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Green Mansions: A Romance of the Tropical Forest

by William Henry Hudson

Green Mansions is an exotic and tragic romance about a young man who travels to Venezuela. He lives there with an Indian tribe, but his new-found life is shaken when he meets the "magical" forest-dweller, Rima....

Tempting a Proper Lady

by Debra Mullins

A Most Improper Alliance

Two years ago, dashing Captain Samuel Breedlove disappeared without a word. But he's resurfaced in London a wealthy man, only to discover his fiancée preparing to wed another. Now Samuel...

A Damsel in Distress

by P. G. Wodehouse

When you're in the mood for classic British humor writing, nothing can compare to the master of literary laughter, P.G. Wodehouse. The novel A Damsel in Distress is an uproarious combination of romantic intrigue,...

The Last Twilight

The Dirk and Steele Series #7

by Marjorie M. Liu

Duty called Dr. Rikki Kinn to the Congo. One of the world's top virus hunters working for the CDC, she is on a mission to investigate a deadly new plague. But there are those determined to stop her—at any...

The Wild Road

The Dirk and Steele Series #8

by Marjorie M. Liu

Those who look upon Lannes Hannelore see only anexceptionally handsome man. But his beauty is a prison, locking the dark truth inside his tormented soul. For Lannes is one of a dying race of remarkable creatures,hiding...

Jill the Reckless

by P. G. Wodehouse

Although P.G. Wodehouse's woebegone protagonists are usually young men, in Jill the Reckless the master of British humor turns his attention to the fairer sex. Jill Mariner's young adulthood is beset by an array...

The White Ladies of Worcester: A Romance of the Twelfth Century

by Florence L. Barclay

Looking for a romance novel that's more than just a love story? Try Florence Barclay's The White Ladies of Worcester, a fascinating historical romance set in a twelfth-century nunnery in Worcester. With intrigue,...

The Story Of Julia Page

by Kathleen Norris

Set in early-twentieth-century San Francisco, The Story of Julia Page offers a fascinating glimpse into women's lives in that time and place. The heroine of the title is faced with tough circumstances, but manages...

The Rosary

by Florence L. Barclay

The Rosary was released to remarkable success in 1909, eventually becoming the bestselling book of 1910. Still popular more than a century after its publication, the novel centers on Jane Champion, an independent...

The Second Honeymoon

by Ruby M. Ayres

Spend a pleasant afternoon with Ruby Ayres' The Second Honeymoon, a lighthearted romance centered on a love triangle that's gone horribly awry. Jimmy Challoner is engaged to be married to Cynthia, an actress...

A Mad Love

by Charlotte M. Brame

Under a variety of pen names, author Charlotte M. Brame wrote hundreds of romance short stories and novels in the mid- to late-nineteenth century. "A Mad Love" is a wonderful tale of against-all-odds romance...

Her Prairie Knight

by B. M. Bower

A debutante hailing from an aristocratic family in the Northeastern United States, Beatrice Lansell fills her days with coquetry, leisure and meaningless flirtations, but she has never found true love. Her family...

The Honey-Pot

by Helene Barcynska

A prolific and popular writer in the early twentieth century, Helene Barcynska was a mysterious figure who eschewed the limelight and created true-to-life, multi-dimensional heroines who sacrificed everything...

Through the Postern Gate: A Romance in Seven Days

by Florence L. Barclay

In the charming romance novel Through the Postern Gate, author Florence Barclay pulls off a seemingly unimaginable feat, combining the intense emotions and roiling passions of a classic love story with unconventional,...

A Fair Mystery: The Story of a Coquette

by Charlotte M. Brame

Looking for a romance tale that offers more than lingering glances and chest-heaving sighs? Dig into "A Fair Mystery" by prolific Victorian-era scribe Charlotte M. Brame. This engaging tale offers the best of...

The Red Heart of Jade

The Dirk and Steele Series #3

by Marjorie M. Liu

Beneath passion and purifying fire is . . . The Red Heart of Jade

Dean Campbell can see and sense things that others cannot—an extraordinary ability that drew the ex-cop to the Dirk & Steele Detective Agency,...

The Upas Tree: A Christmas Story for all the Year

by Florence L. Barclay

Add a dash of passion to the holiday season -- or any time of the year -- with this stirring romance novel from Florence Barclay, author of The Rosary. With a dastardly villain, an intriguing plot, and a swoon-worthy...

Miss Billy's Decision

by Eleanor H. Porter

Orphaned as a young woman, Miss Billy has had to struggle to make her way in the world. After finding a place in the family of her late father's dear friend, William Henshaw, she falls in love with his brother...

Shadow Touch

The Dirk and Steele Series #2

by Marjorie M. Liu

Elena Baxter can work miracles with her fingers. She can coax bones to knit, flesh to heal. She can mend the mind and spirit.

That is why she is taken.

Artur Loginov joined Dirk & Steele, an international detective...

Laddie: A True Blue Story

by Gene Stratton-Porter

Is it possible for two people who have grown up in completely different worlds to bridge the circumstances that divide them and create something better than either of them could ever have imagined? That's what...