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The Collected Works of John R. Coryell (Including Complete Detective Nick Carter Series)

by John R. Coryell

This carefully crafted ebook: “The Collected Works of John R. Coryell (Including Complete Detective Nick Carter Series)” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. John...

Queen Sheba's Ring (Adventure Classic)

by Henry Rider Haggard

This carefully crafted ebook: “Queen Sheba's Ring (Adventure Classic)” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. Queen Sheba's Ring is an adventure novel by H. Rider...

Sharman and Other Filth

by Mark Timlin

They had so much on Sharman that he couldn't move without their say-so. Stuff he'd done for himself, and things he'd done for them, too. His name was ruined on both sides of the fence. So they came up with one...


by Gwen Florio

When former foreign correspondent Lola Wicks heads to Wyoming for a Yellowstone vacation, she comes across a story that hits close to her past. One Wyoming soldier returning from Afghanistan commits suicide,...

The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum

by Kirsten Weiss

When Maddie Kosloski's career flatlines, she retreats to her wine-country hometown for solace and cheap rent. Railroaded into managing the local paranormal museum, she's certain the rumors of its haunting are...

Beautiful Losers: A Novel of Suspense

by Eve Seymour

Kim Slade has many admirers, but only one wants her dead.

Kim Slade is a clinical psychologist specializing in young women with eating disorders. She also has someone who specializes in her: an anonymous stalker....

The Gold Digger's Confession

by Nancy Panoch

The Gold Digger's Confession is a work of fiction based on a true confession published in the Cedar Rapids Newspapers in 1903.

There is mystery and romance in Gabby Snow's boarding house as boarder, LeBarge,...

The House With No Rooms

by Lesley Thomson

The summer of 1976 was the hottest in living memory. Britain sweltered, trees and plants wilted, fire ripped through forests, and rivers ran dry. In London's Kew Gardens a 10 year old girl was parted from her...

Unnatural Murder

by Connie Dial

A wealthy transvestite is murdered on a Hollywood street in front of dozens of witnesses, but no one will tell the police anything. Captain Josie Corsino isn't surprised since the east end of Santa Monica Boulevard...

Apothecary Melchior and the Mystery of St Olaf's Church

by Indrek Hargla

The first in a series of books that have taken Europe by storm and are soon to be filmed, featuring a chemist-turned-sleuth who battles ignorance and superstition-as well as killers-in a beautiful setting and...

The Black Box

by Alek Popov

Despite receiving his ashes and a note saying that he has died, two brothers believe their father's death has been faked in this satirical novelIn 1990, two Bulgarian brothers, Ned and Ango, receive an unusual...

Yashapolis: A Novel

by Noel Chalman

In a sleepy college town, a lonely and eccentric intellectual seems to be something of a laughing stock among his coworkers for his seemingly crazy theories. But it’s only when Christina Swanson examines them...

Mimi's Ghost: A Novel

by Tim Parks

The second Duckworth novel is "A wild and wacky thriller that's like sharing a roller-coaster ride with a suave maniac" (Publishers Weekly, starred review).

Morris Duckworth can't get over Massimina, or Mimi,...

Face Off. Cards in the Deck 3 (An NSA Spy Thriller)

by Robert Stanek

Finally available, this thriller written by a former military intelligence analyst who worked with the NSA tells the all-too-real story of a former NSA operative. In the heart of the Middle East, former NSA...

Half a Pound of Tuppenny Rice

by David Coubrough

The events of August 1972-a poisoning, a drowning and a possible cover-up-disturb the 17-year-old Grant Morrison. Forty years later, still obsessed with the case and the fear that his late mother might have...

The Home Front

by Margaret Vandenburg

The Barrons like to think of themselves as a typical American family. Never mind the fact that Todd drops bombs on Afghan targets one minute and sits down to dinner with his wife and kids the next. A drone pilot...

The Mysteries of Sodiers Grove

by Paul Zimmer

The discovery of a body of a sailboat accident, secret affairs, the vagaries of tides, and queasy step-sibling relationships turns into a murder investigation. Assured storytelling, clean prose and and impeccable...

Parker Field

by Owen Howard

Les Hacker doesn't seem to have an enemy in the world - other than whoever tried to kill him with a high-powered rifle while he was sitting on a park bench six floors below Willie Black's living room window....

River of Glass

by Jaden Terrell

Nashville private detective Jared McKean has spent most of his thirty-six years trying to live up to the memory of the father he barely knew.

One day, the body of a young Vietnamese woman is found in Jared's...

After Byron

by Norman Beim

In this Gothic novel told through the journals, notes, and intimate diaries of a cast of fascinating characters, we are taken into a bustling world of passion and intrigue.

While touring Europe, before starting...