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To Marry McAllister

by Carole Mortimer

Dangerously attractive Brice McAllister has been commissioned to paint a portrait of Sabina Smith. But the elusive supermodel tries everything she can to avoid being alone with him! Realizing that Sabina is...

Flower Girl Bride

by Dana Corbit

I always prayed for a happily-ever-after...Then I, Cassie Blake, got divorced and lost my faith in men. Well, that isn't exactly aunt and uncle are proof of love's enduring power. After a quarter century,...

Lost Cause

by Janice Kay Johnson

Gary Lindstrom doesn't remember ever being a child named Lucien. So when his long-lost sister calls to remind him of who he was, he tells her he's not interested. But even he can't resist the pull of the past,...

Lights, Action...Family!

by Patricia Thayer

Extra extra! Meet the cast of Hunter's Haven

Reese McKellan—(Stuntman) vowed to give his orphaned niece the small-town upbringing he'd never known. But Emily Hunter, the blue-eyed beauty who was running the...

Jack Murray, Sheriff

by Janice Kay Johnson

Beth Sommers isn't looking for love.

She's concentrating on her daughters and her business—and on convincing her ex-husband that their marriage really is over. Even if she was looking, it wouldn't be at a man...

Pregnant Bride

by Catherine Spencer

Getting jilted at the altar was bad enough, but falling for the sympathetic stranger at her honeymoon hotel was much worse! Jenna Sinclair didn't regret it, though; one passion-filled night with Edmund Delaney...

Once and Again

by Lori Foster


Honey Malone was on the run from a killer when she crashed her car near Sawyer Hudson's home. The strong, tender doctor came to her rescue, but Honey feared that if she stayed, he would be in danger, too....

Hamilton Heir

by Valerie Hansen



...hears tough tycoon Tim Hamilton—the legitimate son currently running Hamilton Media for his ailing father—was seen squiring his assistant, Dawn Leroux, around town...

Tangled Sheets, Tangled Lies

by Julie Hogan

Leaving behind her celebrity career, Lauren Simpson had settled in the small town of Valle Verde, California, to pursue simpler dreams as the kind of mother her adopted son, Jem, deserved. After her last heartbreak,...

Sleeping with the Playboy

by Julianne MacLean

Bodyguard Jocelyn MacKenzie knew better than to mix business with pleasure—especially when her job involved shielding a client from danger. But Dr. Donovan Knight just happened to be the most heart-stoppingly...

Unexpected Mistress

by Sara Wood

She wanted to be more than just his mistress...

They are complete opposites. Cassian is gorgeous, wealthy—he exudes charisma and confidence. But Laura is penniless and painfully shy. Unexpectedly, Cassian finds...

Hired Husband

by Kate Walker

Sienna Rushford desperately needs to claim her inheritance from the father she never even met—but his will states she must be happily married! The only man Sienna can turn to is Keir Alexander. She knows he...

The Perfect Mistress

by Betina Krahn

The Perfect Mistress is the perfect follow-up to The Last Bachelor. This time the heroine is a courtesan's daughter who wants the unthinkable: to get married... The daughter of an exquisite London courtesan,...

Detective's Dilemma

by Arlene James

Beth Maitland, the most unconventional member of the Maitland clan, is always up for an adventure. But getting framed for a murder she didn't commit isn't exactly her idea of fun....

Detective Ty Redstone thinks...

Man Worth Remembering

by Delores Fossen

FBI agent Gabe Sanchez had his orders concerning witness Leigh O'Brien—keep her alive, catch the bad guys, take care of her. The last was asking a lot, given that Leigh had vanished from his life two years...

Open Secret

by Janice Kay Johnson

Carrie St. John: Wealthy, privileged and...adopted?

The idea would be preposterous, except...Carrie has never truly felt she belonged. Now she has a sister who wants to meet her and a brother no one can find....

For Her Son's Love

by Kathryn Springer

To: Rachel

From: Andrew

Re: I've met the most fascinating single mom...

Everyone thinks I'm this high-living playboy.... I wish I could reveal my real mission in life: rescuing missing children. Though right now,...

Plain Jane & The Hotshot

by Meagan McKinney

Roughing it in the Montana wilderness with an all-female mountain group seemed the perfect way to heal music teacher Joanna Lofton's broken heart. But the camp's matchmaker had other ideas. And so did elite...

Confiscated Conception

by Delores Fossen

Shock didn't describe Rachel Dillard's feelings when her estranged husband told her the news: her precious embryo had been stolen! A child—their child—had been born and had become a pawn in a killer's deadly...

Heaven Sent

by Jillian Hart

Matthew Sheridan was the answer to her prayer...

At least, to the one Hope Ashton had offered when she found herself stranded alone on a blustery Montana night. Contrary to her matchmaking Nanna's belief, Hope...