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Shadows of Yesterday

by Cathy Williams

"I'm not looking for love."

Those words shattered Claire. How could she have been so naive as to assume that she would be the one to break through James Forrester's cool, arrogant exterior? She should have known...

One Man, One Love


Did he belong to another woman?

Never in her life had Christie felt so cheated. More than anything she hated Victor Lascelles for standing on that beach with his arms wrapped around her cousin, showing the world...

Threads of Destiny

by Sara Wood


"You made the mistake of trusting me…and now you're even more in my power than before!"

He'd appeared without warning, out of the mysterious beauty of a moonlit Hungarian night. Suzanne was spellbound,...

It Started with a Kiss

by Mary Lyons

Millionaires prefer blondes!

It was certainly the case for Luke Cunningham. The American tycoon had seen Angelica Lonsdale in a crowded street and followed her, mesmerized by her long blonde hair.He would stop...

Dark Victory

by Elizabeth Oldfield

Dangerous Liaisons

Flirting with danger

Cheska Rider thought that she'd fully recovered from her one-night stand with Lawson. She was wrong!

Lawson Giordano liked a woman who had her own thoughts, her own identity...

Ultimate Betrayal

by Michelle Reid


A marriage in crisis…

"I never meant to do it…she was just there when I needed someone…"

Rachel and Daniel had three adorable children and a strong marriage—or so Rachel had always believed.

But her...

Trial by Marriage

by Lindsay Armstrong

Reform of the rake…?

Sarah Sutherland: Twenty-six years of age, wears horn-rimmed spectacles and works as a schoolteacher: "I suppose you could say I fit everyone's picture of a typical spinster. I wish, though,...

Woman of Passion

by Anne Mather

Is Helen Gregory a woman of passion?

To outsiders, Helen appears to be a typical cool English blonde. Only Matthew Aitken guesses that her icy exterior hides a warm and vibrant woman…and he wants her!

In the...

Yesterday's Husband

by Angela Devine

Sleeping with the enemy?

"You've had your choice—your father's company in exchange for your body!"

Emma had walked out on her husband eight years ago with good reason. But now Richard Fielding was back—with...

Sophisticated Seduction

by Jayne Bauling

Opposites attract

Having fled to India to escape the painful disillusionment of one relationship, Bridget had no intention of embarking on another…especially not with someone as complex and dangerously attractive...

Unchained Destinies

by Sara Wood


"I know your game and refuse to play it—in fact, you're going to play mine."

Mariann loved a challenge, but it seemed that no amount of quick thinking and fast talking could outwit ruthless publisher...

Valentine Child

by Jacqueline Baird


Would Valentine play Cupid?

When Zoë's baby arrived on February 14, it seemed only natural to call him Valentine! But as far as Zoë was concerned, Valentine had been the only romance in her brief...


by Robyn Donald

Bride's Bay Resort

Compelled, charmed…and compromised!

Mariel loved Bride's Bay Resort, its Sea Island location, its friendly staff. She'd jumped at the offer to translate there again—but soon wished she hadn't....

One and Only

by Carole Mortimer

Dangerous Liaisons

She wore her heart on her sleeve!

Valentine's night spent in the arms of Marcus Ballantyne! It happened to Joy—but not without the leading actor in the TV series "Pilgrim's Game" thinking that...

Crime of Passion

by Lynne Graham

Her crime was to have loved him…

"You go to pieces when I touch you…."

However hard she tried, Georgie couldn't deny how physically attractive she still found Rafael Bernanza. But four years ago he had devastated...

Vengeful Bride

by Rosalie Ash

Marry in haste…

Emma had a secret in her past…a secret that meant she mustn't fall in love with Dominick Fleetwood. She had behaved recklessly with him once, and now he was back in her life—asking her to marry...

Deceitful Lover

by Helen Brooks

Deception and desire…

Dimitrios was convinced Ria had broken his nephew's heart, toying with his affections then jilting him. He thought her only interests in life were having fun and captivating eligible men!...

Tangled Destinies

by Sara Wood


"Perhaps I'm not your brother after all…"

Those words bewildered Tanya. How could István be anything else? Growing up with him in a Devonshire vicarage, she'd idolized him—until her discovery that he'd...

Bitter Price of Love

by Amanda Browning

Mistress for hire!

Hunter Jamieson has been furious to discover that his cousin's intended bride was the same little gold digger who had run out on him only days before. And it seemed Reba Wyeth was up to her...

To Have and to Hold

by Sally Wentworth


A runaway wife

Alix North had fallen in love with Rhys Stirling the first time she had met him. Now Alix's dream was about to come true—Rhys had asked her to marry him.

Rhys Stirling was an ambitious...