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Dating the Guy Next Door

by Amanda Ashby

From the author of You Had Me at Halo, comes the first in a new contemporary romance series where a woman must decide between her own fears and true love.




Kate Mitchell is finished with...


by Alice Raine

From the bestselling author of The Darkness Within Him comes the Revealed series - a tale of dark secrets and the forbidden world of desires. When schoolteacher Allie Shaw takes an impromptu cleaning job to...

A Proper Family Christmas

by Jane Gordon - Cumming

‘Wickedly funny, this Christmas house party is both a delight and a horrible warning.’ Katie Fforde William really isn’t into Christmas – all the jingly tinselly presenty stuff makes him feel queasy....

Dare Valley Meets Paris Billionaire: The Complete Mini-Series

by Ava Miles

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Ava's bestselling mini-series will be donated to the French Red Cross to help Paris. USA Today Bestselling Author Ava Miles presents a special four-part mini-series...

Like a Pinprick to the Heart : A Novel

by Shujoy Dutta

Anando Sen’s father can smell death, his uncle can see ghosts, his sister can communicate with spirits. Anando himself is able to tell futures and spin mantras to get what he wants. Gifts that are perhaps...

The Boys of Summer

by Sarah Madison

2nd Edition

David McIntyre has been enjoying the heck out of his current assignment: touring the Hawaiian Islands in search of the ideal shooting locations for a series of film-company projects. What's not to...

12 Courses

by EM Lynley

A Novella in the Delectable Series

Thom Kennedy Leyton returns to San Francisco to take up the reins of Graze, one of the city's best restaurants, years after he lost his job when his innovative new set of recipes...

A Little Bit Langston

by Andrew Demcak

Being different can be dangerous, and discovery can be deadly.

High school freshman James Kerr is finding out he's not quite like his classmates. Around the time he realizes he's attracted to his best friend,...

Blood Slave

by Caitlin Ricci

Prince Jai, a merciless vampire warlord, has taken up a crusade to stop the enslavement of the humans and werewolves by his own kind. He's heard tales of the time before a comet came and changed the world, and...

Winter Ball

by Amy Lane

Through a miserable adolescence and a lonely adulthood, Skipper Keith has dreamed of nothing but family. The closest he gets is the rec league soccer team he coaches after work-and his star player and best friend,...

Devin December

by Kate McMurray

A freak blizzard strands flight attendant Andy Weston at LaGuardia Airport on Thanksgiving. Tabloid reports about Hollywood It couple Devin Delaney and Cristina Marino breaking up in spectacular fashion keep...

The Squire's Daughter

by Silas Hocking

Young Ralph Penlogan hails from a humble but hardworking family of farmers that has been oppressed by the greedy and callous local squire, Sir John Hamblyn, for years. But when Ralph finds himself falling for...

At the Councillor's: Or, A Nameless History

by E. Marlitt & Annis Lee Wister

German novelist Eugenie John, who wrote under the pseudonym E. Marlitt, achieved a remarkable degree of literary fame during her lifetime, particularly in light of the fact that she suffered from a condition...

They Looked and Loved: Or, Won by Faith

by Alexander McVeigh Miller

Desperately impoverished and nearing the end of her rope, Nita makes a rash promise to marry a strange but wealthy old man she meets in a chance encounter. Before the nuptials are to take place, Nita is given...

Jason: A Romance

by Justus Miles Forman

This emotionally resonant love story is set into motion by a heinous crime: the kidnapping of a young American heir. His family is understandably distraught about the sudden disappearance, and French aristocrat...

Mary Gray

by Katharine Tynan

Well-regarded poet and novelist Katharine Tynan was a key figure among the Irish and English literary intelligentsia in the early twentieth century. In the pleasant romance Mary Gray, a young girl overcomes...

An Encore

by Margaret Deland

As lovestruck youngsters determined to make a life together, Letty Morris and Alfred Price made a daring runaway attempt in an effort to elope. However, their plan was dashed when a concerned clergyman informed...

The Iron Woman

by Margaret Deland

Set in the nineteenth century in a quaint community on the Ohio River, The Iron Woman is a romance novel that recounts the twists and turns of the courtship between teenage sweethearts Blair Maitland and Elizabeth...

The San Rosario Ranch

by Maud Howe

Maud Howe's moving romance novel The San Rosario Ranch tells the story of the love that blossoms between an American woman with a troubled past, Millicent Almsford, and John Graham, an idealistic artist. The...

A Dreadful Temptation: Or, a Young Wife's Ambition

by Alexander McVeigh Miller

Xenie Carroll has had her heart broken by her one true love. In the aftermath of that romance's failure, she decides to give up on love and marry for money. But when even her new-found fortune proves to be insufficient...