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To Love A Texan

by Georgina Gentry

A Woman With A Will

Miss Lillian Primm is beyond weary of polishing the manners of Boston's young ladies, so when she inherits half ownership of a "hotel" in Fort Floppett, Texas, she eagerly heads out West--only...

Secrets of a Duchess

by Kaitlin O'Riley

On the death of their beloved father, Caroline Armstrong and her sister are whisked away to London by their grandparents. Though determined to please her doting relatives, there is one thing Caroline vows she...


by Amy Royea

Savannah Knowles thought her life was finally beginning to become normal. She finally found a life that she loved until one night sent her whole world spinning. From that night on she would be forced to face...

Savage Paradise

by Cassie Edwards

New York Times bestselling author Cassie Edwards takes us to the untamed frontier borders to tell the tale of a man and woman who are drawn together by desire but torn apart by hatred. . .

When Mariana Fowler...

Dead Perfect

by Amanda Ashley

Be Careful What You Wish For. . .

Only a woman with nothing left to lose knocks on a vampire's door and asks for help. Shannah Davis is convinced that the mysterious dark-haired man she's followed for months...

To Wed A Texan

by Georgina Gentry

He's A Lover

Fast-talking promoter Cash McCalley will be set for life if he can set up a prizefight in Dallas, Texas--should be a cinch, considering how Texan men appreciate a good brawl. What Cash doesn't count...

You Had Me at Goodbye

by Jane Blackwood

I'll Just Hold My Breath, Fancy Pants. . .

Oh no. This is so not happening. Her whole life Kat Taylor has been reaching for the brass ring and coming away with nothing but sore knuckles. Not this time. Her flighty...

'Till Death Do Us Part

by Robert J. Moore

Even though Nadia pledged to be united in love with her husband ''till death do her part', she intended to honor that vow for eternity. Nadia did not realize that eternity would arrive so soon in a fatal plane...

Really Something

by Shirley Jump

Getting Even Just Got Even Better...

They say you can't go home again--and when home is Tempest, Indiana, "Litter Box Capital of the World," who'd want to? Not Allie Dean. She couldn't wait to leave the place...

To Tease A Texan

by Georgina Gentry

Throw a sassy whiskey slinger together with a down-on-his-luck cowboy and what do you get? A match made in the Last Chance Saloon. . .

She's No Lady

Lark Van Schuyler can take care of herself--and has ever...

If His Kiss Is Wicked

by Jo Goodman

USA Today bestselling author Jo Goodman delivers the unforgettable story of a beautiful young woman who believes someone wants to kill her. Only one man can reveal if she's truly in peril-or if she's going mad....

Ever My Love

by Gretchen Craig

On the eve of Civil War, the daughter of Southern planters finds her loyalties tested in a magnificent saga of family pride and forbidden love...

Brought up amid the luxury of plantation life, Marianne Johnston...

The Champion

by Heather Grothaus

England 1076. An era of kings and their loyal knights, of grand castles and courts, and of passions too bold to be denied. Brought to life with power and grace, this is the story of a nobleman in need of a wife....

One Real Cowboy

by Janette Kenny

Straight From The Heart

Cord Tanner has a very simple plan: get paid to be Beatrix Northroupe's husband for a month so the prim, but very sexy, Englishwoman can gain rightful ownership of her family's stud...

Cosmic Sex

by Karen Kelley

The truth is way out there. . .

Kia can't imagine why her cousin Mala left planet Nerak--utterly perfect in an ever-so-slightly boring kind of way--to go in search of Earth men. At least, not until she meets...

Bare Facts

by Katherine Garbera

Once upon a time, there were three little girls. Charity. Justine. Anna. Individually, they're lethal weapons. Together? They're the force to be reckoned with at Liberty Investigations. Their bodies may be made...


by Charlotte Mede

London, 1818. A beautiful, brilliant woman and a cynical, aristocratic spy are forced into a desperate mission to decipher a secret code that could change the face of Europe forever. . .


Gray Dalton,...

Hot and Bothered

by Dianne Castell

Savannah, Georgia: city of history, mystery, and more than a few ghosts, as well as four best friends who have never fit in anywhere except with each other. But everything is about to change as an unsolved murder...

Any Way You Want It

by Kathy Love

Is That A Treble Clef In Your Pocket-- Or Are You Just Glad To See Me?

Maggie Gallagher spends her nights with lots of men. Of course, they're all dead composers, but why nitpick? Her love life is just like...

Come as You Are

by Amy J. Fetzer

Deep Cover

Captured, tortured, and nearly executed...just another day on the job for Logan Chambliss and Dragon One. Their mission: clean up a highly sensitive mess the CIA made in Venezuela involving the country's...