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Natural Blond Instincts

by Jill Shalvis

Natural Blond Instincts by Jill Shalvis released on Jul 1, 2010 is available now for purchase.

Nanny to the Billionaire's Son

by Barbara McMahon

For one night, Sam Duncan is determined to dress to impress and let her hair down. It's New Year's Eve, and with her hands on the hottest ticket in town, she finds herself dancing with billionaire Mac McAlheny!...

A Nanny for Keeps

by Liz Fielding

Jacqui Moore is on the run—from being a nanny! She can't bear the thought of getting close to a child again, only to lose that love in the space of a heartbeat. Until she meets little orphaned Maisie, and...

The Nanny and Me

by Teresa Southwick

Nanny Casey Thomas learned the hard way never to get too close to her work. But that was before she laid eyes on her devastatingly handsome boss, Blake Decker—not to mention his troubled orphaned niece, Mia....

A Nanny Under the Mistletoe

by Teresa Southwick

Nanny extraordinaire Libby Bradford spent her life nurturing children. So when her best friend's daughter was left unexpectedly orphaned, Libby lost no time in opening her heart to Morgan. Yet, she never expected...

The Nanny Trap

by Cat Schield

In her Billionaires and Babies novel, Cat Schield tells the story of a surrogate mother turned nanny turned…stand-in wife! 

Billionaire Blake Ford has one summer to get what he wants. He trusted country-bred...

The Nanny Solution

by Teresa Hill

Sit. Stay. Roll over. Good Boy.

Well, these commands worked for the puppy. Unfortunately, Audrey Graham's new boss was not so easily tamed. After a difficult year, she needed to get back on track, and accepting...

The Nanny Plan

by Sarah M. Anderson

This billionaire bachelor has a baby challenge… 

Being a father to his orphaned infant niece is out of this tech billionaire's comfort zone. Lucky for Nate Longmire, Trish Hunter is a natural at motherhood,...

Nanny Makes Three

by Joan Kilby

But playing nanny to Gregory Finch's daughter wasn't exactly the Something Big Melissa had anticipated. And she would've turned down his job offer if it hadn't been for the family of fugitives she found hiding...

Name Your Price

by Barbara McCauley

Some prices are too high to pay…

Unfortunately, millionaire Trace Ashton had discovered this cold truth the hard way when his fiancée had accepted a one-hundred-thousand-dollar buy off. The betrayal had left...

The Naked Truth


TV host Eve Best is sitting pretty—a great talk show, amazing coworkers and soon she'll be waist-deep in lotto cash. But when Mitch Hayes, a national network scout, comes strolling into her office, Eve forgets...

Naked Attraction

by Jule McBride

One smokin'-hot look from businessman Robby Robriquet and statistician Ellie Lee wants to spontaneously combust. The sexy indulgence is definitely worth the risk—until everything goes very, very wrong….


Naked Ambition

by Jule McBride

Successful musician J. D. Johnson has always had an uncanny ability to ignite Susannah Banner's naughty bits. Just the sound of his smoky drawl and she's completely undone….

But J.D.'s excesses are spinning...

The Mystery Man of Whitehorse

by B.J. Daniels



Montana had never seen a man like Bridger Duvall before. Quiet as the rugged stranger kept, he sure had the whole town talking....

Mystery Lover

by Lisa Childs

Some said he was a phantom. Others called him a monster.

But for investigative reporter Jillian Drake, the masked man who'd rescued her from a burning building was a savior…and a mystery. He lurked in the shadows....

Mystery Heiress

by Suzanne Carey

Jessica Holmes had come to Minneapolis looking for a miracle. Her sweet little girl's life was in jeopardy, and only a blood relative could help—only a Fortune. Amid all the skeptics who said she was after...

Mystery Bride

by B.J. Daniels


The moment Will Sheridan met Samantha Murphy at a party, he knew she was the woman he'd been waiting for. Then a kiss, and suddenly she had disappeared. But Will hadn't...

Mysterious Millionaire

by Cassie Miles

Liz Norton's part-time P.I. gigs were run-of-the-mill custody disputes—until she went undercover on the wealthy Crawford estate. Posing as an unobtrusive housekeeper in what was supposed to be a routine case,...

Mysterious Circumstances

by Rita Herron

FBI agent Craig Horn had his hands full investigating a series of suspicious deaths without a single lead while trying to avoid a media circus. Complicating matters, he'd finally met his match in feisty reporter...

My Wildest Ride

by Isabel Sharpe

The elite Martinis & Bikinis Club challenges you to risk it all. But once you pick a dare, there's no backing out!

"Seduce the man you are most attracted to. Tonight." Boston bar owner Lindsay Beckham is in shock....