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by Sandra Field


Simon Greywood had been a volunteer fire fighter for just one day, but he knew a hot spot when he saw one—and her name was Shea Mallory. She was argumentative, stubborn, cantankerous, and she wasn't about...

Phantom Lover

by Susan Napier

Love and Honor

Honor Sheldon had been amused, enchanted, intrigued…and yes, seduced by the letters from her mysterious paramour. She had responded in kind, crafting messages of consummate passion and…well,...

Guilty Love

by Charlotte Lamb

Nowhere to Run

Linzi York loved her husband—but Barty had changed. His rage and growing despair since the accident had taken a brutal toll. Linzi was trapped in a nightmare. And Ritchie Calhoun knew it.


Law of Attraction

by Penny Jordan

Judge and Jury

With both her professional and personal life in such a mess, Charlotte realized she was lucky to land a position with the prestigious law firm of Jefferson & Horwich—even as a junior partner....

Knight to the Rescue

by Miranda Lee

Damsel in Distress

Audrey needed someone on her side for once and Elliot Knight appointed himself. But playing gallant rescuer for someone as vulnerable as Audrey— fresh on the rebound and tempting as sing.


Passionate Scandal

by Michelle Reid

The Taming of Madeline

Wild and willful, Madeline had run rings around the besotted men who fell for her wicked blue eyes and black mane of hair. Until she met Dominic Stanton.

Their scandalous affair and broken...

The Vengeful Groom

by Sara Wood

It's been ten years since Tina's testimony condemned Giovanni to prison, ten years since the auto accident that killed her sister…ten years since she'd been betrayed.

But the years have made Gio stronger and...

Legacy of Shame

by Diana Hamilton

Dealing With Desire

Full of the cocky confidence of youth and conscious of her beauty, Venetia had practically thrown herself at sexy Italian businessman Carlo Rossi.

Stunned at his cold rejection, she'd managed,...

Dark Mirror

by Daphne Clair

Reflections of Desire…

Fler was stunned at her eighteen-year-old daughter's attempt to take her own life…and guilt-ridden at not having foreseen the possibility of such a drastic response to a broken love affair....

Wounds of Passion

by Charlotte Lamb


In the sultry darkness of an Italian summer night, Patrick Ogilvie had been accused of a terrible crime, branded by a woman who identified him as her attacker. Patrick's name was cleared, but that night...

The Unmarried Bride

by Emma Goldrick

A Strange State of Affairs

Sharing the same island hideaway with gorgeous Selby Farnsworth and his mischievous son wasn't Abby's idea of heaven—especially with all the chaos created by the two Farnsworth men....

Catch Me If You Can

by Anne McAllister

It Was Not The Getaway She'd Planned

Emily Musgrave fled Spain with her young nephew, running from the boy's possessive uncle—business tycoon Alex Gomez. Help came from a heroic stranger—Sandy "call me Mac"...

In Need of a Wife

by Emma Darcy

A Kiss is Just a Kiss…

When the sexy stranger informed Sasha that he was in need of a wife, she was tempted to tell him she was available. Something about him told her he was husband material. And then she discovered...

An Old Enchantment

by Amanda Browning

Night Magic

It had been seven years since Maxi Ambro had been home, seven years since she'd scandalized her family by stealing her sister's fiancé.

Now the prodigal daughter was back—met both with open arms...

Love Without Reason

by Alison Fraser

Little Consequences

An illegitimate baby was fodder for the local gossips—especially when the identity of the baby's father was uncertain. But Riona knew that Cameron Adams, the wealthy American who owned the...

Falling in Love

by Charlotte Lamb

Dangerous in the Dark

Comfortable was the way Laura described how she felt about her engagement to Patrick. After all, with a thriving career in public relations and two children, the kind of breathless passion...

Return Engagement

by Carole Mortimer

Lightning that Lingers

Cyn was certain that Harcourt wedding would finally launch her bridal consulting and catering business. But anticipation turned to shock when she met the groom—Wolf Thornton, the man she'd...

More Than a Dream

by Emma Richmond

Too Much, Too Soon…

To the outside world, it looked as though all of Melissa Morland's dreams had come true—she was married to gorgeous Charles Revington, was pregnant with his child and live in a palatial...

The Spanish Connection

by Kay Thorpe

Sweet Persuasion

Lauren's visit to Callahora was purely to introduce her twins to the relatives they had never met. But Rafael de Quiros wanted his dead brother's sons to be raised in Spain, surrounded by their...

Lost in Love

by Michelle Reid

Someplace Between Heaven and Hell…

Four years ago, Guy Frabosa had hurt Marnie so deeply that she vowed never to set eyes on him again and had divorced him in a blaze of pain and anger. He fought her, but she'd...