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The Rebel Prince

by Nina Bruhns

Serenity Woodsen rushed to Charleston to send a con man packing. But the man who'd charmed her favorite aunt was nothing like she expected. Carch Sunstryker's regal bearing and blatant sex appeal were, well,...

The Rebel King

by Melissa James

Fireman Charlie Costa knows all about duty and saving lives. But when he learns he is a prince who must marry to secure his country, he's shocked! He doesn't want to be king, or to marry Princess Jazmine…no...

A Real Live Cowboy

by Judy Duarte

Isabella Mendoza knew what she wanted in a husband. And William "J.R." Fortune was so not that man. The irresistibly attractive businessman turned rancher might wear denim and spurs, but what happened when he...

Rawhide Ranger

by Rita Herron

Texas Ranger Cabe Navarro was full-blooded Comanche—his ripped frame even recalled history's greatest warriors. Raven haired and eagle-eyed, Cabe trespassed on sacred land to investigate ritual murders, only...

The Ranger's Secret

by Rebecca Winters

Assistant Head Ranger Chase Jarvis isn't the man everyone thinks he is. But he's forced out of hiding when he rescues an injured passenger from a downed helicopter. She's Annie Bower, the woman he once loved....

The Ranger

by Rhonda Nelson

Will Forrester—former Army Ranger, Southern gentleman, quintessential badass. Now an elite member of Ranger Security, Will once again has his work cut out for him. Especially when he meets Rhiannon Palmer....

A Randall Hero

by Judy Christenberry

When John Randall swerved to avoid a broken-down car on a deserted Wyoming back road, the cowboy never dreamed he'd find a beautiful woman inside. But like a knight without his steed, the rancher came to her...

The Rancher's Surprise Marriage

by Susan Crosby

Cattle rancher Tony Young was seeing stars. Movie idol Maggie McShane—America's Sweetheart—had just asked him to marry her! It was a strictly temporary business arrangement. But ever since they shared a dance...

The Rancher's Second Chance

by Nicole Foster

Julene Santiago couldn't understand why

Rafe Garrett had let her leave all those years ago. Sure, no one believed that the rough-and-tumble rancher could measure up to the beautiful, brainy Jule. Certainly not...

The Rancher's Runaway Princess

by Donna Alward

Brooding ranch owner Brody Hamilton keeps his heart out of reach. But there's something about vivacious stable manager Lucy that brings joy to his hardened soul.

Lucy Farnsworth has just discovered she's of royal...

The Rancher's Rules

by Lucy Monroe

The millionaire's forbidden virgin

Grant Cortez is rich, famous and seriously sexy. But although he arouses feelings in virginal Zoe that no other man ever has, as her best friend he's strictly a no-go zone…....

Rancher's Redemption

by Beth Cornelison

When Clay Colton found an abandoned car on his Texas ranch—bloodstained and filled with cash—he knew he faced big trouble. But he didn't know how much trouble, until the crime scene investigator assigned to...

The Rancher's Lullaby

by Leigh Duncan


The Circle P has always been home to the Judds. That's why Garrett Judd came back—to take over as temporary ranch manager and to shelter his infant son in the warmth and love of his sprawling...

The Rancher's Inherited Family

by Judy Christenberry

When sexy Brad Logan hires Sarah Brownly, he doesn't expect his once quiet home to be filled with a rabble of kids and a housekeeper he can't keep his eyes off…. With Brad as her boss, Sarah's never felt more...

The Rancher's Dream

by Kathleen O'Brien

Love takes time… 

Grant Campbell's survived some hard knocks to realize his dream of breeding horses on a Colorado ranch. But his simmering attraction to secretive Crimson Slayton isn't good at all. And remaining...

The Rancher's Doorstep Baby

by Patricia Thayer

The littlest cowgirl needs a daddy

Cole Parrish arrived at the Bar H ranch to work. That was all. Not to settle down, and certainly not to be tempted by the stunning redhead running the ranch all by herself....

The Rancher's City Girl

by Patricia Johns

Healing the Cowboy's Heart 

When Cory Stone discovers the father he never met is gravely ill, he brings the ornery man to his Montana ranch, along with his round-the-clock nurse. Once again Cory finds himself...

The Rancher's Adopted Family

by Barbara Hannay

Tall, rangy and stop-and-stare gorgeous in his battered jeans and faded shirt, cattleman Seth Reardon sets Amy Ross's nerves rattling. She's come all the way to Serenity Ranch in the pouring rain to tell him...

A Rancher for Their Mom

by Leann Harris

Cowboy for Hire 

Cowboy Joel Kaye has ambitions as big as Texas. And after decades away, rodeo glory seems finally within reach. But when two little boys "hire" him to work on their ranch, Joel can't turn them...

A Rancher for Christmas

by Brenda Minton

A Family for Christmas 

Raised on the run, free-spirited Breezy Hernandez has never stayed in one place too long. But now that she has joint custody of her late brother's twin daughters, she's determined to...