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Bachelor Blues

by Carolyn Zane

The Bachelor Next Door…

Single mom Lark St. Clair was starting a new life for herself and her daughter, Molly. Her gruff new neighbor, Cole Richardson, presented a surprising twist in her plan. For it seemed...

Raleigh and the Rancher

by Laura Anthony

Lonely Cowboy Seeking…

Dan McClintock had traded his desk job in Dallas for a ramshackle ranch—and a whole lot of trouble. Could one pretty, sassy cowgirl really bail him out—and leave his heart intact?

A Wild...

The Bridal Shower

by Elizabeth August

The Groom Says, "I Will."

When Michael Flint learned that Emma Wynn was about to marry another man, he was determined to stop her. She'd turned down his proposal before, but Michael would get his "yes" this time....

His Accidental Angel

by Sandra Paul

She Was Truly an Angel…

A major obstacle stood between Bree Smith and the Pearly Gates: a handsome lawyer named Devlin Hunt.Cynical Devlin had to change his ways and it was Bree's job to help him. Easier said...

Wildcat Wedding

by Patricia Thayer

Will This Stubborn Lady

Wildcatter Brett Murdock needed to find the elusive Jessie Burke. He hadn't expected his adversary to be a pint-sized woman who believed in shooting first and asking questions later! How...

Weekend Wife

by Carolyn Zane

Bachelor in Need

Tyler Newroth, an up-and-coming executive, was the reluctant object of his new female supervisor's desire. But Ty had an idea that was guaranteed to put a damper on his brazen boss. A gorgeous,...

Daddy Was a Cowboy

by Jodi O'Donnell

From Businessman to Cowboy

When it came to roping and wrangling, Kell Hamilton knew zilch. Now that he'd inherited a ranch, he needed to learn—fast. But not from his new female employee. No, Kell didn't want...

This Man and This Woman

by Lucy Gordon

Weddings Were Her Business

Gail Rivers worked wonders with flowers and tulle…for other brides. She had no intention of walking down an aisle and saying, "I do." Certainly not with Alex Medford, who insisted...

Hazardous Husband

by Christine Scott

Baby Wanted: No Strings Attached

Pretty widow Lily Gerard decided it was time. Time to become a mother. Problem was, Lily swore she'd never marry again; after all, the Gerard women were all jinxed—as far as...

The Cowboy, the Baby and the Runaway Bride

by Lindsay Longford

Cowboy With a Baby

T.J. Tyler couldn't believe his eyes. He was sitting in the Sea Grape Café, holding his baby, Charlie, when who should come strolling in but Callie Jo Murphy wearing a wedding dress. Years...

The Daddy Project

by Suzanne Carey

The Baby

Eleven-month-old Jamie deserved a daddy. But not just any man would do. He'd need a loving heart and a gentle way with children. And one woman would make sure Jamie's dad fit all the requirements.


My Dearly Beloved

by Alaina Hawthorne

Who Had Time for Marriage?

Certainly not single mother Darian Conroy. Her career was at a turning point and her son was running wild. She hadn't given a thought to romance until wealthy cowboy Tom Steinbuck made...

Father in the Middle

by Phyllis Halldorson

A Father's Wish

Clay Rutledge needed help caring for his daughter—and like a miracle, Tamara Houston appeared. And though the handsome widower believed he'd never love again, day by day Tamara won his heart....

A Cowboy for Christmas

by Stella Bagwell

Just What Lucinda Needed: A Cowboy

Lucinda Lambert was on the run when rugged Chance Delacroix came to her rescue. But the haven she found in his arms was a joy she knew couldn't last. Leaving was the only way...

The Baby Wish

by Myrna Mackenzie

Crazy for Baby

Maureen O'Shay was footloose and fancy-free…except for a single obsession. She wanted children—one, to start with, then eventually a house overflowing with laughter and the patter of little sneakers....

Two Hearts Too Late


Instant Fatherhood

One moment Carl Tannon was a carefree bachelor; the next, he was a daddy. Not that he minded. He was perfectly willing to tackle bottles and diapers and…whatever. All he had to do was retrieve...

Baby Times Two

by Marie Ferrarella

Former Husband

Chase Randolph had fallen for Gina Delmonico in an instant and, within days, made her his wife. But their marriage didn't survive long on just passion and promises. Now Gina was back in his life—for...

McCullough's Bride

by Anne Peters

Wedding Bell Blues

Beth Coleman: Mother on the Run

My first marriage taught me never to trust a man. No matter how gentle or considerate Nick seems, it's hard to believe he really wants to help me and my son....

His Only Deception

by Anne Peters

Deception and Desire

Smart and shy, Laura Erickson had never been lucky in love. So when handsome Jonathan Devlin seemed interested, she was immediately suspicious. Why was a man like that attracted to a woman...

The Farmer Takes a Wife

by Jodi O'Donnell

Searching for a Bride

"Nick Farrell's looking for a wife," the people of Soldier Creek whispered. "And he's got his eye on Maura Foster."

Once those words had scared Maura Foster. She'd been seventeen—too young...