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A Husband In Her Eyes

by Karen Rose Smith

Long before Melanie Carlotti met the flesh-and-blood man, she'd memorized Zack Morgan's handsome, tormented features from her dreams. For the operation that had saved her sight had given her memories of another...

The Summer Proposal

by Judith McWilliams


Which were Julie Raffet's reactions when Caleb Tarrington, a most eligible—and wealthy—bachelor made his proposal! Caleb wanted a tutor for his newfound son—but was Julie interested...

The Makeover Takeover

by Sandra Paul

To: Julia, Maggie, Jen, Sharon From: Lauren Date: 12/01

RE: I'm not a pregnant virgin!

You'll never believe what Rafe did today! He asked me if I was pregnant! Just because he suspected my flu was morning sickness....

His Baby, Her Heart

by Sue Swift

Outwardly icy Alex Chandler would do anything to fulfill his late wife's dream of creating a child. But why had she chosen her earthy, annoying, offbeat half sister to be the surrogate mom? True, Dena was devoted...

Kindergarten Cupids

by Vivienne Wallington

It was betrayal of the worst kind. Her husband. His wife. A clandestine affair that had torn apart their families and left them to pick up the pieces—after a tragic accident revealed the scandalous truth.


His Band of Gold

by Melissa McClone

She didn't believe in love or marriage—for herself at least. For others, wedding consultant Kelsey Armstrong Waters planned the most perfect weddings—and hoped for the best. But her much-married parents made...

The Longest Night

by Kara Braden

Book 1 of Longest Night

Discover the debut everyone's raving about, with STARRED reviews from Publishers Weekly, Booklist, and Library Journal!

This could work, whispered the little voice in the back of her mind,...

The Marriage Clause

by Karen Rose Smith

Gina Foster was the perfect answer to Clay McCormick's inheritance woes, but her sincere "I do" raised a whopper of a new quandary. When the Alaskan night turns twenty hours long, how does a newlywed husband...

Claiming His Bride

by Vivienne Wallington

Precious seconds slipping away, Mack Chaney crashed Sydney's Wedding of the Year to expose a betrayaL.and save the bride from marrying a snake in gentleman's clothing. Suzie Ashton had been his woman once, before...

Simon Says... Marry Me!

by Myrna Mackenzie

When schoolteacher Emily Alton decided to auction off her skills to help charity, she never imagined she would be bought by the town's millionaire playboy. And the job that Simon Cantrell wanted her to perform...

That Maddening Man

by Debrah Morris

Ellin Bennett had a daughter to raise, a career to save and a newspaper to run. Rescuing a stranded Santa Claus from the roadside was not on her To-Do list. Worse yet, "Santa" was none other than sexy Jack Madden,...

Dusty: Wild Cowboy

by Cathy McDavid

When a man finds out he's got a son, it's time to take stock of his life. Dusty Cody may be Markton, Wyoming's most famous good-time wrangler, but now he's got only two dreams he's hankering to fulfill. To become...

Married Right Away

by Susan Meier

MEDICAL CHART SPERM DONOR CLINIC patient: SAVANNAH GROGIN signature: Savannah Grogin donor: ETHAN McKENZIE signature: Ethan ltlclSen%ie


NOTES: 1 know 1 shouldn't forgp Ethans sgnature…but...

Of Royal Blood

by Carolyn Zane


Still no sign of any missing heir. Must speak with Queen Simone about the longing looks her granddaughter, the beautiful Princess Marie-Claire,...

Right Where He Belongs

by Rebecca Russell

Revenge had brought Tanner Fairfax to the small town of New Haven, Ohio…and Cassie Leighton gave him ample reason to stay. The terms of his grandfather's will stated Tanner needed just thirty days in the old...

The Marquis and the Mother-To-Be

by Valerie Parv

Back in her lush, beloved Carramer, Carissa Day purchased the perfect B and B for raising her babies-to-be. Trouble was, an aristocratic "intruder" proved she'd been swindled—her new home was actually his royal...

The Ranger & The Rescue

by Sue Swift


…this sexy but injured amnesiac cowboy who'd sought out her cabin, then staked a claim on her soul? From Stetson to boots, he looked like an upstanding lawman. But was he an enemy from her imprisoning...

The Nanny & Her Scrooge

by DeAnna Talcott

Courtesy of his rakish good looks and powerful prestige, Jared Gillette was every woman's fantasy. Yet, as far as Nicki Holliday was concerned, he was 100% Scrooge! Sure, she felt a jolt of electricity whenever...

Marrying Money

by Susan Meier

Maybe every single woman in the tiny town of Wilmore would marry handsome millionaire Tanner McConnell for his money, but not beautician Bailey Stephenson. First of all, she'd heard enough gossip in her own...

The Blacksheep Prince's Bride

by Martha Shields

A devoted member of Edenbourg's royal household, lady-in-waiting Rowena Wilde was determined to obtain answers regarding the king's disappearance—starting by playing nanny to the prime suspect's son. Yet the...