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by Joan Elliott Pickart


John Colton had searched a lifetime for the sense of belonging he'd never had. And now a secret son signaled the end of his elusive pursuit.


But what of Laura Bishop, the sensitive beauty who'd...

Man with the Muscle

by Julie Miller

Assistant district attorney Audrey Kline has privilege at her feet—until her latest courtroom battle brings danger to her door. Her quest to convict a cold-blooded gang leader makes her a target. The threats...

The Man with the Money

by Lynn Raye Harris

Notorious gambler Jack no longer gets a buzz from the risks, or the money, he takes at the card table. In fact, it bores him. Until one night he wins more than he ever bargained for.…

His prize is the stunning...

Man with a Mission

by Lindsay McKenna

Man with a Mission by Lindsay McKenna released on Aug 1, 2009 is available now for purchase.

A Man to Rely On

by Cindi Myers

Marisol Luna has no illusions about her past—and the straitlaced, finger-pointing town she left behind as a teenager. Now a single mother with a teenage daughter, she's come back to Cedar Switch only long enough...

The Man to Be Reckoned With

by Tara Pammi

She wanted peace… 

Riya has always lived in the shadow of elusive billionaire Nathaniel Ramirez, her adoptive father's son. Determined to reconcile and put the past behind them, she lures Nathaniel home with...

Man of the Year

by Lisa Ruff

Advertising executive Samantha James is looking for a ballplayer who can turn the city's losing team into a winning package. From the moment she sees pitcher Jarrett Corliss in that steamy locker room, she knows...

Man of the Hour

by Diana Palmer

International Bestselling Author DIANA PALMER has thrilled millions of readers with her passionate love stories-and her irresistibly sexy men. Now HQN Books brings you two of her hottest who risk...

Man of Passion

by Lindsay McKenna

Man of Passion by Lindsay McKenna released on May 1, 2009 is available now for purchase.

Man of His Word

by Cynthia Reese

A promise made has to be a promise kept 

This small town in rural Georgia is where Kimberly Singleton hopes to find the answers that can save her adopted daughter's life. Daniel Monroe is the key: the charismatic...

A Man of His Word

by Merline Lovelace

A Man of His Word by Merline Lovelace released on Jun 1, 2010 is available now for purchase.

A Man in a Million

by Jessica Bird

As far as bad boy Spike Moriarty was concerned, Madeline Maguire defined female perfection. When they'd met, she'd walked up as if she wasn't the most gorgeous thing on the planet and asked to see his tattoos....

Man in Control

by Diana Palmer

Ever since DEA agent Alexander Cobb had given Jodie Clayburn a Texas-size brush-off, they'd been sworn enemies. But eight years later, an undercover operation brought them back together again. This cynical Long,...

The Man from Tuscany

by Catherine Spencer

The Past: It's 1939, and eighteen-year-old Anna meets Marco in Italy. They fall madly in love, a love she knows will last forever. Even though, within months, they're separated by war. Even though she's told...

Man from Stallion Country

by Annette Broadrick

He thought his life was complete. As owner of a successful Texas horse ranch, and soon to be married, Jordan Crenshaw had everything in order. So when gorgeous city gal Janeen White stayed on his ranch for a...

The Man from Nowhere

by Rachel Lee

Just coming off a bad relationship and stuck in a work-related nightmare, Trish Devlin doesn't need more stress. So when she spots a stranger lurking outside her home, it's the last straw. Yet she's drawn to...

A Man for the Night

by Miranda Lee

Sex is the icebreaker…

How could popular Josie Williams arrive dateless at her class reunion? Hiring Callum McCloud for the night was the perfect solution. The lean, sexy hunk was hers for a few hours of dinner,...

A Man for All Seasons

by Heather MacAllister

Marlie Waters's Christmas List:

1. Get a roommate so she can afford her mortgage after broken engagement.

2. Check! Her old family friend Tyler Burton needs a room. So what if he's been her longtime crush?


A Man Worth Loving

by Kimberly Van Meter

Aubrey Rose can't stand Sammy Halvorsen when they first meet. It's only because she's a sucker for a sweet baby that she agrees to be a nanny to his infant son. She gets that Sammy's in pain, but he's so busy...

A Man Worth Keeping

by Molly O'Keefe

Delia Dupuis has found the perfect place to take cover. The secluded inn on the banks of the Hudson River is the last place her ex would think to look for her. Here she can plan her next step, then move on with...