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Annie Says I Do

by Carole Buck

Single Guy's Proposal

When Matt Powell asked Annie Martin to help him get back into the "singles scene," she figured he needed some advice about women. But Matt's suggestion that they share a few practice dates...

The Engagement Party

by Barbara Boswell

The Brooding Bachelor

Three marriage proposals and not one walk down the aisle had Hannah Farley swearing off men forever. Until the sexiest stranger Clover, South Carolina, had ever seen turned up. With his...

Single Dad

by Jennifer Greene

Mr. June

Dad: Josh Penoyer

Sons: Teenaged Calvin and Bruiser

Daughter: Six-year-old Patrice—a.k.a. "Killer"

Missing Ingredient: A mom!

How did one handle a kleptomaniac first grader? Solo parent Josh Penoyer was...

Heaven Can't Wait

by Linda Turner

A Marriage Made in Heaven

Heavenly Matchmaker: I'm one of the highest authorities in heaven and even I can't manage to get Zeb Murdock and Prudence Sullivan married off. Well, this is their last earthly chance...

Dream Wedding

by Pamela Macaluso

Nerd Turned Hunk

Genie Hill was flabbergasted. If this guy was really Alex Dalton, where was his pocket protector? And what was with the motorcycle…and the muscles? Somehow, a wimpy teenage algebra whiz had...

The Cop and the Chorus Girl

by Nancy Martin

New York's Finest

What was a nice-guy cop to do when his motorcycle was hijacked by a blond bombshell fleeing a church in a wedding gown? Rescue her, of course. Particularly when the reluctant bride was none...


by Lass Small

Headed For the Altar?

The stranger's name was Chas Cougar and he was so divine that Amy Allen just had to meet him. He was in town for a Cougar family wedding, so she decided to pose as Cougar kin and crash the...

Mysterious Mountain Man

by Annette Broadrick

Mr. May

Name: Jake Taggart

Address: No Man's Land

Occupation: Cowboy loner

Alone on his Texas mountaintop, the only things keeping Jake Taggart company at night were the sounds of the surrounding wilderness…and...

Errant Angel

by Justine Davis

Dalton Mackay Was No Angel

But Evangeline Law was—and she had never met a human she couldn't save. Dalton, with his devil-may-care swagger, would have been a challenge—if he were her mission. But Evangeline...

The Maddening Model

by Suzanne Simms

Hazardous Duty

Mountain guide Simon Hazard couldn't believe Sunday Harrington was his latest client. She'd probably never hiked one day of her privileged life! But it was Simon who had sweaty palms and palpitations....

Miss Lizzy's Legacy

by Peggy Moreland

The Cowboy and the City Gal

Callie Benson had come to Guthrie, Oklahoma, to trace her roots, only to discover she was descended from Lizzy Sawyer, the town's original local madam! And when sexy cowboy Judd Barker...

The Perfect Father

by Elizabeth Bevarly

Sylvie's Wish

Life would be perfect for Sylvie Venner if she had a baby. Not marriage, not a husband—just a baby. Of course, she would need a teensy favor from a willing male acquaintance—someone who had no...

Texas Heat

by Barbara McCauley

Steel Magnolia

No one was going to take away Savannah Roberts's niece—especially not Jake Stone, who claimed to be the child's long-lost half brother. Savannah was her legal guardian and nothing could change...

Anything's Possible!

by Judith McWilliams

A Ghost of a Chance

Just one good deed was all it'd take for a certain rather lazy ghost to finally get into heaven and join his fiancée. And since the nice folks at the China View Inn figured a fake ghost would...

A Christmas Cowboy


All I Want For Christmas…

Mac Mahoney was in deep trouble. The hard-nosed reporter had foolishly gotten snowed in with his ex-girlfriend Marisa Rourke. Now they had to ignore the sizzle that still flared between...

A Nuisance

by Lass Small

Mr. January

Name: Stefan Szyszko (Pronounced "Cisco"), confirmed bachelor.

Allergic To: Horses…and marriage-minded women.

His Ex-Girlfriend: Carrie Pierce. A long-legged filly just lookin' for love.

For Stefan,...


by Metsy Hingle

Wanted: Wife and Mother

Michael Grayson needed a wife. He had custody of his orphaned niece, but her rich, ruthless grandmother wanted the girl, and Michael was afraid he'd lose the child. Still, he wouldn't...

A Groom for Red Riding Hood

by Jennifer Greene

Left at the Altar

When Mary Ellen Barnett found herself facing a church full of guests and no groom on the way, she did what every self-respecting woman would do—she ran! And foolishly ended up in a wilderness...

Two Hearts, Slightly Used

by Dixie Browning

Brace Ridgeway:

Okay, I was dumped. No big deal. I'm not too upset at being single again, but the reason I got jilted was pretty embarrassing. So I escaped to North Carolina's Outer Banks to be alone, and what...

Wolfe Wanting

by Joan Hohl

The Third Big Bad Wolfe Brother

Megan Delaney thought she'd sleep easier with Sergeant Royce Wolfe right in the next room, all six feet four inches of him sprawled on her sofa. But after what she'd been through,...