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A Chorus Lineup

Glee Club #3

by Joelle Charbonneau

Paige Marshall is back in the spotlight in Joelle Charbonneau’s newest Glee Club Mystery. This time the high school show choir coach is fighting to keep her singers in a national competition despite charges...

Home of the Braised

White House Chef Mysteries #7

by Julie Hyzy

With the pressure of an upcoming state dinner that could make or break the president’s foreign policy, White House executive chef Olivia Paras has precious little time to focus on her wedding plans—or to...

Death Rides the Zephyr: A Mystery

by Janet Dawson

December 23, 1952. A transcontinental train is stopped cold by a rockslide in a remote Colorado canyon. There's a murderer aboard, one who has already killed, and will kill again unless stopped. The California...

Beyond Confusion: A Latouche County Library Mystery

by Sheila Simonson

The 2008 election is over, and librarian Meg McLean is thrilled that the library levy passed. Despite an economy in free fall, Meg's personal and professional lives are thriving. Tribal Chief Madeline Thomas...

The Hanging: A Maggie MacGowen Mystery

by Wendy Hornsby

When her TV series is abruptly canceled, investigative filmmaker Maggie MacGowen accepts a short-term contract to teach film production at a local community college and finds herself in the middle of an explosive...

Mix-up in Miniature: A Miniature Mystery

by Margaret Grace

Tiny Houses Can Hold Big Clues. Geraldine Porter is thrilled to meet bestselling author and miniatures enthusiast Varena Young. The celebrity seems to seek friendship with Gerry and her crafts group, and makes...

Barnstorming: A Gail McCarthy Mystery

by Laura Crum

There are human predators in the hills. Can Gail McCarthy discover who they are before she becomes the next victim? Gail McCarthy has turned 50, and is considering resuming her career as a horse veterinarian....

Shadows of a Down East Summer: An Antique Print Mystery

by Lea Wait

Antique print dealer Maggie Summer's Maine vacation is unexpectedly interrupted when she finds herself the heir to four generations of family secrets involving unrequited love, jealousy, art-and murder. In the...

Bit Player: A Jeri Howard Mystery

by Janet Dawson

"Delightful....In flashbacks, Dawson does a fine job bringing WWII-era Los Angeles to life.” -Publishers Weekly (2/28/11) What now remains of Hollywood's Golden Era? A wealth of publicity materials was...

Murder in Los Lobos: A Bella Kowalski Mystery

by McGinty Sue

Everyone loves Connie Mercado, daughter of a prominent local family. Everyone, that is, except whoever pushed her off the cliff into the Pacific Ocean, ruining a perfect June morning and bringing turmoil to...

Arsenic and Old Paint: An Art Lovers's Mystery

by Hailey Lind

Former art forger Annie Kincaid has reinvented her life and now operates a legitimate decorative painting business, but memories are long in the art world. Here, with the blessing of the FBI Art Squad, Annie...

Chasing Cans: A Gail McCarthy Mystery

by Laura Crum

HORSE WRECK-OR WAS IT MURDER? Chasing Cans is rodeo slang for barrel racing, a competition that can bring its winners fame and big bucks. To Gail McCarthy, a horse vet turned stay-at-home mom, chasing cans also...

The Paramour's Daughter: A Maggie Macgowen Mystery

by Wendy Hornsby

Just a few hours before she is murdered, a foreign stranger claims she is a close relative of investigative filmmaker Maggie MacGowen. It is a truism that "it's a wise child who knows its father.” The...

An Old Chaos (A Latouche County Mystery)

by Sheila Simonson

When a landslide kills six people and destroys several expensive homes, Madeline Thomas, principal chief of the Klalos, and geologist Charlie O Neill know something is rotten in Latouche County: the land should...

Docketful of Poesy: A Poetic Death Mystery

by Diana Killian

Mad, bad, and dangerous to know. Theater of the Absurd takes on a whole new meaning when former teacher and Byron scholar Grace Hollister is hired as a script doctor for a cable film production. Hollywood wants...

Buffalo Bill's Defunct: A Latouche County Mystery

by Sheila Simonson

Sheriff's investigator Rob Neill made a mess of his first case, the theft of sacred artifacts belonging to the Klalo, a Native American tribe from the western end of the Columbia River Gorge. Ten years later,...

Going, Gone: A Gail McCarthy Mystery

by Laura Crum

Horse vet Gail McCarthy's life turns stranger than fiction when her old boyfriend, Lonny Peterson, is arrested for murder-by none other than Gail's childhood friend, Bret Boncantini, now a sheriff's deputy in...

Moonblind: A Gail McCarthy Mystery

by Laura Crum

In this ninth book in the Gail McCarthy series about the Santa Cruz vet, Gail is pregnant and taking a leave of absence from her work as a horse vet. Despite her intention to rest and prepare for her baby, she...

Crimson Snow: (Hilda Johansson Mysteries, No. 5)

by Jeanne Dams

Based on a 1904 unsolved murder case, Crimson Snow weaves immigrant life, class and ethnic tensions into a taut drama centered around the Studebaker mansion in South Bend, Indiana. Hilda Johansson, a Studebaker...

In the Guise of Mercy: A Maggie Macgowen Mystery

by Wendy Hornsby

A decade has passed since Maggie MacGowen s last investigation in the pages of Hornsby s award-winning noir series. Gritty and streetwise, yet compassionate, these mysteries appeal to America s current fascination...