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Guarded Moments

by Cassie Miles


Years ago, a mysterious woman changed her identity and opened a specialty service of bodyguards called Protection Enterprises Incorporated…

Bodyguard David Marquis knew Tasha Lancer was a marked...

Extreme Heat

by Joanna Wayne


He held her captive—in more ways than one

Ex-cop turned security expert Cagan Hall was some kind of man. The secretive type of a woman like Merissa Thomas should stay away from. But with a killer and the...

Spencer's Shadow

by Laura Gordon


In the line of fire…

Anne Osborne desperately needed a hero, but Cole Spencer didn't agree with his brother, Drew, that he was the only man for the job. He'd washed his hands of the bodyguard...

Bulletproof Heart

by Sheryl Lynn


The cowboy came from nowhere…

With the sun in his eyes and his Stetson pulled low, he claimed his name was Reb Tremaine. With his sexy lips, he said he could handle cows and horses, but his dark blue eyes...

Man of the Midnight Sun

by Jean Barrett


But neither is who they claim to be!

Cathryn McLean—With nowhere else to turn, she accepted the handsome stranger's startling marriage proposal. But once in the isolated Alaska cabin with him,...

Eden's Baby

by Adrianne Lee

Silence could be a woman's best friend…

When lovely Eden Prescott pledged her heart and soul to Dr. David Coulter, his arms had seemed the safest place on earth. But slowly Eden came to realize that David's...

Dream Maker

by Charlotte Douglas

A near death experience had changed his life…

And Jared Slater vanished into the North Carolina mountains. Living in an isolated cabin, he told no one about the terrifying dreams of a killer stalking women....

Passion in the First Degree

by Carla Cassidy

He'd always been her hero…

Years ago Shelby Longsford had sought comfort in Billy Royce's strong arms—but she regretted it ever since. Nobody knew it better how cold his blood ran…or how hot. In one night...

Baby to Love

by Susan Kearney

Lost & Found

She couldn't remember…She woke up in a hospital bed with a doctor to die for beside her—and no memory. And while her mind was blank, her arms were full—with a squirming infant they told her was...

Cisco's Woman

by Aimee Thurlo


A vigilante out for justice…

Detective Cisco Watchman was a dangerous renegade on the run…and Laurel Brewster wanted no part of being considered his "woman." But could he possibly hold the key to her...

Only a Whisper

by Gayle Wilson

What words had he whispered?

Called in the night to transcribe the bedridden confession of a dying man, federal agent Rae Phillips lost her heart to a voice in the darkness, a hero whose face she never saw…


Love vs. Illusion

by M.J. Rodgers


She was on the fantasy ride of a lifetime…

When her brother is betrayed by his own client, it's up to A.J., Justice Inc.'s ace investigator, to prove his innocence. But to do that, A.J. will have...

Baby Exchange

by Kelsey Roberts

Lost & Found

"That's not my baby!"

Lord Barrett Montgomery awoke from a six-week coma only to discover that he was a new father…and the mother was gone. When Zoey Kincade, the hauntingly irreverent social worker,...

Mystery Baby

by Dani Sinclair

Lost & Found

He didn't have a clue about the baby on his doorstep

What Steve Gregory did have was an excuse to cozy up to Lynn Rothmore, the neighbor whose touch-me-not air had taunted him for weeks. He was certain...


by Carly Bishop


He seemed so familiar…

When attorney Keller Trueblood died suspiciously during a high-profile case in Aspen, his wife, Robyn, was willing to turn anywhere for help—even to Ezekiel, a sexy guardian...

Manhattan Heat

by Alice Orr


Could your whole life change in twenty-four hours?

Bennett St. Simon was about to find out….

One step in the wrong direction and the poor little rich girl stumbled upon a murder scene—and into the...

Pirate Ghost

by Laura Pender

Touching Tess made him live again…

For centuries Gabriel Dyer lived beneath the sea—until one night when he rescued a drowning woman. Suddenly, Gabriel could touch the world again. And when the damsel was accused...

Other Laura

by Sheryl Lynn

She'd changed miraculously…

A bullet wound had put Laura Hudson into a coma. Awakening with amnesia, she was told that the police still didn't know who'd shot her or why. Even worse, she was headed toward a...


by Leona Karr


Mortals can miss things…

Ever since a car accident temporarily took single mother Shanna Ryan's eyesight, a little guardian angel had been operating as her eyes. Shanna needed heavenly protection...


by Jenna Ryan


Bella Conlan was a woman with a past…

One she couldn't remember. The first nine years of her life were shrouded in a mist as thick as the fog of her native San Francisco—and now those lost years...