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Having It All

by Roz Denny Fox


Love, family, success. Can you really have it all?

Garrett Lock wants it all. He's a single father with a child he adores. He had a successful career. And now he wants a second chance at marriage, another...

Ends of the Earth

by Kay David

He knows where she lives…

Michael Masters finds people who don't want to be found. His latest assignment: Find Eva Solis and her nephew Daniel—the only two witnesses to a terrible crime. He knows they're desperate....

Designated Daddy



Steely government agent Steve Henderson was a lone wolf. Afraid of nothing. Needing no one. Until compassionate nurse Victoria Reynaud placed a newborn in his arms, inexplicably calling the...

I Now Pronounce You Mom & Dad

by Diana Whitney


A wedding was the last thing Powell Greer would have planned for his reunion with Lydia Farnsworth. But he and his college sweetheart had just become guardians for two oprhaned godchildren....

Finally His Bride

by Christine Flynn


She'd been the new girl in town. He'd been every shcoolgirl's fantasy. In each other's arms, they found acceptance, comfort and what Erin had believed was love. Then Trevor suddenly cut all ties,...

Marriage Decider

by Emma Darcy

Married to the boss?

For two years Amy Taylor had managed to keep her sexy boss at arm's length. But one emotionally charged morning in the office had irrevocably changed all that. Seeing Jake Carter, determined...

Mission To Seduce

by Sally Wentworth

Her personal bodyguard

Allie had teased him, insulted him, but still she seemed to be stuck with Drake Marsden as her official chaperon! He'd been appointed to look after her during a crucial assignment in Russia,...

Bride Wore Scarlet

by Diana Hamilton

Scarlet bride

The first time Daniel Faber met Annie Kincaid he knew she was a danger to his bachelor status. Mistaking him for someone else, she'd thrown herself into his arms dressed provocatively in scarlet...

When Night Draws Near

by Lisa Bingham


A handful of survivors, a killer among them—amd two former lovers caught in the cross fire….

Elizabeth Boothe was grateful to be alive after the wreckage of her ill-fated flight. But...

For His Daughter

by Dani Sinclair

Father first—protector always.

Nothing mattered more to Officer Lee Garvey than upholding the law—except his little girl. When murder hit too close to home, Lee had to put aside his badge to solve the crime—or...

Undercover Dad

by Charlotte Douglas

He'd forgotten everything—his identity, his woman, his baby

It had been sixteen months since Rachel Goforth had seen or heard from FBI agent Stephen Chandler, but she wasted no time heeding his frantic call...

His Only Son

by Kelsey Roberts

Who was the mother of his son?

Callie Walters stirred Sam Landry's senses in every way—and she might be the mother of the little boy he loved as his own. Callie's baby had been kidnapped at birth—now, Sam had...

Stolen Moments

by B.J. Daniels


A daughter, a son, a secret… With time as the enemy, only love can save them!

Some men have sex appeal. Seth Gantry has it in spades.

With ebony hair and bottomless eyes, Seth was the...

To Save His Baby

by Judi Lind

The Father of Her Baby…?

One look at her patient's chocolate-brown eyes, and Dr. Valerie Murphy knew that beneath the straggly beard and the bruises was Gil Branton. Gil had disappeared from her life, her bed,...

Cowboy Justice

by Patricia Rosemoor


After a lifetime of struggling, Cash Aberu had everything he'd ever wanted—except Reine Kendrick. One touch of her skin and Cash knew he wanted her, this time forever. And...

Hawk's Way: Carter & Falcon

by Joan Johnston


Desiree Parrish had two weeks to find a man strong enough to protect her from her abusive ex-husband. She'd never forgotten Carter Prescott's kindness to her, many years ago, but could...

Holiday Husband

by Hayley Gardner

There's a Mysterious Stranger Granting Christmas Wishes in a Small Missouri Town….

So "scroogy" Sharon Fontaine asks for the one thing she knows he can't deliver—the man of her dreams. As if knock-your-socks-off...

Single Female (Reluctantly) Seeks...

by Dixie Browning

For Her Thirty-Seventh Birthday, JeanAnn's Friends Place a Personal Ad For Her….

The Three Blind Dates:

Bachelor #1: Nice enough—except for that little problem.

Bachelor #2: Talked nonstop about his ex-wife.


Unhappily Unwed

by Toni Collins

Divorcée Laura Westin Hasn't Had a Date Since Ben, Her Ex, Proposed at the Senior Prom

Option One: Spend Saturday nights wondering what Ben's doing.

Option Two: Spend Saturday nights "dating" an irresistible...

Not Looking for a Texas Man

by Lass Small

Ruffan Reddy's Rules For the Ultimate Blind Date:

1. Don't crash your rig into a woman's car unless you really want to meet her.

2. Don't try to deal rationally with a woman driving a white car in a blinding snowstorm—especially...