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Undercover Baby

by Rebecca Winters

The baby surprise…

Diana Rawlins has turned up at the hospital with amnesia and a baby in her arms! She doesn't remember how either of them happened. Her husband, Cal, is determined to get to the bottom of the...

Boss and the Baby

by Leigh Michaels

His secret baby…

Molly desperately needed a job, and she'd prayed for a miracle. She hadn't expected it to take the form of Lucas Hudson! Four years ago, he'd dismissed her feelings for him as infatuation—how...

Her Own Prince Charming

by Eva Rutland

Reform of the playboy!

Brad Vandercamp was rich, handsome and charming. No wonder his nickname was Prince! He could have any woman he wanted—but it was Paula who caught his eye: at a party where he was the guest...

Undercover Bachelor

by Rebecca Winters

Lessons in love?

Whitney Lawrence is determined to find the man who seduced her eighteen-year-old sister and left her pregnant. So, going undercover on the same school trip her sister took, she sets a seduction...

Beauty and the Boss

by Lucy Gordon

Was the boss blind…to love?

Craig Locksley thought he couldn't be charmed by his beautiful business associate, Delia because he couldn't see. However, temporarily parted from his young daughter and his beloved...

Daddy and Daughters

by Barbara McMahon

Double trouble!

Jared Hunter came back from an overseas trip to discover that he had not one, but two adorable two-year-old daughters he'd known nothing about! Desperate, he begged help from the one employee...

Undercover Fiancee

by Rebecca Winters

Hired: one wife!

Annabelle Forrester has only ever loved one man—Rand Dumbarton. The gorgeous tycoon had swept her off her feet and proposed marriage. But their whirlwind courtship had ended bitterly. Annabelle...

Temporary Engagement

by Jessica Hart

Nine-to-five fiancée

Bubbly Flora Mason had had plans to temp and travel—her plans had not included being engaged to her sexy boss, Matt Davenport! But Flora had needed to save face with an ex-boyfriend and...

Nine-Dollar Daddy

by Day Leclaire

Name: Hutch Lonigan

Age: 10 ¼

Looking for: A Dad!

Hutch Lonigan knows exactly what he's going to get his mom for her birthday—a man! But his marriage-shy mother is determined her dating days are over. So Hutch...

Brannigan's Baby

by Grace Green

Bringing up baby!

Luke Brannigan badly needed help bringing up his nine-month-old son, Troy. And he knew just the woman to rescue him from the trials of being a single father! Whitney McKenzie.

But Whitney knew...

Her Husband-To-Be

by Leigh Michaels

The husband inheritance

Deke Oliver was definitely not Danielle's idea of husband material. So it was infuriating that he believed she was trying to manipulate him into marriage. It wasn't her fault their joint...

Make-Believe Mother

by Pamela Bauer

A little boy with a big plan…

Bryan Shepard wanted a mother, and a new neighbor Alexis Gordon was perfect for the job. He just had to convince his dad she’ d make the perfect wife….

Judd Shepard understood...

Only by Chance

by Betty Neels

Falling for Adam

Life had not been easy for Henrietta Cowper, but she hoped to improve her lot. Then, shortly after she first met consultant neurosurgeon Mr. Adam Ross-Pitt, her small world changed irrevocably....

Agenda: Attraction!

by Jessica Steele

Her boss meant business!

Saville Craythorne was not amused! He’ d discovered that Edney—his new assistant—was in fact the pretty girl he'd asked for a date last Saturday night!

Edney was mortified! The tall,...

Hand-Picked Husband

by Heather MacAllister

Name: Clay Barnett

Age: 26

Occupation: Rancher

The whole state of Texas is convinced Autumn Reese was born to be Clayton Barnett’ s bride. And nothing she or Clay say or do can convince the world otherwise. Unless,...

Dangerous Ground

by Alison Kelly

Give a girl a bad name!

Known as the Risque cosmetics girl, Jacqui Raynor is now finding offers of modeling work hard to come by. So when Patric Flanagan offers her a lucrative contract, she's forced to accept…....

Ungentlemanly Behaviour

by Margaret Mayo

A powerful persuasion

Abby Sommers is an excellent lawyer, with a particular interest in representing teenagers, so it's no surprise when she secures the case of young Greg Lane. At Greg's insistence she sets...

Husband Contract

by O'Brien Kathleen

The marriage bargain

Melanie wasn't interested in marrying for money—but under the terms of her uncle's will, that was exactly what she must do! Concerned about Melanie's wild ways, her uncle had left her his...

Christmas Seduction

by Amanda Browning

The millionaire…

Being forced to spend Christmas with his godfather's mistress was not Quinn Mannion's idea of fun. Laura Maclane might be beautiful, but Quinn had no doubt she was a heartless gold digger. Why...

Close Relations

by Lynsey Stevens

A family scandal!

Georgia had imagined becoming Jarrod Maclean's wife a hundred times—until she'd found him in what seemed like a passionate embrace with his own stepmother…. Devastated by his betrayal, Georgia...