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The Saxon

by Margaret Moore


Endredi haunted his every waking thought…a sun-burnished Valkyrie with a beauty as wild as the open sea. But Adelar's deepest passion was also his darkest secret. For the woman who held his heart belonged...

The Bride's Portion

by Susan Paul

The Daughter of His Enemy

Lillis of Wellewyn was the most beautiful woman Alexander had ever seen. A bride out of legend. Yet never could he claim her as his own, for he had vowed to let her go when the last...

Pearl Beyond Price

by Claire Delacroix

Black Wind, the Mongols hailed him. Swift, fierce and proud. Yet Kira looked upon Thierry de Pereille and saw, not a man marked by legend, but a warrior who had taken her from the life she knew…to a place of...

The Heart's Wager

by Gayle Wilson

The Duke of Avon Had Gone Missing and it Was Up to Devon to Find Him

Colonel Devon Burke knew little of the alien world in which he traveled. Yet he was determined to find the man to whom he owed his life, or...

Embrace the Dawn

by Jackie Summers

There Was No Escape

Fleeing an arranged betrothal, Anne Lowell ran straight into the arms of the infamous highwayman, The Black Fox. Yet was the man who had become her heart's desire a rogue, or a noble thief...

Fire and Sword

by Theresa Michaels

Dhu Micheil, the Black Laird of Clan Gunn

He was a man of dark temper and legendary passions. And Seana MacKay was bounded to him by a terrible promise that none dared break—until the fates decreed she finally...

Merry Christmas, Mommy

by Muriel Jensen

I know I'm just a baby and no one listens to me, but I do know some things. Like what I want for Christmas—Nate for a daddy. Now I just have to convince my mommy….

—Garrett Joseph Endicott

The one thing everyone...

The Christmas Husband

by Mary Anne Anne Wilson

Every night San Francisco's lovelorn tune in to hear my soothing, silky voice as "Dr. Love," marriage maven and mother. If only they knew the flesh-and-blood woman behind this voice wouldn't know a husband from...

Mommy Heiress

by Linda Randall Randall Wisdom

Toto, I Don't Think I Want to Be in Kansas Anymore…

Stranded without her credit cards, heiress-on-the-run Cori Peyton had nothing to depend on but her wits—and Dr. Benjamin Cooper. When the feisty blond beauty...

Daddy Christmas

by Cathy Gillen Gillen Thacker

First Comes…Pregnancy

Snowbound at a Colorado ranch two days before Christmas with the gallant and gorgeous Matt Hale, Gretchen O'Malley chalked up their one night of fantastic love to cabin fever. But a stork...

Make Way for Mommy

by Muriel Jensen

Look Who's Talking Now…

My name is Chelsea Annabel and I used to be lucky before I was borned. Only a few whiles ago, I had a daddy and two mommies. Now I have a daddy, a aunt and no mommy. If you think you're...

The Cowboy Hires a Wife

by Jenna McKnight

Whether it's for business or pleasure, for one month or one night, we have the husband you need! Call 1-800-HUSBAND. Operators standing by…

Wade Montana rode the orneriest bulls on the rodeo circuit, but he...

Mommy on Board

by Muriel Jensen

It's me, Malia Rose, just hanging out, waiting to be born. Mommy says I don't need a daddy, and that we'll be just fine on our own…but I'd sure like to have one. Hey, I know! How about that cute radiol'gist,...

Nanny Jake

by Lisa Bingham

The Nanny Had He-Man Muscles!

When Delaney McBride opened her office door, she was shocked to find a sexy deliveryman with a very special package—a baby! Trouble was, the deliveryman claimed that the tiny tyke...

The Last Bridesmaid

by Leandra Logan

Whether it's for business or pleasure, for one month or one night, we have the husband you need! Call 1-800-HUSBAND. Operators standing by….

Being "always the bridesmaid and never the bride" had never bothered...

Angel's Baby

by Pamela Browning

"Let's Make a Baby Together."

Angel McCabe's biological clock was ringing—loud. But there was no one else on the otherwise uninhabited Florida island to hear it. With no husband in sight, she had no choice but...

The Baby Maker

by Jule McBride

Had His Mere Touch Made Her Conceive a Child?

He was an enchanting stranger…

…a dark-eyed drifter so compelling, Bitsy Davis bared her soul, telling him she couldn't have children. Her mesmerizing prince comforted...

Her Two Husbands

by Mollie Molay

Whether it's for business or pleasure, for one month or one night, we have the husband you need! Call 1-800-HUSBAND. Operators standing by….

Her brilliant idea was about to backfire! The Tickle Pink Inn, a honeymooner's...

Too Many Grooms

by Kay Wilding

Here Comes the Groom…

When daredevil Hunter Townsend was told he was dying, he did the honorable thing—and jilted Susan Willingham so she wouldn't have to witness his demise. Trouble was, two years later Hunter...

Fantasy Wife


He'd Been Blacklisted By Baby-sitters Everywhere

Single dad Alex Thornhill could manage multimillion-dollar deals, but he couldn't manage his own children…nor could anyone else! What his two little girls needed...