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Double Wedding

by Patricia Knoll

Double trouble!

Daniel Wisdom was determined that his father, Lawrence, wouldn't fall for another gold digger. Okay, Leila Carlton and her granddaughter Silvey didn't much look like mercenary types, but you could...

For Baby's Sake

by Val Daniels

Was it all for the baby's sake?

Alicia Barnes fell head over heels in love with Dan Bridges, and when he proposed she was soon dreaming of happy ever after. She thought he felt the same, but when she caught him...

Second-Best Wife

by Rebecca Winters

Heaven sent?

Luke Provere was all Gaby had ever wanted in a man and more—tall, dark and devilishly handsome. Gaby had taken one look into his smoldering black eyes and fallen—hard. But it hadn't taken her long...

With His Ring

by Jessica Steele

The ruse and the ring!

Yorke Mackinnon was determined to get back his grandmother's emerald ring…. Grandma had given him two choices: return the ring to her, or give it to the woman he wanted to marry.


Best Man for Linzi


Tall, dark and single!

One wedding always led to another, or so Linzi's aunt was fond of telling her. So when, at her aunt's wedding, Linzi had caught the bridal bouquet and the eye of New Zealand author Guy...

Trouble in Paradise

by Grace Green

A mission to seduce…

It was four years since Jessica had last seen Mitch, yet she'd never forgotten—or forgiven—his heartless treachery.

Now, blackmailed by her boss, and in the name of "business", Jessica...

Right Choice

by Catherine George

Georgia on his mind…

When Georgia arrived in Italy to teach English to young Alessa Valori, she felt everything was heading in the right direction. But the minute she met Luca Valori, Alessa's uncle and the...

Worth Waiting for

by Josie Metcalfe

No holds barred!

Sister Hope Morgan had ensured that her daughter Jane had a happy upbringing, and it all seemed worthwhile—until Jane phoned to say that she was marrying Edward, nephew of Mr. Matthew Benedict,...

Needed: One Dad


He was sabotaging her plans!

Adeline Johnson was prepared to do almost anything to retain custody of her four-year-old niece—even look for a husband! Grateful to Hannah Harris for lining her up with the town's...

Georgia and the Tycoon

by Margaret Way

Devious. Dangerous. Devastating…

Link Robards, through and through.

Georgia knew the type and had never been swayed…until now. "The very last thing in the world I need is a high-powered husband," she seemed...

First Prize

by Lynn Jacobs

She'd won her dream date!

Tamsin has dreamed about Nick Sullivan for years. She'd had a teenage crush on him, and when he'd left their small hometown to become a successful international journalist, she never...

Rebel Bride

by Sally Carr

The rancher and the runaway…

"If I didn't know better, I'd say you were definitely a runaway."

Caron had to admit that Ewan Cameron's suspicions about her were not altogether undeserved. Cold feet were one thing,...

Sophie's Secret

by Anne Weale

Unprofessional behavior?

Sophie's calm, cool professional façade hid many secrets. For a start, Sophie had an incurably romantic nature. So when she was offered a post as Marc Washington's PA she jumped at the...

First-Time Father

by Emma Richmond

The Good…

Brogan Carpenter isn't used to men like Joshua Baynard. What does this tall, dangerously sexy hunk want with her—a widow with a young baby?

The Bad…

Babies just aren't on Joshua Baynard's agenda. But...

Wedding Escapade

by Kate Denton

It should have been the wedding of the year…

But if Amy thinks arranging millionaire Max Evans's wedding will put her wedding consultancy on the map, she's wrong…. The bride doesn't show up, the guests run...

Angel Bride

by Barbara McMahon

Hit the altar trail with Barbara McMahon's WESTERN WEDDINGS!

Jake Morgan is back in town! Two years ago Angel had loved Jake, and she'd even started to believe he cared for her. But then without so much as a...

Tender Captive

by Rosemary Carter

Getting even…

Fraser Donaldson believed Stephanie was to blame for Timothy's accident, and he was in no mood to listen to reason. Stephanie couldn't remember the details—it had all happened so fast.


Taking It All

by Sharon Kendrick

His two best girls

Four years after his wife's death, Dr. Jamie Brennan still devoted his energies to just two things: his job, and his daughter, Harriet. Another female in his life was bound to complicate matters!...

Conflict of Hearts

by Liz Fielding

"I have no intention of marrying you!"

Lizzie was astounded when her widowed father decided to marry Noah Jordan's beautiful sister. It made her all the more aware that it was time she found a husband of her...

Perfect Male

by Rosemary Hammond

Ross Kirk should have come with a government warning: tall, dark and hazardous to the heart!

He was also stranded! And since his car had crashed just outside her Washington home, Sarah was stuck with him. A storm...