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His Only Son

by Kelsey Roberts

Who was the mother of his son?

Callie Walters stirred Sam Landry's senses in every way—and she might be the mother of the little boy he loved as his own. Callie's baby had been kidnapped at birth—now, Sam had...

Stolen Moments

by B.J. Daniels


A daughter, a son, a secret… With time as the enemy, only love can save them!

Some men have sex appeal. Seth Gantry has it in spades.

With ebony hair and bottomless eyes, Seth was the...

To Save His Baby

by Judi Lind

The Father of Her Baby…?

One look at her patient's chocolate-brown eyes, and Dr. Valerie Murphy knew that beneath the straggly beard and the bruises was Gil Branton. Gil had disappeared from her life, her bed,...

Cowboy Justice

by Patricia Rosemoor


After a lifetime of struggling, Cash Aberu had everything he'd ever wanted—except Reine Kendrick. One touch of her skin and Cash knew he wanted her, this time forever. And...

Hawk's Way: Carter & Falcon

by Joan Johnston


Desiree Parrish had two weeks to find a man strong enough to protect her from her abusive ex-husband. She'd never forgotten Carter Prescott's kindness to her, many years ago, but could...

Holiday Husband

by Hayley Gardner

There's a Mysterious Stranger Granting Christmas Wishes in a Small Missouri Town….

So "scroogy" Sharon Fontaine asks for the one thing she knows he can't deliver—the man of her dreams. As if knock-your-socks-off...

Single Female (Reluctantly) Seeks...

by Dixie Browning

For Her Thirty-Seventh Birthday, JeanAnn's Friends Place a Personal Ad For Her….

The Three Blind Dates:

Bachelor #1: Nice enough—except for that little problem.

Bachelor #2: Talked nonstop about his ex-wife.


Unhappily Unwed

by Toni Collins

Divorcée Laura Westin Hasn't Had a Date Since Ben, Her Ex, Proposed at the Senior Prom

Option One: Spend Saturday nights wondering what Ben's doing.

Option Two: Spend Saturday nights "dating" an irresistible...

Not Looking for a Texas Man

by Lass Small

Ruffan Reddy's Rules For the Ultimate Blind Date:

1. Don't crash your rig into a woman's car unless you really want to meet her.

2. Don't try to deal rationally with a woman driving a white car in a blinding snowstorm—especially...

Male for Sale

by Tiffany White

Dateless in Chicago…

Noelle Perry had bought the wrong man! She'd attended the bachelor auction with her sights set on a conservative businessman in a three-piece suit. Instead, she got a sexy bad boy in a black...

The Cowboy and the Christmas Tree

by DeAnna Talcott

Return Of The Prodigal Husband

Tough Texan Slade Weston was back to recliam his life—and the wife he'd left years ago. Yet time had changed his bride. Fiercely independent, Crystal denied she wanted him back,...

Cody's Christmas Wish

by Sally Carleen

A Letter to Santa Brings…

Arianne Landis ached to fulfill her son's Christmas wishes. But five-year-old Cody demanded Santa bring a father. And that Arianne couldn't buy!

Then a blizzard blew…sleigh bells jingled…and...

Jingle Bell Bride

by Kate Thomas

The Cowboy Said, "I Do!"

Eligible women were notoriously scarce in Matt Walker's corner of Montana. But he desperately needed a wife, and Matt was willing to do anything to get custody of his daughter. Even marry...

The Merry Matchmakers

by Helen R. R. Myers

Santa's Little Helpers…

Read Archer's children were determined to have a new mommy. And their dad's reluctance to marry again spurred young Molly and Ricky to action. Armed with a video camera, they found Read's...

Father by Marriage

by Suzanne Carey

From Daring "Detective"…

Jake McKenzie's assignment was simple—find a client's lost granddaughter and bring her back. But the little girl's adoptive mother was not at all what he'd expected. Beautiful and trusting,...

Second Chance Family

by Laura Anthony

The Lady

Savannah Markum's busy days were filled with single-handedly raising a toddler and running her ranch. Her lonely nights were filled with longing for what might have been…if Matt Forrester hadn't shattered...

Wild West Wife

by Jayne Addison

Josh Spencer, Meet Your New Partner…

Carly Gerard showed up on Josh Spencer's doorstep, like a long-lost wife, claiming to own half of everything—including his Wild West Show. But Josh didn't need—or want—a...

The Cowboy and the Princess

by Lindsay Longford

Could This Stubborn Cowboy…

Heartbroken Hank Tyler knew marriage was not for him, which was why all this rugged rancher wanted from pretty housemate Jilly Elliot was a chance at a no-strings fling. Imagine his...

Daddy on Board

by Terry Essig

Temporary Togetherness…

Lenore Pettit would do anything for her little boy. But a cross-country trip with her boss, Paul McDaniels? No way! Paul was too much like her ex—too stubborn, too strong…and too handsome!...

Honeymoon Suite

by Linda Lewis

Undercover Seductress

Miranda St. James had a mission: get into Stuart Winslow's bedroom and find her family's lost jewels. Could that be so hard? Even inexperienced Miranda knew how to get invited into a man's...