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The Ship Engineer

by Serena Yates

2nd Edition

A Workplace Encounters Book

Nathan Kappas, newly promoted to second engineer on the cruise ship Sapphire, has eyes only for the vessel he's about to board. He literally runs into Harper Quade, a singer...

Despite the Odds

by Chris T. Kat

Odds Are: Book One

Never judge a book by its cover.

Michael Campbell can't hold a job for more than a few days. He's lucky his foreman is giving him another chance with the solar panel project at an elementary...

The Bricklayer

by Serena Yates

A Workplace Encounters Book

Mike Brown has been a bricklayer working for the same construction company since leaving high school at eighteen. While building a conservatory for a Victorian house northwest of downtown...


by Suki Fleet

Josh's idea of a romance is curling up alone and reading a novel with a happily ever after. He's made his flat a safe haven where the walls are covered with beautiful words and his living room ceiling is a map...

Where You'll Find Him

by Mel Bossa

During Pride week in Montreal, Wolfe learns the board is threatening to shut down the YBR queer community center. He can't let this happen, not while he's the director and responsible for everyone there. They...

Last Dance with Mary Jane

by John Goode

2nd Edition

Peter was devastated when he lost his love, Shayne, in a car crash. Though he knows nothing will bring Shayne back, Peter takes solace in listening to Shayne's voice mail, just to hear his voice one...

Starting With the Unexpected

by Andi Van

Zachary Blaise is having a weird week-even by his standards. Though he's gay, the radio personality has been dumped via text by a girl named Marian-and he's never even met her. On top of that, he's developed...

The Trouble With Mr. Midwest

by T. Neilson

Riley Black is finally the rising Hollywood star he's always dreamed of being. While his past growing up in the midwest wasn't perfect, he's built a reputation for clean living that the press would love to tear...

Chasing the Swallows

by John Inman

Sometimes an entire lifetime can be spent in the arms and heart of one person. It is not so with imaginations, for they go anywhere they wish.

David Ayres and Arthur Smith are about to find that out. When they...

Cookies for Courting

by Amber Kell

A Tale of the Curious Cookbook

After his sister's death, businessman Marshall Hunter gains custody of his niece. Unused to children, Marshall struggles to connect with her. In an effort to make her more comfortable...

Just the Way You Are

by E E Montgomery

Sequel to Just in Time

Just Life: Book Four

After ten years in an abusive relationship and a near-fatal knife wound, Jonathan Watson is finally free. Unused to being able to make even the smallest decision and...

Just Desserts

by Mary Calmes

A Tale of the Curious Cookbook

Boone Walton has tried hard to create some distance between himself and his past. He's invested in his new life, his New Orleans art gallery, and his friendship with Scott Wren....

Lost Along the Way

by Marie Sexton

A Tale of the Curious Cookbook

Three months after losing his parents in a car crash, Denver weatherman Daniel Whitaker returns to Laramie, Wyoming. It's bad enough dealing with the death of his parents and his...

The Shared Harvest

by D. W. Marchwell

Doug Johnston is his brother Paul's primary caregiver. Though Paul's disease dictates he shouldn't live past the age of twenty-five, Paul's thirtieth birthday is a few months away. The brothers have only had...

Beneath the Palisade: Justice

by Joel Skelton

A Beneath the Palisade Book

Despite a spirited inner debate pitting right against wrong, Owen Grady is lured off a forest trail by a handsome stranger. Just as he is about to surrender to an urgent desire, Owen...

The Price

by Andrew Grey

Las Vegas Escorts: Book One

Hunter Wolf is a highly paid Las Vegas escort with a face and body that have men salivating and paying a great deal for him to fulfill their fantasies. He keeps his own fantasies to...

Fair in Love

by Jerry Sacher

Travis McAllan is one of America's top country music stars-loved by fans, he lives the dreamed-of life of a country boy who has made it. The lifestyle of a star, however, comes at a cost, and Travis keeps his...

Truth & Tenderness

by Tere Michaels

Faith, Love, & Devotion: Book Six

Newly promoted police captain Evan Cerelli takes command of his own precinct as Matt Haight's security business begins to expand at a rapid rate. Both of their careers require...

Walking Wounded

by Lee Rowan

3rd Edition

A Souls Reunited Story

A companion to the Royal Navy Series

John Hanson joined the military because he wanted to serve his country. Lacking a home and family of his own, the idealistic young man longed...

For Mac

by Brynn Stein

Branson Farrell lost his parents when he was thirteen, and for the last ten years his brother, Mac, eight years his senior, has taken care of him. But Mac's love came at a price. Both brothers were raised to...