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The Miracle Man

by Sharon Sala

Father of Her Child…

More than anything, Antonette Hatfield wanted a baby. But she'd long since given up on Mr. Right. He simply didn't exist. So rather than marry a good man, Toni planned to bear a good man's...

Who's the Boss?

by Linda Turner

The Hidalgo County War

Riley Whitaker had been sheriff of Hidalgo County for so long, he wasn't figuring on much trouble come election time. So it came as a heck of a shock for a Texas good ol' boy like him to...

For Mercy's Sake

by Nancy Gideon

Something Was Very Wrong…

Spencer Halloway could feel it. You'd think a stranded woman on a deserted road would be glad to see the sheriff, but not this woman. There was a telltale look in Mercy's eyes—a look...

Another Man's Wife

by Dallas Schulze

Picking Up the Pieces…

When a car accident left Gage Walker's best friend's wife a widow and a single mom, Gage knew he had to step in and help out the family. While Gage didn't believe in roots and attachments,...

Shelter in His Arms

by Elane Osborn

Left For Dead

Jack McDermott had been the toughest cop in town before a criminal's bullet changed his life forever. Wounded and bitter, Jack vowed to catch the culprit. The bloody trail led straight to an endangered...

A Man Without a Haven

by Beverly Bird

A Woman With a Mission

When headstrong Shadow Bedonie set out to uncover the mystery of the artifacts missing from her land, she never expected a confrontation with Mac Tshongely—or the sizzling attraction she...

Out of the Dark

by Justine Davis

The Lady and the Loner

Horse trainer Victoria Flynn had learned the hard way that good-looking men just plain couldn't be trusted. But she was in big trouble, and she had nobody to turn to but a man who was too...

An Innocent Man

by Margaret Watson

He's Back

Connor MacCormac could hear the whispers as he walked down the streets of his hometown. He had been Pine Butte's bad boy—sexy, smart and a bit too wild. He'd left twelve years ago, but the townspeople...

Dearest Enemy

by Alexandra Sellers

Prime Suspect…

Private Detective Elain Owen's latest assignment was driving her crazy! As she tried to solve the mystery, her list of suspects was getting longer—and kookier—by the second. How could she build...

Gunslinger's Child

by Cathryn Clare

Quinn McAllister Had Lied…

About who he was. About why he had really come to the tiny Illinois town ten years ago. And, worst of all, he had lied about loving Carrie St. John.

She had never forgiven him. Not...

Dillon's Reckoning

by Dee Holmes

A Child Was Missing

The case was every woman's worst nightmare—a helpless baby, just hours old, stolen from his mother's very arms. And missing-children specialist Adrienne Trudell was prepared to do anything...


by Kay David

One Reckless Moment

It was so easy to make mistakes when you were from the wrong side of the tracks and crazy in love. Tye Benedict's youthful folly had cost him dearly. Now fate had given him a second chance...

Moonlight Lady

by Barbara Faith

Too Hot to Handle

New York cop Sam O'Shaughnessy preferred his females big, brunette and lusty. The petite blonde he found stranded was none of the above. Yet the moment prim Lisa Collier straddled his hot black...

A Perfect Marriage

by Laurey Bright

Broken Vows

To their friends, family and neighbors, Celine and Max Archer had a perfect marriage. Only the Archers knew they'd never been in love, and that nights of passion were few and far between. Still, both...

Into Thin Air


Without a Trace

Their disappearances had haunted Detective Caroline Triece for longer than she cared to remember—young girls in trouble who had simply vanished. She'd known with chilling certainty that something...

The Outcast

by Beverly Barton

She Had Been Waiting…

For months clairvoyant Elizabeth Mallory had been tormented by visions of a desperate stranger. Now that man was here, on her isolated Georgia mountain. Wounded and on the run, he needed...

Fugitive Father

by Carla Cassidy

The Second Time Around

Sheriff Reese Walker thought he could tackle any obstacle head-on—until his former flame showed up with a little girl whose eyes mirrored his own. He'd always believed he wasn't good enough...

Callaghan's Way

by Marie Ferrarella

There's No Place Like Home…

Kirk Callaghan: A loner and determined to stay that way, he'd come back to town planning to put the past behind….

Rachel Reed: A part of that past, as alluring as ever—and now with...

Desert Man

by Barbara Faith

Man of Two Worlds

Prince Kumar Ben Ari was as much at home with the fast-paced ways of the West as he was among the tribes of the desert kingdom he ruled. But when it came to women, he preferred them old-fashioned—until...

Where There's Smoke

by Doreen Roberts

For the Love of a Child

No one seemed to believe how much widowed Turner Mitchell's little girl meant to him. No one but enigmatic Claire Spencer. His daughter's godmother offered to help him fight for custody,...