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Curvy Romance

by J.l. Ryan

An adrenaline-packed billionaire steamy romance for fans of Fifty Shades Of Grey

Frantic and broke, curvy girl Rachel Greene only has a couple of weeks left before her money runs out. She lives in a seedy run-down...

Rocker: Part Two

by Victoria Foxxe

How can she go on now that she's alone again?

Now that Nick has returned to Hollywood, Candi finds herself in a funk. She hasn't left her house in weeks, and her best friend is worried she's become a hermit....

His Horny MILF Babysitter

by Alana Church

Michael has known Lisa since he was a kid. But when the sexy MILF divorces her husband and moves back home, he has one last chance to make his teenage dreams come true. Michael's all grown up, and it's time...

Grandma Comes to Stay

by James Hawthorn


Dave and Beth continue to explore the boundaries of their foray into incest as Matt and Alice seek out further adventures.


I put the suitcases on the bed and closed the windows I'd opened...

Rocker: Part One

by Victoria Foxxe

Candie Newton is a curvy beauty who has her life under control. She spends her nights as a singing bartender at the "Dirty Thirty", a rowdy rock-n-roll bar. The last thing she expects is for him to walk through...

Peeping Tom

by Chuck James

Tom hated clothes shopping with his girlfriend, that is until the day he spied a girl getting naked in the next changing cubicle. To his shock he found he also knew the sexy ebony babe, a girl from the building...

My Neighbor's A What?

by Alana Church

The new neighbors have a secret. Five gorgeous women have moved in next door. When Clark Fowler takes a summer job as a handyman, he never expected to find out that the sexy cougar who owns the house is running...

The Rape of Emily

by Legato Blue


Emily is raped hard by her father on her 18th birthday after he gets sick of her damn freeloading.


Today is my eighteenth birthday, you would think that I would be happy about that. Jumping...

Taylor Loves Daddy

by A.J. Mayes


Taylor is a young sexually frustrated woman, tired of vanilla sex. She'd just finished her masters and broke up with her boyfriend later that that night. The next day, she heads to her parents' Aspen...

Without Consent

by Ona Dare


He's always fantasized about raping a woman, taking her without her consent. The desire has now become an obsession, one that he needs to make real. He searches for the right woman, picks her out...

Krystal's Dirty Deed

by Angel Scott


Krystal sure likes to do dirty, naughty things. She likes being with girls and has some fun with Amanda. But something interesting happens while Krystal does the deed with her son! Find out what...

Daddy's Anal Whore

by Lily Weidner


Layla knew her father had a depraved interest in her. When their boring movie night ends up with both of them horny however, she can’t help but do as daddy demands. Now daddy’s little princess...

Erotic Biological Incest Tales Vol.1

by Lily Weidner


This volume contains the first four stories of Erotic Biological Incest Tales, each tale features depraved sex between father and daughter. Four of daddy’s little princesses find themselves engaging...

Daddy's Piss Whore

by Lily Weidner


Leslie has always loved dirty and depraved sex. When she discovers her father’s been spying on her through a hole in the bathroom wall, she can’t help but call him out. Now this horny little...

Mommy Kissed it Better

by Mysticalchemist


Josie had always been there to kiss her son better, and she wants to keep doing so forever, but her son’s girlfriend has other ideas. When he chooses her over his mother, rage drives Josie to the...

Brutal Daddy 12-Pack

by Lily Weidner


A hardcore collection of twelve naughty biological incest stories, this boxed set features naughty daughters and the depraved delights of their disgusting fathers. Turning daddy’s little princess...

Pissed Off

by Mother Lover


Katie went down a weird rabbit hole one day after turning 18. She went on a date with her boyfriend, when they started having sex, he had to take a piss. He couldn't get out quick enough, Katie took...

Giddy Up

by Mother Lover


Jessica was in a tough situation with her parents. She started college recently, and her grades have started slipping, to the point that her college is kicking her out. When her parents received...

Footlong Johnson

by Bull Blue


Devlin has some very loud neighbors. Whether the couple next door is making love or fighting like cats and dogs, he can hear every moan through the thin walls of his cozy apartment. One night, his...

Revenge On My Brat Sister

by Callie Robles


John has had it with his sister. Belle is a self-absorbed brat that needs to be taken down. She steals his money and taunts him with her hot body. John knows exactly what he is going to take as payment--even...