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by Honore de Balzac

The five-foot-high Grandet allows his avaricious passion to thwart his daughter, Eugenie's, love in the classic work of social satire, carnal desire, greed, and obsession. 

Stranger in Camelot

by Deborah Smith

Cautious Agnes Hamilton, owner of a horse breeding farm, tries in vain to resist the advances of the wickedly handsome John Bartholomew, a mystery man who rides into her life and tries to sweep her off her feet....

Honey and Smoke

by Deborah Smith

Tackling an intruder in the old moonshiner's cave, ex-Marine Max Templeton is astonished to find the beautiful and wiry Betty Quint, and he vows to win her over, even as she swears she will wait for a more marriage-...

Caught by Surprise

by Deborah Smith

Brig McKay was a hell-raiser, a rebel without a cause -- and he was Deputy Sheriff Millie Surprise's duty for the next sixty days!

Sara's Surprise

by Deborah Smith

Dr. Sara Scarborough is tormented by memories when Kyle Surprise, a man from her painful past, shows up at her Kentucky mountain refuge

Hot Touch

by Deborah Smith

Rugged vet Paul Belue was part Clark Gable, part Cajun Gypsy, and all male, but when Caroline Fitzsimmons arrived to train his pet wolf for a movie, he vowed to drive her from his bayou mansion!

California Royale

by Deborah Smith

Shea Somerton was elegant and glamorous, just like Estate Mendocino, the resort she managed -- but behind her classy facade there was a hint of recklessness in her violet eyes.

Hold on Tight

by Deborah Smith

Rucker McClure had drowned beer and chased women everywhere south of the Mason-Dixon Line, but he couldn’t resist heading straight for Mount Pleasant, Alabama, when the town’s mayor, ex-Miss Georgia Dinah...

Jed's Sweet Revenge

by Deborah Smith

When Wyoming cowboy Jed Powers came to claim Sancia Island, he was prepared to evict a squatter -- but instead found himself bewitched by a woman.

The Christmas Cookie Chronicles: Carrie: A Twilight, Texas Story

by Lori Wilde

Come join a meeting of the First Love Cookie Club!

“On Christmas Eve, if you sleep with kismet cookies under your pillow and dream of your own true love, he will be your destiny.”

Carrie MacGregor doesn’t...


by Harriet Grace

One woman. Two men. A last chance for happiness. Peak time on the Features Floor of a national newspaper and the computers crash. Martha Morgan, Features Editor, is losing control of her job. Head pounding she...

Struck by Lightning

by Charlotte McClain

Arden FD, #3

Sometimes a dream life is really a nightmare.

Rebecca has big plans. She's going to be a famous artist, even if she has to sell her soul to do it. And so far, it's working for her. She's gaining...

Rachel Dahlrumple

by Shea McMaster

Her husband's death is just the beginning of her marital woes.

Rachel's humiliation over the discovery of her late husband's affairs turns to fear when one of his mistresses sends her a poisoned bouquet. But...


by Pamela Leigh Starr

Verena Tovick-Ra, beautiful, bronze explorer as well as the princess of Vixen had been sent out on many missions before. This present mission, more important and more simple than all the others, had developed...

When I'm With You

by Laconnie Taylor Jones

Marcel Baptiste is a wealthy entrepreneur and philanthropist. He meets Caitlyn Thompson, the head of a struggling youth center, when she appeals to his philanthropic foundation for funding. Marcel is smitten...

Many Shades of Gray

by Dyanne Davis

She's escaped to his white world. He finds comfort in her black world. When the two worlds collide they are left with Shades of Gray. Publishing tycoon, Simon Kohl loves his wife, Janice, even though he feels...

The Fires Within

by Beverly Clark

Business mogul, Julian Palmer has his sights set on Pan Co a highly successful investment firm owned by Pandora Cooper (a.k.a.) the Black Widow of Wall Street. But after meeting the formidable, sexy lady at...

One of These Days

by Michele Sudler

Charles and Shelia have held secret crushes on each other since their teenage years, but never approached each other until they see each other at the wedding of his sister and her brother. This time, when the...

Let's Get It On

by Dyanne Davis

When Heaven falls in love with Hamid, a Pakistani medical student, despite their cultural and religious differences, she knows there will be problems, but she never guessed how many. Heaven's business is taking...

Nights Over Egypt

by Barbara Keaton

Ashalon is a professor of Egyptology at Cairo University. He is none too happy to learn that another American is coming to his country to dig among the ruins of his ancestors. He vows to make it difficult things...