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Baby for Keeps

by Janice Maynard

A woman and baby walk into a bar…

It might sound like a joke, but saloon owner Dylan Kavanagh knows it's all too serious. Struggling single mom Mia Larin needs him. She helped him when they were young, and...

Baby by Surprise

by Karen Rose Smith

Her painful past had taught neonatologist Francesca Talbot to rely on no one but herself. Until an accident landed the mother-to-be in the hospital…and she was forced to turn to fiercely protective rancher...

Baby by Contract

by Debra Salonen

Libby McGannon wants a baby. That's why she's offering a share in her family gold mine to the right sperm donor. She gets more than she bargained for, however, when gorgeous Hollywood actor Cooper Lindstrom...

A Baby by Christmas

by Linda Warren

Jake's wife, Elise, wants a baby more than anything. Then Jake discovers that a brief liaison more than three years ago—before he even met Elise—had an unexpected consequence. A baby. A child who's been...

The Baby Wore a Badge

by Marie Ferrarella

From Super Cop…to Super Dad?

Now we've seen everything. Jake Castro has come to Thunder Canyon…with a seven-month-old infant in tow! The decorated police officer is clearly hoping the family-friendly town will...

A Baby Under the Tree

by Judy Duarte

Dear Santa,

It's me, Jillian Wilkes. I just did something totally out of character: I spent the most glorious night of my life with a stranger named Shane Hollister. Fast-forward three weeks. The sexy cowboy...

Baby Under the Mistletoe

by Jamie Sobrato

Having a baby isn't exactly in Soleil Freeman's plans. Being single and pregnant? Even further off her to-do list. Still, she can make this work… if she can figure out how to handle the father.

West Morgan...

Baby Twins: Parents Needed

by Teresa Carpenter

She's left to cope with twins…

Rachel Adams's independent life is turned upside down when she's named guardian to two orphaned twins! It's hard to suddenly be a mom to two demanding babies, but in no time they...

Baby Twins to Bind Them

by Carol Marinelli

The ultimate baby bombshell! 

For delicious Dr. Guy Steele, life is all about flirting and never about forever! It's the only way to avoid discussing the painful issue of his infertility. So a fling with Candy...

The Baby Twins

by Laura Marie Altom

A pilot's widow, Stephanie Olmstead isn't afraid of flying…until the plane takes off, triggering a panic attack! Suddenly, the single mother of twins has a new man in her life. Brady McGuire, the pilot who...

The Baby That Changed Her Life

by Louisa Heaton

"You're pregnant." 

When midwife Callie Taylor agreed to be the surrogate mother for her best friend, Dr. Lucas Gold, she couldn't have predicted that his marriage would fall apart exactly when she became pregnant...

The Baby Surprise

by Brenda Harlen

Paige Wilder was married to her job as a high-powered attorney—until she suddenly became guardian to an orphaned baby girl. Then Zach Crawford appeared on Paige's doorstep and her life really went topsy-turvy....

The Baby Quilt

by Christine Flynn


Block by block, stitch by stitch, the baby quilt told its story of love. And Emily Miller swaddled her precious newborn within it to provide protection—and to remember the family she and her...

The Baby Quest

by Pat Warren

She was a woman in search of a child…

And rugged P.I. Jack Henderson was her last resort—the only man who could help her find her sister's missing baby. But Rachel Montgomery never expected the rush of feelings...

The Baby Proposal

by Rebecca Winters

Andrea is about to lose her last chance to have a baby—and so is stunned when her sexy boss, businessman Gabe Corbin, suggests he can help her become a mother! Now they have six months to conceive—and in...

The Baby Plan

by Kate Little

Expecting the unexpected

Real estate entrepreneur Julia Martinelli planned her entire life—and was proud of it. She was the polar opposite of her four-times-married mother, who was about to be swept down the...

Baby Makes Three

by Molly O'Keefe

Alice Mitchell has seen better days. But that was before the heartbreak of infertility, divorce and losing her trendy New York restaurant.

Then, after five long years, her ex-husband reappears in her life. Gabe...

Baby Makes Six

by Shelley Galloway

Shawn and Eddie Wagner were the picture of a perfect couple, living a charmed life with three adorable little girls. But that all came to an end when Shawn suffered a miscarriage and the tragedy tore them apart....

The Baby Legacy

by Pamela Toth


Megan Malone just needed a Lamaze coach—not a handsome, hormone-spinning father-to-be who insisted he help raise her bundle of joy! But that's just what Mac Duncan—the...

Baby Jane Doe

by Julie Miller

Commissioner Shauna Cartwright knew she was stirring up a hornet's nest by reopening the Baby Jane Doe murder case. Now she faced the further wrath of the KCPD by recruiting the much-maligned Eli Masterson to...