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Non-Refundable Groom

by Patty Salier


Elena Martin thought she'd hit the jackpot when a computer dating service that guaranteed marriage paired her with darkly handsome businessman Garrett Sims. No man had ever made Elena feel...

Hard-To-Tame Texan

by Lass Small



She thought she'd been invited to the Keepers' Texas ranch to do her family a favor, but feisty redhead JoAnn Murray was beginning to sense a fix-up. Was she really...

Painted Passion

by Latisha Brandon

Enjoying the last day of merriment in LOVE Park, Kevin Zahir Dunmore sees a woman across the courtyard, and knows instantly he has to capture her image. He doesn't miss a step, sketching page after page of her...

Man of Means

by Diana Palmer

From the moment rancher Rey Hart first set eyes on Meredith Johns, he was mesmerized by the lovely young woman. For not only did Meredith stir his jaded soul with her tempting innocence, he discovered she was...


by Diana Palmer

When innocent, wealthy Nora Marlowe came to visit the Wild West, she was as wide-open to adventure as the vast Texas horizon. Its rugged individualism—and dashing cowboys—suited her romantic spirit. That is,...


by Carla Neggers

Archaeologist Sophie Malone is still haunted a year after she was left for dead inside a remote Irish cave. Now she's convinced that her night of terror is linked to recent violence in Boston. Did the killer...

Killing Casanova

by Traci McDonald

In the small ranch community of Lindley, Nevada, Jake Caswell has the reputation and skills of the infamous womanizer Casanova—that is, until he meets Cassie Taylor, a blind woman who is oblivious to his normally...

The Laws of Love

by Lisa White

Associate General Counsel Livi Miller believes she has reached the top rung of Hampton Steel's corporate ladder. She is young, ambitious, and the best deal-maker Hampton Steel has seen since her boss started...

Creatures of the Moon

by Kristine Overbrook

When detective Lydia Davis apprehends the serial killer she's been tracking for months, she decides to relax with a camping trip. But after being attacked in the wild, she starts to change in a way that only...

Smitten Image

by Pam B. Morris

In high-speed, high-tech New Chicago, 2039, magic has gone viral. Lily Barnett, a brilliant but drifty artist wanders into a strange magic shop where she impulsively guzzles a love potion. Erratic and unpredictable...

Belated Bride

by Charlotte Moore

He'd Left Her For Another Woman…

World traveler Karen Haig was finally home, forced to face everything she'd run from years before. So much had changed—most of all, Seth Bjorson.

The boy who'd shattered her...

A Man Without Love

by Beverly Bird

A Woman With a Secret…

Catherine Landano was running scared, so she hid on a secluded reservation where the vast land could shelter her secrets. Yet enigmatic Navajo Jericho Bedonie didn't want her on his territory....

Angel at Risk

by Leann Harris

Love and Lies

Concern about her aunt's disappearance led Angeline Fitzgerald to the family home she'd always longed to visit. But in the tiny Louisiana town, the sultry summer air pulsed with an undercurrent...

Surrogate Dad

by Marion Smith Smith Collins

Seeing Is Believing

When Alexandra Prescott's innocent sketch made her and her son targets for murder, the independent-minded widow needed someone to depend on. The most unlikely candidate? Luke Quinian, new...

Left at the Altar

by Justine Davis

The Long Way Home

The only woman he'd ever wanted had left him standing at the altar without a backward glance. And there was no way in the world Sean Holt was going to allow her to hurt him again—no matter...

The Night Before Christmas

by Joyce Sullivan

'Twas the Night Before Christmas…

and Ian Harris was returning home to a mystery. His beloved aunt had disappeared and his beautiful boarder, Laurel Bishop, claimed no knowledge. But the seductive single mother...

Unspoken Confessions

by Kelsey Roberts

More Than the Truth Was Left Unspoken…

In one morning, Shelby Hunnicutt's whole world came apart. Her precious baby had been kidnapped—and the agent assigned to the case was none other than her ex-lover. A...

In Search of the Dove

by Rebecca York

In New Orleans everyone wore masks, everyone hid secrets…

Michael Rome: He was a master at assuming other identities, while never revealing his own. A sharp mind and deadly hands were his only companions. Until...

Miranda's Outlaw

by Katherine Garbera


Miranda Colby's plan for peace and quiet in a remote mountain cabin backfired the moment she stumbled upon her sexy new neighbor—in the buff! Although the thought of spending time with...

Lone Texan

by Lass Small

MAN of the Month



The Stubbornest Cowboy: Tom Keeper, youngest son of a proud family, and dead set against falling in love…again!

His Sweetest Temptation: Shy Ellen Simpson could...