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Seduced by Innocence

by Lucy Gordon

Seduced by Innocence

Terri Wainwright's ice-princess facade hid a depth of passion that no man had ever touched—but that Maurizio Vanzani could set afire with a look from his intense eyes. Still, Terri had no...

The Secret

by Diana Whitney

The Secret

Chad Grayson was back in town. And his brooding, unexplained presence was disrupting the troubled peace Clarice Somerset had made with their disquieting past. Two years ago, the single mother thought...

With Baby in Mind

by Arlene James

With Baby in Mind

Dallas playboy Parker Sugarman had soulful eyes, a wicked grin and his choice of gorgeous women. But this time he needed a woman to wed, not bed. So who better than his lifelong friend, straitlaced...

Gift Wrapped Dad

by Sandra Steffen

The Hunk Under Her Christmas Tree

Single mom Krista Wilson could hardly believe that the man she'd loved years ago was standing before her, asking for help. Though Krista had sworn off men long ago, she couldn't...

Texas Pride

by Barbara McCauley

No Man's Wife

Full of Texas pride, Jessica Stone was determined to single-handedly rebuild her life—with no help from any man! But when a sexy stranger offered his services and set Jessica's pulse pounding,...

Christmas Wedding

by Pamela Macaluso

Renegade Groom

Jesse Tyler had to find a date for his sister's wedding—fast! So he decided to ask Holly Bryant. With her carefree ways and black leather miniskirt, she was sure to shake up his stuffy family....

Cowboys Don't Stay

by Anne McAllister

A Cowboy's Christmas Wish

Noah Tanner had taken more hard knocks on the rodeo circuit than he cared to count, but nothing had ever thrown him for a loop like this! A chance encounter brought him face-to-face...

A Cowboy Christmas

by Ann Major

Mr. December

Leander Knight: A rugged cowboy from the wrong side of the corral

His One and Only: Heddy Knight—his ex-wife

Common Ground: Their daughter—and the Christmas star they were both born under

The seductive...

Arizona Heat

by Jennifer Greene

She Wasn't Looking For a Husband

Kansas McClellan was looking for her brother, and Paxton Moore was the only man who could help her. She'd heard he knew the tough, Western landscape like the back of his callused...

Rebel Love

by Jackie Merritt

Future Bride?

Years ago, Cassandra Whitfield became a woman in bad boy Gard Sterling's arms. To Cassie, their shared passion seemed filled with promises—yet the very next day, Gard didn't even know her name!...

Whatever Comes

by Lass Small

It Was the Scoop of the Year…

Everyone was talking about the way Amabel Clayton had finessed the interview with elusive rock start Sean Morant. The sexy, mysterious musician never did publicity, and tongues...

Once in a Blue Moon

by Kristin James

His Child

Michael Traynor was back—and sexier than ever. But Isabelle Gray was no longer the lovesick teenager who had once fallen foolishly into his bed. If Michael left her again, she wouldn't be the only...

Angels and Elves

by Joan Elliott Elliott Pickart

Mr. November

Name: Forrest MacAllister—confirmed bachelor/family man

Marital Status: Single (but who needed a wife with all the MacAllister babies around?)

Honors: MacAllister family Baby Bet Champion

The most...

The Rogue and the Rich Girl

by Christine Pacheco


Nicole Jackson looked oh-so-sexy in a pair of jeans, but to Ace Lawson she was nothing but a nuisance. First, she hired him to take her on some wild adventure; then she got him stuck in the middle of...

The Bachelor's Bride

by Audra Adams


Rachel Morgan was having a baby by a wealthy, powerful man—a man she couldn't even remember! She'd thought her shadowy interlude with a compelling stranger was nothing more than a dream, but now Rachel...

A Wife in Time

by Cathie Linz

Make-Believe Marriage

Getting stuck solving a century-old murder mystery before it happened wasn't Susannah Hall's idea of a good time—especially since she was posing as Kane Wilder's blushing bride! Somehow,...

A Wolf in the Desert

by BJ James


An enigmatic stranger had claimed Patience O'Hara as his woman, protecting her from the gang that had taken her hostage. Now she had to pretend to be his lover, or face harm at the hands of a group...

Two Faced Woman

by Lucy Gordon

Partners in Crime…

Private Investigator Debbie Harker had had her share of tough assignments—and going undercover as a notorious gangster's moll was certainly one of them. But tougher still was her self-appointed...

Almost a Honeymoon

by Susan Crosby

Reluctant Bride

When a leather-clad stranger forced Paige O'Halloran into a limousine, she knew her humdrum life was about to change. Then her abductor turned out to be longtime nemesis Rye Warner—hired to be...

Alex and the Angel

by Dixie Browning

Mr. September

The Single Dad: Wealthy bachelor Alex Hightower has three women on his mind….

His Sassy-Mouthed Teenage Daughter: A girl with training bras on her mind.

His "Steady Gal": A snooty socialite with...