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Outlaw Marriage

by Laurie Paige

Hope Baxter had teethed on stories of Kincaid family corruption. So when her ruthless father demanded his lawyer daughter wrench prime land from the Kincaids' grasp…she went in for the kill. But Hope underestimated...

Outlaw Hunter

by Carol Arens

An outlaw's wife… 

With her home burned down, her outlaw husband believed dead and five children entrusted to her care, Melody Dawson must leave the ashes of her past behind to start afresh… 

And an outlaw...

Outlaw Bride

by Jenna Kernan

Breaking him out of prison was the easy part…

Bridget Callaghan was willing to do anything to save her family, stranded in the Cascade Mountains. The only man who could attempt such a treacherous rescue mission...

Outback Surrender

by Margaret Way

Outback Surrender by Margaret Way released on Oct 1, 2010 is available now for purchase.

Outback Man Seeks Wife

by Margaret Way

Finally returning to the dilapidated family ranch Clay Cunningham once called home, he intends to restore it to its former glory…and to settle down and find himself a wife.

Local girl Caroline McNevin is as...

Outback Heiress, Surprise Proposal

by Margaret Way

Francesca Forsyth is happy with mud on her boots, working the land. But when she inherits half of her grandfather's empire, Francesca must come out of her shell and become a high-flying businesswoman, professional...

Outback Fire

by Margaret Way

Outback Fire by Margaret Way released on Oct 1, 2010 is available now for purchase.

The Outback Engagement

by Margaret Way

Darcy is shocked at the contents of her late father's will. She might have inherited half his estate—but the other half has gone to her estranged sister! Not only that, her father has given overall control...

Outback Bridegroom

by Margaret Way

Christine is on her way back—to a town full of bittersweet memories, but home to the only man she has ever truly loved, Mitch Claydon. Outback born and bred, Mitch is filled with anger whenever he thinks about...

Outback Boss, City Bride

by Jessica Hart

Meredith West

Likes: coffee shops, nice shoes, London

Dislikes: spiders, the Outback, Hal Granger!

Hal Granger

Dislikes: cool, unflappable, distracting city girls

Likes: one city girl in particular—


Outback Bachelor

by Margaret Way

The daughter of a humble ranch hand, Skye McCory grew up dreaming of dating Keefe McGovern, heir to the famous McGovern cattle empire and way out of her league.

Now a high-flying lawyer, Skye is back and not...

Outback Baby Miracle

by Melissa James

As untamed as the Outback land he masters, cattleman Jake Connors is a mystery to Laila. Something hidden inside him calls to the woman in her, in a way no other man ever has.…

In the heart of the Outback,...

Outback Angel

by Margaret Way

With her stunning Latin looks, Angelica De Campo was beautiful enough to live up to her nickname of Angel. But Jake McCord, Australia's most eligible bachelor, couldn't decide if his newest employee was an angel...

Out of the Shadows

by Loree Lough


Dr. Wade Cameron was a man of science-it came with the territory. He knew there was nothing between him and Patrice McKenzie short of chemistry. Never mind that the petite auburn-haired...

Out of the Game

by Kate Willoughby

Book three of In the Zone

Alex Sullivan may be the San Diego Barracudas' resident playboy, but he hasn't been able to forget the woman who kissed him like her life depended on it ten months ago. When he sees...

Out of Uniform

by Amy J. Fetzer

Injured marine Rick Wyatt didn't need a nursemaid, especially not his estranged wife, Kate. Having her so close, tending his wounds, only brought back longburied memories of everything they'd done together between...

Out of Uniform

by Catherine Mann

Natural-born warrior Jacob Stone never ignored a lady in distress. So when a stunning brunette clad only in a cocktail dress stumbled to his doorstep, the off-duty air force sergeant went into protector mode....

Out of Control

by Julie Miller

Legendary detective Black Jack Riley likes fast cars and faster women. But he's a man on a mission: going undercover at the Dahlia Speedway to avenge a friend.

Enter sexy, unpredictable young mechanic Alexandra...

The Other Woman's Son

by Darlene Gardner

Clay Dillon is everyone's hero—especially to his family. So when his kid sister needs a kidney, he tracks down Jenna Wright. Jenna's the only one who can help, but to gain her trust he has to lie.

Jenna believes...

The Other Sister

by Lynda Sandoval

Years after a prom-night accident claimed his best friend, Brody Austin decided it was time to stop running—and return to Troublesome Gulch, Colorado, to overcome the pain and guilt. Right away, a chance encounter...