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Passionate Retribution

by Kim Lawrence

Marrying her enemy!

"You might blackmail me into marriage, Luke, but I'll despise you with all my heart!"

Lucas Hunt harbors a bitter grudge against Emily's family—and she is to be the pawn in his game of revenge!...

Other Man

by Karen Van Der Zee

Guilty passions

When Gwen had been forced to reject the man she loved, she'd thought she'd made the right decision until fate thrust her and Aidan together to rekindle the compelling attraction they had felt...

Part-Time Father

by Sharon Kendrick

Once wasn't enough

Harrison Nash was convinced he only needed to make love with Kimberley once, and she'd be out of his system for good. Kimberley Ryan knew Harrison wasn't looking for commitment—but she couldn't...

Hollywood Wedding

by Sandra Marton


When a will leads to wedlock….

Zach says:

"Why did I have to be the one left with my father's mistress? Still, I know her type, and she should have been easy to dismiss. After all, Eve Palmer didn't...

Flirting with Danger

by Kate Walker

Dangerous Liaisons

A secret admirer?

Catherine Davies was being stalked by an obsessive admirer. He seemed to know everything about her—where she lived, what she wore and who she went out with. Worse, Evan Lindsay...

Second-Best Bride

by Sara Wood


"Marry me now. Or I'll walk out of your life forever."

Claire Jardine's wedding day was supposed to be the happiest day of her life, but her whirlwind courtship had her reeling: who was the real Trader...

Secret Obsession

by Charlotte Lamb


Pride comes before a fall…. Will Nerissa's love for another man come before her husband?

Nerissa is married to Ben and she has tried to love him.

But, since she was a child, Nerissa has also adored her cousin,...

Mischief and Marriage

by Emma Darcy

When Ashley met Harry…

Mischief was what Harry Clifton intended when he traveled to Australia in search of an heir.

Marriage was the last thing on Ashley Harcourt's mind when she met Harry.

But William, Ashley's...

Secret Surrender

by Laura Martin

What had she let herself in for?

Christy King just knew that when she and Drew Michaels met again sparks would fly. So why had she accepted his challenge? Being isolated with this infuriating man might be some...

Reluctant Hostage

by Margaret Mayo

"Perhaps I ought to warn you that I make a formidable enemy."

Not that Libby needed warning! It hadn't taken her long to realize that Warwick Hunter wasn't the sort of man who was easily crossed. He believed...

Bride in Blue

by Miranda Lee


Brotherly love…?

It was Sophia's wedding day, but she wasn't a happy and radiant bride. How could she feel anything but blue when she wasn't marrying Godfrey, the man she'd loved and the father of...

One Night of Love

by Sally Wentworth

A physical attraction….

Oliver Balfour is a man who always gets what he wants, and he makes it perfectly clear that he wants Dyan—in his bed! He is without doubt the most attractive man Dyan has ever met. What...

Forgotten Husband

by Helen Bianchin

They said he was her husband…

But Elise didn't feel married. Nor did she feel pregnant…. The accident had destroyed all memory of the past few months for her and, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't...

Savage Seduction

by Sharon Kendrick

When enemies marry…

Constantine Sioulas was a man of primitive passions…. Jade knew that. But she couldn't believe it when, after a whirlwind courtship, he insisted that she marry him! Things like that simply...

Blue Fire

by Sarah Holland

Bond of hatred…?

Christie was young and naive when she first met Jared Buchanan. She'd fallen in love with him, but she couldn't cope with the passion he awoke within her. So she'd fled….

Three years on, and...

Indecent Proposal

by Sandra Marton


When a will leads to a wedding…

Cade Landon tell his story:

"When I heard that my father wanted me to sort out Gordon Oil, I thought that Angelica Gordon would be a pushover. Shows how wrong a...

Ruthless Contract

by Kathryn Ross


"I hate you Greg Prescott…I just hate you."

Five years ago, Greg had deceived Abbie, and now fate had delivered even crueler blows. Abbie's sister and brother-in-law had been tragically killed, and...

Beyond Reach

by Sandra Field

Significant Others

Blondes were usually more fun….

But Troy Donovan was proving to be the exception to the rule! He was tough, uncompromising and off-limits. He had no intention of letting anyone get close to...

Hostage of Passion

by Diana Hamilton

"You can't keep me here against my will!"

Sarah couldn't escape the brooding power of Francisco Garcia Casals. He was always there—taunting her, watching her, touching her….

Sarah knew she was bait in a clever...

Element of Risk

by Robyn Donald

"I thought I was rid of you—why the hell did you have to come back?"

It was eleven years—two lifetimes ago—since Perdita Gladstone and Luke Dennison had met last. Now the legacy of their shared past required...