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The Balleymore Bride

by Emma Goldrick

He Held the Key to Her Heart

Emma Ballentine had come to Balleymore looking for the answers to questions she'd had her whole life. In a cryptic letter left for her in her father's will, he'd instructed her to...

Love Is the Answer

by Jennifer Taylor

He Pushed All the Wrong Buttons

Sarah Marshall had a carefully organized—and safe—life, until James MacAllister came barreling into it. She was a caring and competent teacher, and her work meant everything...

A Sensible Wife

by Jessica Hart

Was It Only a Business Arrangement?

Deborah had lost her money and her passport and she hadn't eaten in twenty-four hours. But should she accept the help of a stranger, especially one who exuded such total confidence...

Dear Enemy

by Alison York

A Knight in Tarnished Armor

The first time Alex Leeward had seen him, he'd appeared with the sunrise, astride a white horse. But reality had hit—hard—when she'd discovered that he was Marcus Wakeford, the man...

Italian Invader

by Jessica Steele

What Max Wanted, Max Got

And Max wanted Elyn…in Italy…close to him. To keep an eye on her to determine if she was spying for her former company—at least that's what Elyn thought. After all, what other explanation...

Ruthless Stranger

by Margaret Mayo

There Were Terms, All Right…

But the only way that Nicholas Grant Thornton was going to stay at Thornton Hall would be on Briony's terms. Her stepfather's will had been very clear—the house belonged to her....

Risk to Love

by Lynn Jacobs


Alix had worked hard to become a top-notch journalist. So she wasn't about to let the interview of a lifetime escape her—even if it meant flying thousands of miles to track down the elusive Jake Hunter....

Golden Mistress


An Arranged Marriage?

Catia couldn't believe she was only a pawn in a game of honor and revenge. A family feud dating back centuries had no relevance to her life. But it obviously meant everything to her beloved...

Promise Me Love

by Jennifer Taylor

It Was One Proposal She Should Have Refused

Beth Thomas needed a job and a place to live. David Kane offered her both. But she didn't need to get married. Yet David was making marriage part of his offer, stating...

Colours of Love


Mr. Establishment

James Tasman appeared to put on the charm as easily as he did his expensive business suits. And he could afford to do both—he had the confidence and the means that came with making a success...

The Willing Captive

by Lee Stafford

Six Months Was Hardly a Life Sentence!

After all, Linnet found Cassie, her six-year-old charge, a delight. She would enjoy the time she spent helping the little girl with her English.

It was spending time with...

One Shining Summer

by Quinn Wilder

All Work and No Play…

Charity had worked hard to become a doctor—too hard. So before she started to practice medicine seriously, she wanted to have one glorious summer full of fun, laughter and absolutely no...

Tomorrow's Man

by Sue Peters

Another Knight in Tarnished Armor?

Now a widow, artist Kit Fielding was "finished with men." Her experience with her unfaithful, irresponsible husband, Paul, had left her content to live a quiet life alone. She...

Bogus Bride

by Elizabeth Duke

His Smile Made Her Melt

And his kisses rocked the world. It had always been like that between them, but Skye Haywood had learned the hard way that she couldn't trust Rafe Baldwin. He'd shattered any illusions...

Hold Back the Dark

by Jane Donnelly

Nicholas Always Makes the Rules

Or that's how it seems to Clarry Rickard. Two years earlier, Nicolas Dargan had sent his brother, Nigel, out of the country. He'd done it to break up Nigel's engagement to Clarry,...

Prince of Lies

by Robyn Donald

"I'm going to stick close to you…closer than a lover, but I'm not going to touch you…"

He called himself Duke and, like a prince on a charger, he'd rescued Stephanie from a nightmare kidnap situation.


The Yuletide Bride

by Mary Lyons

A Mistletoe Marriage?

"What could be nicer than a Christmas wedding?"

Under normal circumstances Amber would have agreed with the sentiment but Max Warner was only offering her a cold-blooded marriage of convenience,...

Hostage of the Hawk

by Sandra Marton

Heaven In His Arms…?

Khalil claimed that he never took what wasn't offered! But despite that claim, wasn't Khalil a man who would stop at nothing to get what he wanted? Kidnapped and held prisoner by Khalil,...

The Unfaithful Wife

by Lynne Graham

The Marriage Mistake!

Leah's marriage to powerful Greek businessman Nik Andreakis was an empty sham, and she was determined to get a divorce. But Nik didn't want one. In the circumstances, Leah found that totally...

Scandals & Secrets

by Miranda Lee

Dark Secrets, Forbidden Desires, Scandalous Discoveries…

Our glittering new six-part saga set in Australia continues. This, and every novel in the set, features a gripping romance that stands by itself, as the...