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Body Politic

Quint Dalrymple #1

by Paul Johnston

Edinburgh, 2020 - a independent, supposedly crime-free city with a year-round festival. No TV, private cars or popular music; sex sessions once a week. Blues-haunted private investigator Quint Dalrymple is called...

So Much Blood

Charles Paris #2

by Simon Brett

Appearing in his own one-man show on Thomas Hood at the Edinburgh Festival, middle-aged actor Charles Paris finds himself falling for a gorgeous young girl with navy-blue eyes. He also finds himself being dragged...

Cast in Order of Disappearance

Charles Paris #1

by Simon Brett

Who killed Marcus Steen, the theatrical tycoon with a fortune to leave to his young mistress Jacqui? And who killed Bill Sweet, the shady blackmailer with a supply of compromising photographs? Charles Paris,...

Dying to Kill

by Patricia Rushford

Multiple murders, ugly secrets, and mysterious disappearances keep police officer Angel Delaney searching for clues and running for her life. Book two in the Angel Delaney Mystery Series.

The Replacement

by Susan Wales & Robin Shope

An investigative reporter covers a story about a high-profile assassination and walks into political scandal, intrigue, and deception.

The Knight

The Patrick Bowers Files #3

by Steven James

In The Knight, the third installment in the bestselling series of thrillers featuring FBI criminologist Patrick Bowers, the stakes have never been higher.

Murder at Milltown Junior College

by John A. Broussard

John A. Broussard's Murder at Milltown Junior College is packed to the last page with murder and suspense. This exciting mystery begins with the murder of Milltown JC's un-beloved president Gilbert Green.


No Time For Death

by John A. Broussard

Hawaii is a paradise, especially for real estate salesmen. But Ron Crockett, recently arrived from the mainland and amazingly successful in marketing properties, finds a serpent in paradise. The snake is in...

The Bent Pyramid

by Hugh McLeave

Ewan Chisholm, despised drunk albeit gifted Egyptologist, is ordered by his curator at the Aspenwall Museum to fetch Sir William Garfield Tate's papers from his widow.

Chisholm stumbles on an envelope containing...

Now Mourn the Space Cadet

by John Chabot

Now Mourn the Space Cadet is the second in a series set in Connor Beach, involving detectives Chervenic and Wilder. The first in the series is Our Fathers.

Tina Siegert, a first rate flake, searches for the...

The Boy Who Said No

by G. K. Rao

The Boy Who Said No is first and foremost a story of people and their travails, the world in which they live, the colors and the sights-a story of mystical and mythical India.

The reader will encounter the...

Ill-Gotten Games

by BV Lawson

The clock is ticking as crime consultant Scott Drayco and "the world's most diminutive defense attorney" Benny Baskin play games with a dangerous killer in order to save an innocent man from going to jail. Why...

The Ring, The Bomb, and the Word

by Assad R. Wright

Synopsis: Faced with a threat so diabolical that if allowed to succeed, this novel's disaster scenario could make 9/11 look like a benign outbreak of the common cold.---- In The Ring, The Bomb, and the Word,...


by Mark Ethridge

Josh Gibbs decided he was through with investigative reporting when controversy derailed his Pulitzer Prize ambitions in Atlanta. Now editor of a weekly paper, he gets two pieces of news from Dr. Allison Wright...

Random Hearts: Accidental Lovers Find Themselves in a Tragedy of Death and Deception

by Warren Adler

There was no earthly reason why Vivien Simpson and Edward Davis should ever have met. But when two unidentified bodies are discovered amid the wreckage of a plane disaster, their separate lives collide and they...

Mourning Glory: Finding a Husband Among the Grieving

by Warren Adler

Grace Sorrentino, a gorgeous woman approaching forty who is determined to obtain a secure future for her and her daughter, adopts a new persona to catch a handsome and rich widower in Palm Beach, but soon the...

The Best Revenge

Alan Gregory #11

by Stephen White

In a riveting new novel of psychological suspense, Stephen White shines a brilliant light on the darkness that hides just beneath the surface of ordinary lives, on the fears that cripple us and the prisons we...

Fragment: A Novel

by Warren Fahy

Aboard a long-range research vessel, in the vast reaches of the South Pacific, the cast and crew of the reality show Sealife believe they have found a ratings bonanza. For a director dying for drama, a distress...


by Andrew Vachss

From the author of the acclaimed Burke private-eye series comes an ambitious and chilling novel that shows us not only what evil is, but where it comes from. For Shella is nothing less than a tour of evil's...

The Third Rail

Michael Kelly #3

by Michael Harvey

A woman is shot as she waits for her train to work. An hour later, a second woman is killed as she rides an elevated train through the Loop. Then, a church becomes the target of a chemical weapons attack. The...