple meets a Polish count who has written a novel based on his family, which he claims is descended from royalty, then finds him dead and his manuscript missing.

Deadly Sin: An Inspector Bliss Mystery

Inspector Bliss #8

by James Hawkins

When the Queen decides to attend a mosque for Friday prayers, David Bliss is assigned to protect the royal couple.

Victim of Convenience: A Chris Crane Mystery

by John Ballem

Homicide Detective Chris Crane is on the trail of a serial killer stalking the streets of Calgary. The pressure mounts along with the body count.

Hemingway Caper: A Joe Barley Mystery

Joe Barley #2

by Eric Wright

As Joe Barley investigates a case, he stumbles across the story of a missing manuscript containing writings by a young Ernest Hemingway.

Does Your Mother Know?: A Christine Morris Mystery

by Maureen Jennings

Forensic profiler Christine Morris flies to Stornoway to investigate the disappearance of her estranged mother, who has been involved in a vehicular homicide.

Dead Water Creek: A Morgan O'Brien Mystery

by Alex Brett

A government investigator uncovers a fishing conglomerates plot to gain access to a lucrative fishery and must confront her own past.

Crazy Lady: An Inspector Bliss Mystery

Inspector Bliss #7

by James Hawkins

David Bliss rediscovers his true love in the South of France, while in Canada Trina Button and Daphne Lovelace investigate the murder of an RCMP officer.

The K Handshape: A Christine Morris Mystery

by Maureen Jennings

After discovering the brutally strangled body of a colleagues daughter, Christine must use her new skills as a forensic profiler to discover the killer.

Manchineel: A Skye MacLeod Mystery

by John Ballem

Arriving on the Caribbean island of Manchineel, Skye MacLeod, independent investigator and amateur pilot, finds himself embroiled in a sinister plot.

Cold Dark Matter: A Morgan O'Brien Mystery

by Alex Brett

A Canadian astronomer commits suicide on a desolate mountain peak in Hawaii, and Morgan O'Brien is sent to the observatory to find his missing data.

Season of Iron: A Rebecca Temple Mystery

by Sylvia Warsh

In 1979 Toronto, Dr. Rebecca Temple follows a complex trail that began with the murder of a homeless woman.

Outside the Line: A Peter Ellis Mystery

by Christian Petersen

Peter Ellis, a rookie probation officer in interior British Columbia, is saddled with a new client: former NHL player Todd Nolin. The victim is Todd's wife, Marina Faro, who has been badly beaten and feels her...

Crime Where the Nights are Long: Canadian Stories of Crime and Adventure from the Golden Age of Storytelling

by David Skene-Melvin

Stories and tales taken from collections and magazines from the period known as "The Age of the Storytellers."

Loose Ends: A Jack Taggart Mystery

by Don Easton

Undercover Mountie Jack Taggart investigates the murders of his niece and nephew. His new partner is quickly drawn into a world of corruption and retribution.

The Dells: A Joe Shoe Mystery

by Michael Blair

Joe Shoe returns to Toronto and finds that theres been a murder near his childhood home. His old friends, girlfriends, and even relatives seem to have motives for the crime.

A Hard Winter Rain: A Joe Shoe Mystery

by Michael Blair

When Patrick ONeill is murdered in a Vancouver restaurant, his best friend Joe Shoe sets out to find the killer, uncovering dark secrets along the way.

Mister Jinnah: Securities: A Mister Jinnah Mystery

by Donald J. Hauka

Hakeem Jinnah is a politically incorrect but resourceful crime reporter for the Vancouver Tribune who finds himself embroiled in an increasingly bizarre police investigation.

A Studied Death

by Betsy Struthers

While the students blame the lack of security on campus for Sophias murder, Rosalie investigates Sophias life in search of a motive.

The dragon game

by Luciano Rizzo

Luca is a doctor who loves travelling. During a holiday in Tenerife, he meets a fascinating woman who eventually guides to a course on self-awareness. The other participates turn out to be competitors in a search...

Angel in the Full Moon: A Jack Taggart Mystery

by Don Easton

Jack Taggart's continuing quest for justice takes him from the sunny beaches of Cuba to the ghettos of Hanoi. His targets deal in human flesh, smuggling victims for the sex trade.