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Two Hearts Too Late


Instant Fatherhood

One moment Carl Tannon was a carefree bachelor; the next, he was a daddy. Not that he minded. He was perfectly willing to tackle bottles and diapers and…whatever. All he had to do was retrieve...

Baby Times Two

by Marie Ferrarella

Former Husband

Chase Randolph had fallen for Gina Delmonico in an instant and, within days, made her his wife. But their marriage didn't survive long on just passion and promises. Now Gina was back in his life—for...

McCullough's Bride

by Anne Peters

Wedding Bell Blues

Beth Coleman: Mother on the Run

My first marriage taught me never to trust a man. No matter how gentle or considerate Nick seems, it's hard to believe he really wants to help me and my son....

His Only Deception

by Anne Peters

Deception and Desire

Smart and shy, Laura Erickson had never been lucky in love. So when handsome Jonathan Devlin seemed interested, she was immediately suspicious. Why was a man like that attracted to a woman...

The Farmer Takes a Wife

by Jodi O'Donnell

Searching for a Bride

"Nick Farrell's looking for a wife," the people of Soldier Creek whispered. "And he's got his eye on Maura Foster."

Once those words had scared Maura Foster. She'd been seventeen—too young...

The Mom Who Came to Stay

by Nancy Morse

A Mother's Touch

Single father Trace McCall had successfully taught his daughter about horses, housekeeping and their Sioux heritage. But there were some things even a proud, fearless man couldn't do single-handedly....

Hide in Plain Sight

by Sara Orwig

Single Mother in Trouble

Gritty homicide detective Jake Delancy was steamed about baby-sitting a blonde—even one as tempting as Rebecca Bolen. Hell, he had a cold-blooded killer to catch! But the innocent single...

All I Need

by Christa Conan

Still Married

When Rhone Mitchell's worst enemy threatened to harm someone he loved, Rhone knew who he meant. Shannen—the woman who had walked out on him two years ago. The woman who haunted his thoughts and...

The Morning Side of Dawn

by Justine Davis

Destiny Can Be Dangerous

A brief, fated moment at a wedding, and Cassie Cameron was hooked. She'd been unable to forget Dar Cordell, though months had passed. Who could explain it? She was surrounded by handsome,...

The Loner

by Linda Turner

Dillon Cassidy Wants to Be Alone

Burned out, fed up and with a bullet lodged in his back, the ex-DEA agent needs to go where no one knows his name. He's through with work—and with women. Because despite the...

One Forgotten Night

by Suzanne Sanders

She Had No Past

Nina Dennison awoke to find herself a stranger. Her memory was gone, and the only person she could turn to was Detective Mike Novalis—the man who had saved her life. His determination to help...

Hiding Jessica

by Alicia Scott

How Do You Hide a Cover Girl?

Mitch Guiness was a magician at concealing witnesses from would-be assassins. But how could he camouflage international beauty Jessica Gavornée?

The aloof model's stunning sensuality...

Her Secret, His Child

by Paula Detmer Detmer Riggs

Golden Child

Her daughter meant everything to Carly Alderson. After all, she'd gone through hell to have her. As an unwed teenager, no one had understood Carly's fiercely protective bond to her fatherless child…not...

Gideon's Bride

by Amelia Autin

Widowed and Wanting

Just yesterday, it seemed, Gideon Lowell was a contented family man. Now he was alone, with three children to raise and a ranch to run. His heart wasn't ready for courtship, but his kids needed...

Montana Rogue

by Jessica Douglass


Wealthy heiress Courtney Hamilton was terrified. In the past hour, she'd been blindfolded, kidnapped and taken aboard a helicopter, which had crashed in the Montana wilderness. Then she'd been rescued...

Trouble in Texas

by Leann Harris

Small-Town Needs

The beautiful blonde with the mysteriously broken-down '66 Mustang was exactly what Sheriff Derek Grey's small West Texas town, and his young daughter, needed—an honest-to-goodness doctor. She...

Caitlin's Guardian Angel

by Marie Ferrarella

A Father's Fight

The assignment—protecting a witness to a brutal murder—was the toughest of Detective Graham Redhawk's career. Because the witness was Caitlin Cassidy, the woman who'd long ago decided that...

True Lies

by Ingrid Weaver

Who Was Emma Cassidy?

That was what Detective Bruce Prentice had come to the Maine woods to find out. But the more he learned about her, the less he understood. All he knew was, those flights across the Canadian...


by Jo Leigh

Becky McCullough: Once she'd shared her bed, her children, her world, with Mike. Though their marriage had ended, she'd never stopped caring about him….

Mike McCullough: He'd thought the worst was over when...

At the Midnight Hour

by Alicia Scott

A Child's Keeper

Elizabeth Guiness had her work cut out for her. Her precocious young charge quoted morbid statistics twenty-four hours a day, desperately seeking just one ounce of his father's affection. But...