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Island Pursuits

by Heather Rodney-Diaz

When former U.S. Marine Adrian Mendez decided to return to his beautiful twin-island homeland of Trinidad and Tobago in the southern Caribbean, he didn't expect to find the woman of his dreams. But one chance...

Ravenous (novella)

by Eden Summers

She’s a small town caterer, he’s a big city chef, but they don’t need a kitchen to make things sizzle...

Erin McDonald likes her simple life in her small town: no drama, no fuss, no uncertainty...until...

15 Minutes. I Was Passing By

by Massimo Mongai

It is evening, a man is alone in the house with his memories. He would like to go out, get some distraction, find the one and only person who could make him happy. But he has not too many hopes: it would take...

One Hot Winter's Night

by Serenity Woods

Indiana Jones meets Lara Croft in a hot, desperate treasure hunt that spans the globe and captures the imagination.

Dr. Cat Livingstone works for the British Museum, and she’s frustrated as hell when the mysterious...

Trusting Again: Book 4 in the Second Chances Series

by Peggy Bird

Imagine Cynthia Blaine's surprise when she walks into the bar at the Heathman Hotel in Portland Oregon and sees the man she's been trying to forget for weeks after he commissioned an expensive piece of her jewelry...

Beginning Again: Book 1 in the Second Chances series

by Peggy Bird

Liz Fairchild is through with relationships. Widowed in her twenties, now divorced halfway through her forties, it's time to live life for herself. No man need apply. With the proceeds from her divorce settlement-and...

Freshman Year, 91-92

by Megan B. March

When we graduate the eighth grade and get ready to start our freshman year of high school, our parents don't sit us down and warn us about what we're in for. The classes are harder, the relationships are more...


by Michael Keller

The passionate and erotic interplay of unexpected love plays out on very different stages in this three novella collection by the author of the time twisting romantic thriller Ghosts in the Heart. Jacob and...

Rise and Fall of Mary Jackson Peale

by M. G. Crisci

THE RISE AND FALL OF MARY JACKSON PEALE is the engaging, complex character study of a British theatrical agent who was born with an insatiable appetite to consume all that life had to offer. For Mary, life knew...

That bridge

by Barbara Gozzi

A short story based in Florence, Italy, on the famous Ponte Vecchio. A melancholic woman has a carnal intercourse on Florence’s Ponte Vecchio. From this image starts a passionate story on memories, love, and...

A toast to the river Kura

by Fausto Rampazzo

Based on a true story. A seamy individual goes in search of Antonio Russo, a freelance journalist in the Georgian capital. Troubled meetings, shootings and violence will mark its inexorable descent into hell....


by Aimee Laine

Face the past or look to the future? Both will hurt. One could kill her. All her life, Lily Crane has suppressed her childhood memories, masking the signs of abuse with a variety of looks. From brunette to blonde,...

Lured To The Bear Commune - Part 2

by Ema Zane

Miranda Zane is thrilled to be at the commune, but she’s not thrilled about having to pick one of the lumberjacks for her year-long sex buddy. All she can think of is the two doctors in charge of the study...

Deliver Me

by Elizabeth Cougar

After her divorce, Sammi had a tough time adjusting to the single life...until the young, sexy owner of the corner market sent her flowers to cheer her up. Tempted, Sammi decided to take another chance on love,...

Pride and Prejudice

by Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice Pride and Prejudice is a novel of manners by Jane Austen, first published in 1813. The story follows the main character, Elizabeth Bennet, as she deals with issues of manners, upbringing,...

April's Fool

by Charles E. Magness

Professor Ford is a stuffy, pompous, middle-aged academic devoted to an obscure, esoteric corner of his field. He knows that sex with a student is unethical and out of the question—and love with anyone, student...


by Rose Tree

Rose reflects back to her youth. If dating was innocent in her teens and fantastic, surely intimate love in her twenties would be better. Did marriage, starting in her thirties, make the journey complete or...

Star Seed

by Alana Church

Andi Selene was flat broke and working as an escort when the offer came. A client wanted to see her. And not just for an hour or two, but for an entire week! But Andi quickly discovered the client was more than...

Elle's Yearning

by Suzie McLean

Jory has been a thorn in Elle’s side ever since he arrived to spend the entire summer with his twin brother. He has no scruples about using his raw male beauty to charm…and exploit. If only her pulse didn’t...

Falling Deep

by Janine Ashbless

Book 2 of the Lovers' Wheel series. Liz is reeling with shock. She has just discovered that her Great-aunt Moira's spooky old house is the last disguised remnant of mystical Avalon, and that Moira has been manipulating...