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Kabaka Lear

by David Allen & Jonathan Stephenson

For an ageing Tom Adams a chance encounter re-awakens memories of the 1960's and his time as a teacher in Uganda, East Africa. His involvement in the local expatriate theatre scene with its clashing egos and...

The Rizzleman

by Sean Dylan

Orphaned when his parents are murdered by the Mau Mau. Tony Lawson is one of two survivors. He moves to England to be with his elder brother Michael, a journalist who is covering the Vietnam War but he is killed...

The Headmaster (Shivers, Book 15)

by Tiffany Reisz

A fever dream of desires fulfilled…

Nestled in the shadow of the Appalachians is where Gwen Ashby stumbles upon the William Marshall Academy, and she's given a trial position as a literature teacher. The...

Suddenly, Annie's Father (And Baby Makes Three, Book 11)

by Sherryl Woods

Don't miss this all-time favorite story about finding happiness in unexpected places from New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods

Slade Sutton never really thought of himself as a father, but his motherless...

Tucked Away (Entangled Select Contemporary)

by Jennie Marts

Sometimes you find what you need in the most unlikely places...

Charlie Ryan's cheating fiancé left her with a broken heart and even broker bank account. She's hit rock bottom, but everything is about to change....

Paramedic Partners

by Abigail Gordon

Trainee paramedic Selina Sanderson feels the electricity as soon as she sets eyes on her gorgeous new boss, who rescues her son. As they work together as paramedic partners she soon realizes her feelings go...

The Police Surgeon's Rescue

by Abigail Gordon

Working for GP and police surgeon Dr. Blake Pemberton is a close a brush with the law as Nurse Helena Harris ever wanted.

Then she finds herself testifying against a gang who threatened her father's life. Blake...

The Surgeon's Family Wish

by Abigail Gordon

A very special family!

A Nurse's Search and Rescue

by Alison Roberts

She was searching for adventure–and found a family!

Tori Preston grew up in a large family–and now that she has only herself to think of she's reshaping her life just the way she wants it. She's left ER...

Surgeon On Call

by Alison Roberts

Brilliant surgeon – baffled dad!

Joe Petersen is a skilled surgeon, unfortunately, when it comes to being a dad, he's a complete amateur. Fliss Munroe, consultant, quickly finds Joe and little Sam creeping...

The Doctor's Secret Family

by Alison Roberts

The surgeon's secret love-child

It was love at first sight for Dr. Hannah Campbell and surgeon Jack Douglas. Then al ltoo soon Hannah learned that Jack had been keeping a crucial secret from her. Now Jack is...

The Emergency Specialist

by Barbara Hart

Is he looking for a stand-in wife and mother…?

Anna Craven enjoys her job as a doctor in the A&E ward of a large hospital–and it gets even better when sexy Emergency Specialist Jack Harvey joins the department...

Accidental Reunion

by Carol Marinelli

Dr. Declan Haversham hasn't seen Lila Bailey since she left him standing at a bus stop in his boxer shorts eight years ago! When once he had laughed at the idea, now he discovers that is scatty, impulsive Lila...

One Night in Emergency

by Carol Marinelli

Emergency rescue!

The only person that can save Sister Eleanor Lewis, seriously injured and held hostage, is emergency consultant Rory Hunter! Rory’s the father of Eleanor’s baby, only he doesn’t know...

Rescued By Marriage

by Dianne Drake

Penniless and jobless, Dr. Della Riordan is really in need of some luck. And unless she can get her life back on track, she could lose custody of her daughter too.

The offer of a house and practice on remote...

A Consultant's Special Care

by Joanna Neil

Dr. Abby Curtis starts her new job in a busy A&E department with trepidation. Her consultant boss is notorious for his critical nature and she's had enough of overbearing men

Her fears are borne out as Dr. Jordan...

Emergency at the Royal

by Joanna Neil

Falling for the handsome consultant–all over again!

Dr. Katie Sherbourn shouldn't get too close to A&E consultant Drew Bradley. She knows it would mean unsettling her ill father and alienating herself from...

Her Boss and Protector

by Joanna Neil

Dr. Jade Holbrook's first day in A&E doesn't go as planned. She discovered her landlord, Callum Beresford, is also her new boss! Jade knows she hasn't made a good impression on the handsome consultant, and is...

Her Consultant Boss

by Joanna Neil

Working–and living–with her boss…

Dr. Megan Llewellyn couldn't work out what she felt most for her boss–exasperation or desire! Consultant Sam Benedict seemed forever to be jumping on every little mistake–though...

The Consultant's Special Rescue

by Joanna Neil

Dr. Amber Cavell owes her life to her new boss. Handsome A&E consultant Nick Bradburn first came to her rescue when he saved her from a burning building, and ever since he's been eager to offer Amber all the...