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Ghost Whisperer: Ghost Trap

by Doranna Durgin

Since she was a little girl, Melinda Gordon could talk to the dead: "earthbound spirits" as her grandmother called them. Melinda came to understand that the spirits are trapped, and in need. She listens, tries...

The Stowaway

by Melinda Metz

Trust betrayed...

Michael: He's still having flashbacks of his escape from the underground compound. Only Cameron, the mysterious girl he met behind bars, seems to understand him -- and realize that the sheriff...

Firefly Rain

by Richard Dansky

When Jacob left home for a new life, he pretty much forgot all about Maryfield, North Carolina. But Maryfield never forgot him. Or forgave him.

After a failed business venture in Boston, Jacob Logan comes back...

JOHN BUCHAN Ultimate Collection: Spy Classics, Thrillers, Adventure Novels & Short Stories, Including Historical Works and Essays (Illustrated)

by John Buchan

This carefully crafted ebook: “JOHN BUCHAN Ultimate Collection: Spy Classics, Thrillers, Adventure Novels & Short Stories, Including Historical Works and Essays (Illustrated)” is formatted for your eReader...

Featherweight Heart

by Jillian Snyder

Clairvoyant Jake Parker is about to close up for the night when a handsome stranger wanders into his shop, the Witching Well. During his reading, Jake is surprised when a persistent spirit comes through, desperate...


by Dev Jarrett

When they move in to their new home, Sergeant First Class Chris Williams and his wife Molly discover they are not alone in their house. An evil older than time itself lives there. Now, enough sacrifices have...

Baker Street Peculiars #1

by Roger Langridge & Andy Hirsch

What's to Love: Roger Langridge (Abigail and the Snowman, The Musical Monsters of Turkey Hollow), who has delighted us with his imaginative all-ages work for years, is teaming up with Andy Hirsch (Adventure...

Quick Bites: A Short Story Collection

by Jennifer Rardin

Now, together in one place for the first time, Quick Bites combines Jennifer Rardin's short stories into a wild ride of vampires, zombies, and voodoo that is impossible to put down. This omnibus edition includes...

Biting the Bullet

Jaz Sparks #3

by Jennifer Rardin

I'm Lucille Robinson (aka Jaz Parks).

This is a mission unlike anything my vampire boss, Vayl, and I have ever been on. It's not our usual take-them-out-and-run; it's an undercover mission that needs the whole...

Oke of Okehurst - Or, A Phantom Lover (Fantasy and Horror Classics)

by Vernon Lee

This vintage book contains Vernon Lee's 1890 supernatural horror novel, "Oke of Okehurst - Or, the Phantom Lover". "Vernon Lee" was the pen name of British author Violet Paget (1856-1935). Paget was a renowned...

Matanzas Moon: Ablaze

by Elizabeth Raven & Lori Follett

After a wicked Halloween showdown with the vigilante ghost of a Voodoo Priestess, clairvoyant Bridget Quinn is hoping her life will finally cool off.   Winter never poses much of a threat to the Nation’s...

Alien Hunter: The White House

Alien Hunter #3

by Whitley Strieber

Alien Hunter: The White House is the electrifying third installment in Whitley Strieber's Alien Hunter series

The aliens have seen many worlds, but they know that Earth in particular is a jewel. They lust for...


by M. R. Carey

The unmissable and highly anticipated new literary thriller from the author of the international phenomenon The Girl With All the Gifts.

Fellside is a maximum security prison on the edge of the Yorkshire Moors....

Almost Dark

by Letitia Trent


Claire, a private and outwardly content librarian, carries a secret: she is wracked with AC17guilt over her twin brother Sam's accidental death fifteen years earlier. Claire's...

Springtime: A Ghost Story

by Michelle de Kretser

When Frances met Charlie at a party in Melbourne, he was married with a young son. Now that the couple has moved to subtropical Sydney, a lusher and more chaotic city, Frances has an unshakable sense that the...


by Liam Card

Luke's afterlife is turned upside down when he is asked to mentor Safia, an angry young ghost with the power to rid the world of all violent crimes - leaving a trail of dead criminals in her path. Stopgap is...

The Cloud Seeker

by Jayne Anne Lockwood

Cat Cartwright's sixth sense tells her there are storms brewing in her peaceful English village. A stranger is in town, one that she does not trust despite her attraction to him. He is also the estranged father...

The Green Girl

by Jacquelynn Luben

When a young man travelling on a misty night sees something strange ahead, he loses concentration and crashes his car. In his semi-conscious state an apparition comes to him. Is she there, or is he dreaming?...

The Last Days of Jack Sparks

by Jason Arnopp

Jack Sparks died while writing this book.

It was no secret that journalist Jack Sparks had been researching the occult for his new book. No stranger to controversy, he'd already triggered a furious Twitter storm...

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Slayer Collection Vol 2, Fear Itself - Monsters and Villains

by Natalie Clubb & Divinia Fleary

The second volume of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Collection , featuring content previously published in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Magazine.

Each volume brings together a collection of the best of the official...