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Deep Down

by Katherine D. Jones

Two special agents are about to prove that true passion knows no fear . . .

As veteran agents in the FBI's special corruption unit, Beatrice McCoy and Michael Spates face major changes in a post 9-11 world....

Not a Day Goes By: A Novel

by E. Lynn Harris

John “Basil” Henderson has always played the field, both as a professional football player and as an equal opportunity lover. After retiring his jersey for a career as a sports agent, the dashing playboy...

The Sinful Nights of a Nobleman: A Novel

Boscastle #5

by Jillian Hunter

Award-winning author Jillian Hunter pens another deliciously sexy tale of passionate romance and beguiling trickery.

At a glamorous soiree in the romantic English countryside, Lord Devon Boscastle, one of the...

Party Girl: A Novel

by Sarah Mason

When life hands her lemons, she makes a French martini.

Life is one big party for event planner Isabel Serranti. Armed with cell and laptop, she’s game to field any fete–including her next nearly impossible...

Masque of Enchantment

by Charlene Cross

A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

Deeper Than Roses: DEEPER THAN ROSES

by Charlene Cross

A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

Wolf Shadow's Promise

by Karen Kay

Warrior's Woman

He had vowed to make her his wife when she was a mere girl. But now that Alys Clayton was a woman grown and ripe for the love of an honorable man, Moon Wolf knew that man could not be him. For...

The Princess and the Wolf

by Karen Kay

Warriors and trailblazers, the scouts of the great tribes were revered men of courage and honor—members of a noble society: The Clan of the Wolf

Two Worlds, One Heart

Married by proxy to a European prince she...

Last Kiss: A Novel

Hubbard's Point #4

by Luanne Rice

New York Times bestselling author Luanne Rice returns to Hubbard’s Point, Connecticut, and to characters from her beloved Beach Girls, to tell the haunting story of a close-knit community grappling with a...

For Love and Honor

by Cathy Maxwell, Lynne Hinton & Candis Terry

Three military heroes . . . fighting to protect their countries, their homes, and the women they love.

For Love and Honor

In New York Times bestselling author Cathy Maxwell's The Bookish Miss Nelson, it's the...

Wolf River

by Jill Gregory

New York City children’s author Erinn Winters is haunted by a past no one knows, and dark visions of death and danger that come to her without warning. But when a desperate search for her estranged sister...

A Lost Touch of Paradise

Lost Touch #2

by Amy Tolnitch

For the first time in his life, Lugh MacKeir, Laird of Tunvegan, finds himself in a battle he cannot win. His precious daughter is dying of the same illness that claimed his wife. The Isle of Parraba is a whispered...

A Lost Touch of Magic

Lost Touch #4

by Amy Tolnitch

Hidden within the stone walls of Castle MacCoinneach is the seemingly quiet realm of Paroseea, yet danger now stalks the halls of the castle, seeking vengeance and patiently awaiting the return of the fallen...

Fire at Midnight

by Lisa Marie Marie Wilkinson

Rachael Penrose is confined to Bedlam insane asylum in London after discovering that her uncle Victor plans to kill her brother in order to inherit the family fortune. Victor, with a gang of criminals, uses...

Fortune's Kiss

by Lisa Manuel

Moira Hughes?s stepfather has died, and although the bulk of the family holdings must pass to a relative, a codicil to his will secures her and her mother?s future ? or so she believes. When their London solicitor...

Hot Flash

by Kathy Carmichael

Calm, cool, and premenopausal, single mom and chef Jill Morgan Storm has set out on a scheme to find and wed a traveling salesman. In return, she hopes for one week of marital bliss, three weeks off while her...

Shades of Dark

by Linnea Sinclair

Can love alone save the day? Award-winning author Linnea Sinclair returns with a vibrant interstellar thriller of romance and adventure in which two lovers are tested in the crucible of deep space, where there...

Jasper Mountain

Spirit of the River #2

by Kathy Steffen

Jack Buchanan, a worker at the Jasper Mining Company, is sure of his place in the outside world, but has lost his faith in the tragedy of a fire. Foreign-born and raised, Milena Shabanov flees from a home she...

Kiss of a Traitor

by Cat Lindler

Wilhelmina Bellingham is an ardent Tory and has two goals in her young life—catching the rebel traitor General Francis Marion and avoiding marriage to the fool to whom she was promised when she was only a babe,...

Love's Magic

Boadicea #1

by Traci E. E. Hall

While her sisters are tall and beautiful, Celestia Montehue is the misfit in a royal family—petite, with one green and one blue eye. The only thing she has in common with her ancestors is her magical healing...