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Once in a Blue Moon

by Kristin James

His Child

Michael Traynor was back—and sexier than ever. But Isabelle Gray was no longer the lovesick teenager who had once fallen foolishly into his bed. If Michael left her again, she wouldn't be the only...

Angels and Elves

by Joan Elliott Elliott Pickart

Mr. November

Name: Forrest MacAllister—confirmed bachelor/family man

Marital Status: Single (but who needed a wife with all the MacAllister babies around?)

Honors: MacAllister family Baby Bet Champion

The most...

The Rogue and the Rich Girl

by Christine Pacheco


Nicole Jackson looked oh-so-sexy in a pair of jeans, but to Ace Lawson she was nothing but a nuisance. First, she hired him to take her on some wild adventure; then she got him stuck in the middle of...

The Bachelor's Bride

by Audra Adams


Rachel Morgan was having a baby by a wealthy, powerful man—a man she couldn't even remember! She'd thought her shadowy interlude with a compelling stranger was nothing more than a dream, but now Rachel...

A Wife in Time

by Cathie Linz

Make-Believe Marriage

Getting stuck solving a century-old murder mystery before it happened wasn't Susannah Hall's idea of a good time—especially since she was posing as Kane Wilder's blushing bride! Somehow,...

A Wolf in the Desert

by BJ James


An enigmatic stranger had claimed Patience O'Hara as his woman, protecting her from the gang that had taken her hostage. Now she had to pretend to be his lover, or face harm at the hands of a group...

Two Faced Woman

by Lucy Gordon

Partners in Crime…

Private Investigator Debbie Harker had had her share of tough assignments—and going undercover as a notorious gangster's moll was certainly one of them. But tougher still was her self-appointed...

Almost a Honeymoon

by Susan Crosby

Reluctant Bride

When a leather-clad stranger forced Paige O'Halloran into a limousine, she knew her humdrum life was about to change. Then her abductor turned out to be longtime nemesis Rye Warner—hired to be...

Alex and the Angel

by Dixie Browning

Mr. September

The Single Dad: Wealthy bachelor Alex Hightower has three women on his mind….

His Sassy-Mouthed Teenage Daughter: A girl with training bras on her mind.

His "Steady Gal": A snooty socialite with...

Texas Temptation

by Barbara McCauley

Forbidden Love

Tormented by haunting memories, Jared Stone denied himself happiness. But when sultry Annie Baily unexpectedly came back to town, he desperately wanted to believe in forgiveness. Because his brother's...

The Rancher and the Redhead


Of Bachelors and Babies

What was rancher Sam Preston to do when he found himself saddled with an infant? Holler for his best pal, of course. A single gal like Roni Daniels might not have first-hand experience...

Man Overboard


What Paige Did on Her Vacation…

Prim and proper Paige Stovall knew that Harrison Powell was after something…and it certainly wasn't her body! After all, Paige was just a small-town gal on a big-time vacation,...

Heart of the Hunter

by BJ James

Agent: Jeb Tanner

Mission: To Protect a Lady

Jeb was used to tough assignments, but this latest would be the biggest challenge of his career. The prey: a ruthless murderer—and his ex-best friend. The bait: pretty...

Cowboys Don't Quit

by Anne McAllister

Round 'Em Up, Cowboy!

Luke Tanner wasn't afraid of looking danger right in the eye. He'd wrestled his way through his share of ornery situation, and he'd never run from anything—or anyone—in his life! Except...

The Wilde Bunch

by Barbara Boswell

Mr. August

Wilde Man: Rancher Mac Wilde desperately needed a woman's help.

Not-so-wild Woman: Kara Kirby could be a wonderful wife, but would she agree to Mac's marriage proposal?

Mac knew Kara hadn't come to Montana...

Mixed-Up Matrimony

by Diana Mars

Stop the Wedding!

When Tamara Hayward discovered that her teenage daughter planned to elope, she did what any concerned single parent would do. She joined forces with the enemy: Bronson Kensington, father of...

Cat's Cradle

by Christine Rimmer

Cat Beaudine Was Nobody's Baby

And that's the way she liked it. She could take care of herself—and she knew that marriage and motherhood were for other women, not her. Until the stranger with the familiar face...

Do Unto Others

by Kristin Hunter Lattany

Zena (short for Zenobia) Lawson honors all things African--art, culture, history. So when fortune hands her a twenty-year-old Nigerian girl in need of temporary housing, Zena and her husband, Lucius, jump at...

The Willing Captive

by Lee Stafford

Six Months Was Hardly a Life Sentence!

After all, Linnet found Cassie, her six-year-old charge, a delight. She would enjoy the time she spent helping the little girl with her English.

It was spending time with...

Hold Back the Dark

by Jane Donnelly

Nicholas Always Makes the Rules

Or that's how it seems to Clarry Rickard. Two years earlier, Nicolas Dargan had sent his brother, Nigel, out of the country. He'd done it to break up Nigel's engagement to Clarry,...