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Hanging by a Thread

by Karen Templeton

You can take the girl out of Queens…

Or can you? Because for five years, fashion assistant Ellie Levine was taking a halfhearted stab at it, commuting to Manhattan by day, trying desperately to keep secret her...

Summer in the Land of Skin

by Jody Gehrman

Twenty-five-year-old Anna—restless, famished and emotionally numb—is following the long-cold trail of her father, a celebrated luthier, whose death has always haunted her. She's tracked his former business...


by Jody Gehrman

Meet Claudia Bloom. She's having one of those years. First she steals her ex's VW bus and drives it from Austin to Santa Cruz, where it promptly explodes. Next she lets herself be rescued by Clay, a cute DJ...

The Key

by Jennifer Sturman

Ever wished your boss would drop dead?

Of course not. Well, not really. And neither had Rachel Benjamin—until she finds herself working for Wall Street terror Glenn Gallagher on his latest pet project. Rachel...

The Pact

by Jennifer Sturman

A mystery for anyone who has ever hated a friend's boyfriend…

Rachel Benjamin and her friends aren't looking forward to Emma's wedding. The groom is a rat, and nobody can understand what Emma sees in him. So...

The Hunt

by Jennifer Sturman

Meeting the in-laws was the least of her problems...

There's nothing like being the guest of honor at an engagement party to remind a person she has commitment issues, but Rachel Benjamin has finally put her...

Lost & Found

by Jane Sigaloff

Her diary had never let her down, never told her it was too busy, never not been there for her. Unlike men!

Now the unthinkable had happened….

For high-flying London lawyer (and self-confessed control freak)...

Flyover States

by Grace Grant & P.J. J. MacAllister

Two degrees of separation

Ronnie, M.F.A.

Langsdale U. poster girl for diversity Veronica Williams just lost out on a coveted summer teaching position. Instead, this West Coast transplant finds herself spending...

Eye to Eye

by Grace Carol


Gig: newly minted lit prof transplanted to Atlanta.

Currently: butting heads with Southern-fried brownshirts, resisting the faculty's sonnet-writing Mick Jagger figure and—God help her—braving the shark-infested...

Mafia Chic

by Erica Orloff

Goombah to Gucci

As the only granddaughter among seventeen grandsons of one of New York's reputed Mafia dons, Teddi Gallo has been surrounded by overprotective men all her life…not to mention those FBI agents...

What Men Want

by Deborah Blumenthal

Q: How does a thirty-five-year-old newspaper reporter with a vanilla-sounding name like Jenny George know so much about men?

A: She doesn't.

When her live-in boyfriend made a relationship trade-in (for the lingerie...

Couch World

by Cathy Yardley

P.J.'s life is simple. Wake up at 2 p.m. In someone else's place, on someone else's couch. Shower. Clothes. Club. P.J.'s a punter—someone who fills in if a DJ isn't able to make a gig. San Francisco is a hotbed...

Starting from Square Two

by Caren Lissner

Gert Healy thought she was finished with dating. She thought she'd be picking out strollers and booties for the children she and her husband were planning to have. Instead, she's mourning his loss and coming...

Performance Anxiety

by Betsy Burke

Miranda Lyme, mezzo-soprano, is in love with the infamous—and, okay, technically married—conductor-composer Kurt Hancock. So what if he lives in London, and she...doesn't. Their secret rendezvous are more...

Hardly Working

by Betsy Burke

Dinah Nichols, PR chick for Green World International, knows how to spin a story. She has to, otherwise how else would rescuing loons get the media attention it deserves? But a visit from Higher Management guru...

Bundle of Joy?

by Ariella Papa

Voula Pavlopoulos won't be planning a big fat Greek wedding anytime soon.

After a turbulent childhood and two-and-a-half former boyfriends—if you can call them that—Voula's content to have alone time in her...

Up & Out

by Ariella Papa

How Long Does it Take To Go From It Girl to On the Dole?

TV producer Rebecca Cole has seen better days. Like the day her cartoon creation, Esme, made her a hit and scored her a promotion. That was a good day....

Fat Chance

by Deborah Blumenthal

Plus-size Maggie O'Leary is America's Anti-Diet Sweetheart. Her informed column about the pitfalls of dieting is the one sane voice crying out against the dietocracy. She is perfectly happy with who she is and...

On the Verge

by Ariella Papa

Twenty-three-year-old Jersey girl Eve Vitali is on the verge of something...whether it be a relationship, the fabulous life that she reads about in the Styles section of the New York Times or a nervous breakdown....

Countess in Cowboy Boots

by Jodi O'Donnell

Once upon a time, a girl from small-town, Texas, was "America's Cinderella."

But Lacey McCoy soon learned that being married to a count was no fairy tale. So she turned in her glass slippers and headed home to...