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Hollow Vows

by Alexandra Scott

"The Honeymoon's Over!"

"It's not as if we married for the usual reasons!" Briony protested as Finn Lawrence carried her off on their honeymoon…. But, at first, their marriage seemed to have a chance. Then everything...

A Brief Encounter

by Catherine George

A Woman Alone?

"I didn't imagine a woman like you would have reached your age without several men in her life…."

Olivia's carefully cultivated veneer of indifference was usually enough to deter admirers. But...

Faith, Hope and Marriage

by Emma Goldrick

Nobody's Girl?

As far as Faith Latimore was concerned, that was the way she wanted to stay! Why, then, did Lady Sunny seem so determined to throw her together with Harry Holson? Drop-dead gorgeous he might be,...


by Jennifer Taylor

For Better or Worse!

"Do you really imagine that people are going to believe that this marriage is for real?"

Helen was facing a "no win" scenario: she could either marry Jacob Hunt or find herself, and her father,...

Bachelor's Family

by Jessica Steele

He Was Two Different Men!

"You must be the most impudent female I've ever employed!"

Vere Tolladine had a nerve—how dare he imply that she was the one with the attitude problem? The man was infuriating, objectionable!...

Legend of Love

by Melinda Cross

Destined To Love?

Brought up as a sheltered Southern belle, Mellie found her introduction to life in the Everglades a bit of a shock. Benjamin Cage, the complete opposite of her polished congressman fiancé,...

Yesterday's Dreams

by Margaret Mayo

Could Yesterday's Dreams Become Today's Happy Ending?

Businessman Drake Rivelin was still Sapphire's husband. But their marriage was long since over, killed by Drake's driving ambition and lack of consideration....

Island of Shells

by Grace Green

"Surprise, Surprise. There's a Woman in There After All!"

But Kathryn knew there wasn't….

Since Derek's rejection, she had felt like a shell, and she had no intention of ever exposing her heart to hurt again!...

Leonie's Luck

by Emma Goldrick

A Tough Little Lady

How dare Charlie Wheeler suggest that she needed a man—for anything! It looked to her like he, and his little daughter, Cecilia, needed the tender loving care that a woman could provide....

Shattered Wedding

by Elizabeth Duke

"Revenge…Can Be Sweet, So They Say."

Dr. Mark Bannister was the most unfathomable man Verity had ever met. He clearly harbored a secret grudge against her family, but what was it—and how did it involve her?...

And the Bride Wore Black

by Helen Brooks

Wedding Vows Were Meant to Be Kept!

There was an old story about the Cade men: they only love once…but when they do, it's for eternity!

But where did that leave an ordinary working girl like Fabia? Alex Cade...

Love of My Heart

by Emma Richmond

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling…There's Trouble in Store!

Ellie was struck by the warmth and kindness of the Irish; ever since she'd arrived in their country, they'd been only too willing to welcome her, and it...

Lady Be Mine

by Catherine Spencer

"Lady Be Mine!"

These were the last words Melody Worth ever expected to hear form James Logan's lips. She happened to be very wealthy, which had never been a problem till now…and James seemed to despise her...


by Margaret Mayo

Savage By Name and Savage By Nature!

Caron Lorimer had never met a man quite like him and she wasn't sure if she could cope. But she couldn't help falling in love with him. And that was where her problems began....

Summer of the Storm

by Catherine George

The Magic Was Still There

But was the gap between them too wide to bridge after all this time! Alec Neville thought so, but Cassie wasn't sure what to feel. The overwhelming mutual physical attraction came flooding...

No Ties

by Rosemary Gibson

"Inconvenient! Is That How You Regard William, Too?"

Until now, Cassie's life had been independent and carefree, so she was relieved that the secretarial job she'd taken on to help out her aunt Kate was only...

Heir to Glengyle


First Impressions…Lasting Impressions

From the moment he'd opened the door to her at Glengyle, Baird MacGregor had caused the oddest reactions in Cathie. First antagonism, then frustration, then confusion. But...

When Strangers Meet

by Shirley Kemp

The Name of the Game

Hayley Morgan had had it up to here with the conceit of some men. Just because they paid her salary didn't mean they were entitled to take certain liberties. But in getting away from one...

Blameless Desire

by Jenny Cartwright

Desire and Deception

It seemed that Christie had always loved Lucas Merrick. He was so tall, so handsome, so wonderful. Then, one night, all Christie's dreams came true….

But it was soon clear to Christie that...

The Balleymore Bride

by Emma Goldrick

He Held the Key to Her Heart

Emma Ballentine had come to Balleymore looking for the answers to questions she'd had her whole life. In a cryptic letter left for her in her father's will, he'd instructed her to...