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Mad Enough to Marry

by Christie Ridgway


Long, lean Logan Chase was dangerous to Elena O'Brien. Which was why she had to be mad to consider his offer of shelter. Yes, she needed a temporary home while hers was renovated, but live...

The Christmas Wife

by Sherry Lewis

Molly has returned to Serenity for Homecoming…but will she stay forever?

Beau Julander, a single father of two, is having trouble juggling the responsibilities of career, home and family. And his work for the...

The Bride Ran Away

by Anna Adams

Sophie Calvert has planned every second of her life

That all changes after she meets Ian Ridley. Suddenly the woman who never wanted to get married is forgetting everything—including her plans. Which is why...

My Name is Nell

by Laura Abbot

Brady Logan never expected to find Nell Porter when he left California. He didn't even know he was looking for her.

After the death of his wife and child, Brady Logan barely felt like living, never mind loving...

Return to Three Creeks

by Caron Todd

When Elizabeth Robb left Three Creeks, she never expected to return

Even after all these years she's not ready to face her painful past, and only a request from her elderly grandmother could bring her back to...


by Janice Macdonald

Three months ago, Sam and Diana Lynsky boarded their twenty-six-foot yacht and set out for a sail to mark their fortieth anniversary. Diana never returned. Sam told the sheriff that he'd retired to the cabin...

The Secret Father

by Anna Adams

How is it possible to forget the love of your life?

Zach Calvert has no memory of his last three years as a Navy pilot. And for the most part, he's resigned himself to that. He's content with his new life as...

Enchanting Baby

by Darlene Graham

She'll do anything to protect this baby

When TV personality Ashleigh Logan became pregnant by artificial insemination of her deceased husband's sperm, she ignited a media frenzy and attracted a stalker. So she's...

The Daddy Quest

by Lori Handeland

Leaving Las Vegas…

Thirteen-year-old Rayne Houston is on a quest. After discovering that her father is alive, she angrily packs her bag and goes off to find him, with only a six-year-old orphan named Tim at...

Their Best Hope

by Janice Carter

She dreamed of having a family

As a little girl, Tess Wheaton wished that her father would come back and rescue her—but he never did. Although Tess grew up in the care of a loving guardian, she never had the...

House of Strangers

by Carolyn McSparren

When Paul Bouvet buys the old Delaney mansion, everyone in Rossiter, Tennessee, wonders what the big-city pilot is really after in their backwoods town. But Paul can't reveal what he hopes to find in Rossiter....

Buffalo Summer

by Nadia Nichols

Caleb McCutcheon is living his dream as owner of a large ranch in the Montana wilderness. But when the woman he loves tells him she can't be part of that dream, Caleb is determined to learn the real reason for...

The Target

by Kay David

To some, the members of the bomb squad are more than a little left of normal. After all, when everyone else is running away from a bomb, they're heading toward it. In this line of work, precision, knowledge...

Cowgirl, Say Yes

by Brenda Mott

This hard-nosed cattleman isn't ashamed to beg

Widowed rancher Wade Darland freely admits that Tess Vega's way of thinking has him scratching his head. He believes in shipping old barn animals off to auction,...

No Ordinary Child

by Darlene Graham

Meggie is coming to stay!

Normally, architect Sam Solomon would be thrilled that his daughter, Meggie, is coming to live with him. But he's not happy with the circumstances—his ex-wife has suddenly become ill...

Vital Signs

by Bobby Hutchinson


Pulse: Normal

Temperature: Normal

Heart: Out of control!

Pediatric nurse Hailey Bergstrom, a nurturing but plain woman, knows the score. For her there will be no romance, no marriage, no child of her...

The Men of Thorne Island

by Cynthia Thomason

When Sara Crawford arrives on Thorne Island, she discovers that her inheritance is nothing like the photo in the glossy brochure the lawyer presented. For a start, the dock's about to collapse into the lake....

Kelton's Rules

by Peggy Nicholson

THE RULES by Jack Kelton

Rule #1: Never Marry.

Rule #2: If you're stupid enough to ignore Rule 1, never, never marry a divorced woman. She's bound to be smackdab in the middle of the Divorce Crazies….

And Jack's...

Child of Their Vows

by Joan Kilby

He Wants a Son

Max Walker loves his daughters with a ferocity and depth that constantly surprise him. But in the deepest corner of his heart, in a place not even his wife knows about, he's always wanted a son....

The Comeback Girl

by Debra Salonen

Kristin Sullivan has come home to set things right. She needs to reconnect with her family and she needs to introduce her son to his father. But coming back to Gold Creek means facing another man. Deputy Donnie...