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Fantasy Wife


He'd Been Blacklisted By Baby-sitters Everywhere

Single dad Alex Thornhill could manage multimillion-dollar deals, but he couldn't manage his own children…nor could anyone else! What his two little girls needed...

Daddy's Little Matchmaker

by Nikki Rivers

Love at First Kidnapping

After mistaking the diaper delivery lady for a baby-snatcher, single dad Bently Pierce then decided feisty Raine Rogers would make a perfect nanny. After all, she was a whiz with his...

It's About Time

by Charlotte Douglas

Who'd Been Sleeping in Her Bed?

When Tory Caswell attended her sister's wedding in a magical old Victorian resort, her mind was filled with images of bouquets and garters. But when she awakened the next morning,...

Hart's Dream

by Mary Anne Anne Wilson

At First They Were Dreams—Strangely Erotic…

Ever since Daniel Hart's near-fatal motorcycle accident, he hadn't been able to get one woman off his mind. Dr. Sara Carr's sweet voice had been his only lifeline...

Make Room for Daddy

by Emily Dalton

Bachelor Surprise!

Upon learning a casual fling had resulted in a bundle of joy, Greg Chandler felt compelled to go under cover and find the kid—just to make sure it was well cared for.

But that was before he...

The Cowboy & the Belly Dancer


She Stood Before Him Barely Dressed

In veils and silks, she was almost more than desperate cowboy Parker Dunlap could bear. He needed a nanny for the two children he had just become father to—not a woman who...

Baby by Chance

by Elda Minger

She Hadn't Expected to Be Expecting….

Having a family wasn't part of Cinnamon Roberts's five-year plan, but when she accidentally fell under the spell of a hypnotist who'd been hired by her baby-crazed twin...

Operation: Husband

by Barbara Bretton

A Woman With a Purpose

Martina Wilde had once known passion. For one night ten years ago in the impulsive arms of dangerous Trask Benedict. But their white-hot passion turned to ash when he disappeared. That's...

Marriage Incorporated

by Debbi Rawlins

Marry For Love?

With his sleek red sports car and polished good looks, Parker James was used to living life in the fast lane. The last thing he needed was a woman—particularly a wife—to slow him down. Still,...

Baby Makes Nine

by Vivian Leiber

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Becca Delacroix was in trouble. The usually straitlaced, independent mother of four was unmarried and pregnant—and the small-town tongues of her tiny Louisiana parish were wagging....

Ryan's Bride


The Socialite and the Bad Boy

Lockett Kensington, pampered and rich, faced the spectacular society wedding of the year—her own. She had more than a case of cold feet—they were numb! Taking the most direct route,...

Borrowed Time

by Cassie Miles

She'd Just Sold a Day in Her Life For a Million Dollars….

When a stranger made an unusual request—to buy a past day of Kathleen Welles's life—she immediately took the offer. She sold that wicked Wednesday,...

The Bride Wore Blue Jeans

by Mary Anne Anne Wilson

The Wedding March Began…

…and the bride bolted. An eleventh-hour discovery about her would-be groom sent Annie Thomas on the run. She was desperate to reach her daughter before he did, when her car was run...

Buffalo McCloud

by Cassie Miles

Sexy Dreamer…

Buffalo rancher Russel McCloud was searching for the legacy of his Indian ancestors, but he was still missing one big piece of the puzzle—an Indian goddess! So, when a persnickety lady lawyer...

How to Marry a Millionaire


Poor Miss Prim!

With his mouth-watering muscles and his myriad millions, world-class bachelor Curt Creighton had fabulous females forever swooning at his feet. Yet his famous aqua eyes feasted on painfully proper...

The World's Last Bachelor

by Pamela Browning

Name: Deke Washburn

Age: 32

Status: S.T.U.D. #4

Occupation: Self-made Millionaire

To his friends, Deke Washburn was the world's last bachelor—to single women, an impossible catch. But the playboy millionaire had...

A Timeless Christmas

by Patricia Chandler

Christmas Past

In a freak snowstorm on Christmas Eve, Miguel de Pima was hanged for an unspeakable crime—loving Dorthea McAllister, the beautiful, red-haired daughter of the self-appointed judge of Los Reales....

The Gift-Wrapped Groom

by M.J. J. Rodgers

What Do You Get the Woman Who Has Everything?

Men? Mistletoe? Bah, humbug! Noel Winsome much preferred a homespun holiday cuddling her tiny, toe-warming terrier. But Noel's crafty old grandpa wagered he'd see...

The Baby & the Bodyguard

by Jule McBride

Had He Been Hired to Protect His Own Daughter?

When bodyguard Anton Santa moved into Cyn Sweet's Manhattan penthouse, Cyn's pint-size daughter thought her Santa letters had been answered—and that she'd just...

On Thin Ice

by Cherry Adair

With Kiss and Tell, Cherry Adair wowed readers and set their pulses racing. The breathless, adventure-filled books that followed transformed Adair into one of romantic suspense’s brightest stars. No,w in her...