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The Treehugger and the Gillie

by Stephen Elder

The Treehugger and the Gillie is just another silly love story. What's wrong with that? When construction worker Dan Warden is ordered to cut down some large old trees, there are unintended consequences. He's...

Wedding Night with a Stranger

by Anna Cleary

Ariadne Giorgias has been set up! Instead of being welcomed in Australia by family friends, she's picked up from the airport by a strikingly gorgeous stranger....

Sebastian Nikosto doesn't know what to expect...

Cinderella List

by Judy Baer

Since she was a child, Marlo Mayfield has kept a list of traits her Prince Charming must possess. After a series of bad relationships, Marlo's beginning to lose hope that her ideal man exists. But when she caters...

Sexy Devil

by Kate Hoffmann

Meet Max Morgan. Unrepentantly sexy. Impossible to resist. He's broken countless hearts across the country--including Angela Weatherby's....

When Angela first met Max, she'd been young, sweet and impressionable....

Cowboy's Sweetheart

by Brenda Minton

Cowgirl Andie Forester let an unexpected kiss turn into something more with cowboy Ryder Johnson. He's her best friend--and the man she's secretly loved forever. But when Andie discovers she's carrying his child,...

Why, There's a Wench!

by E.N. de France

This is the erotic story of Ariella Clark, who just got her first big break. She's starring as Katherine in Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew. Her co-star, the dashing Ian Silsbury, drives her crazy! But when...

The Power of Love

by Lisa Powell

Love can be very powerful. It will help you pull through the worst of situations. You have to believe. You have to have faith that the Power of Love will pull you through. Max and Kate find out just how powerful...

Double Play

by Joanne Rock

Play-it-safe book reviewer Amber Nichols is so ready to let loose. Her wild one-night-stand target? Hottie baseball player Heath Donovan. Problem? He's not exactly who she thinks he is!

Team coach Heath takes...

Tears & Green Beer

by Marteeka Karland & Shara Azod

Rowan Brennan was determined to apply the well-known creed about a man's trash and a man's treasure to his own life. He'd watched his former best friend throw away what was more than likely the best thing that...

Touch a Four Leaf Clover

by RaeLynn Blue & Shara Azod

RE-RELEASE It is never wise to piss off a goddess, especially a flame haired Irish goddess with a temper as hot as her tresses. That was something cousins Ciaran and Connor found out the hard way. For one night...

Love Lessons

by Margaret Daley

Homeschooling his daughter is new to devoted single father Ian Ferguson. To ensure his child gets a good education, the busy CPA hires a temporary tutor. Twenty-three-year-old college student Alexa Michaels...

Taken Beyond Temptation

by Cara Summers

Jillian Brightman has a forbidden fantasy. She's always dreamed of being swept away and seduced by a mysterious stranger. But the resort she owns with her sisters keeps her too busy to indulge in any kind of...

Costanzo Baby Secret

by Catherine Spencer

Dario Costanzo's name only...

He married her, bedded her and she gave him an heir--and that was all he wanted. Until Maeve suffered a devastating accident that meant she had no recollection of her husband...

When We Love

by Lynette Ferreira

What if you fell in love with someone you have always been told is out of bounds? Chrissie Taylor received a scholarship to The Cornwall Academy in Charleston. Her parents are happy and proud, and her father...

Father For Zach

by Irene Hannon

How to help a fatherless little boy deal with painful memories? Widowed mother Catherine Walker hopes a fresh start and a new home on Nantucket Island is the answer. But when she hires a handsome carpenter to...

Northern Escape

by Jennifer LaBrecque

Nobody in Good Riddance is wondering how world-class chef Augustina "Gus" Tippens ended up running the local diner. No, but everybody's dying to know the identity of the mysterious, sexy stranger who's eyeing...

The Promise

by Marteeka Karland & Shara Azod

Saint Patrick's Day had never been something Declan, Kean, or Navan were particularly interested in, despite their Irish heritage. Mostly, it was viewed as a way to make money at their pub with green beer. That...

Beastly Desires

by Nikki Winter

Kamali Oriade is in over her head and terrified for both herself and her son. After watching her father murdered before a significant portion of her pride was wiped out by a merciless rogue lion, she soon finds...

His Lady Leprechaun

by Bobbi Romans

Collin Mathews lived a simple life in a simple town. Work, beer and getting laid. Yeah, life was good. Until he overheard, "Hide and seek, hide and seek, find the rainbow and earn your treat." Ever since he'd...

Shelter of Hope

by Lyn Cote

Struggling single mother Rosa Santos is deeply touched when volunteers band together to build her a home. With a waitressing job, community college and church, Rosa barely has time to help, let alone dream about...