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Hitched to the Horseman

by Stella Bagwell

Gabe Trevino came to the family-owned Sandbur Ranch to train horses, not fall for the boss's daughter. The sultry ranching heiress could ride and rope as well as any man. She was also hiding something, tempting...

His Woman in Command

by Lindsay McKenna

Captain Nike Alexander is in Afghanistan for one reason only—to use her pilot skills. She doesn't have time for men, especially military men. Playing hard to get with Captain Gavin Jackson comes as naturally...

His Wanted Woman

by Linda Turner

Special agent Patrick O'Reilly was determined not to let Mackenzie Sloan's good looks sway him from his task. The woman's innocent persona didn't mean she wasn't involved in illegal activities. And after keeping...

His Vienna Christmas Bride

by Jan Colley

The engagement was a fake, a desperate plan by Jasmine Cooper to pacify her dying father and prevent family turmoil. Shameless flirt and financial whiz Adam Thorne knew an opportunity when he saw one. The only...

His Style Of Seduction

by Roxanne St. Claire


When powerful businessman Jackson Locke found Lily Harper soaking wet on his doorstep, he couldn't believe his luck. Little did he know the dark-haired beauty had been hired to do a job—and not the...

His Small-Town Family

by Lorraine Beatty

Healing Their Hearts 

Nicki Latimer never expected to be back in her tiny Mississippi hometown—much less running a store with a baby on her hip. But when her father falls ill, Nicki will do anything to save...

His Secret Past

by Ellen Hartman

Money, women and fame aren't everything they're cracked up to be. Former rock star Mason Star should know. He had it all and lost it. Now, years later, he's about to lose even more: his son and Mulligan's, the...

His Secret Life

by Debra Webb

Mission: Find the hero who doesn't want to be found.

Client: A wealthy businessman who won't rest until he repays the man who saved his family from a car crash—and fled the scene.

Investigator: Jane Sutton,...

His Secret Christmas Baby

by Rita Herron

Investigator Derrick McKinney's quiet bachelor life was shattered when the son he just learned existed was abducted right out from under the watchful eye of his beautiful guardian. And although she was left...

His Secret Agenda

by Beth Andrews

Dean Garret is about to break the number one rule of undercover work. And it's all because his new "boss" is as pretty as a professional cheerleader and has a do-gooder's heart. Who can resist that combination?...

His Royal Prize

by Katherine Garbera

Born into scandal, raised by royalty, Geoff Devonshire had always trod the straight and narrow. But the chance to finally claim his birthright had put him in the spotlight…and the path of Amelia Munroe. With...

His Ring, Her Baby

by Maxine Sullivan

The job title was housekeeper, not fiancée! But billionaire cattleman Kirk Deverill couldn't throw the lovely single mom off his ranch. Especially when he knew the job would help her keep her son. Of course,...

His Private Mistress

by Chantelle Shaw

Four years ago the passionate and very public affair between a charismatic Italian Formula One racing driver and a young journalist ended in an explosion of betrayal and deceit. Rafael Santini and Eden Lawrence...

His Princess in the Making

by Melissa James

When Lia Costa discovers overnight that she's a princess and is betrothed to a royal duke, it turns her world upside down! Because regal duty means she can never tell her best friend, Toby, how she really feels…....

His Pretend Wife

by Lucy Gordon

Andrew Blake is the heart surgeon who will operate on Elinor's daughter, Hetta. He's also the man Elinor nearly married….

Andrew has helped them so much—saving Hetta's life and finding them a new place to...

His Personal Mission

by Justine Davis

Redstone computer genius Ryan Barton needed a favor from the last woman he wanted to see. Two years ago, stunning but cool Sasha Tereschenko left him without a word after a night of fiery passion. Now the missing-children...

His Perfect Bride?

by Louisa Heaton

Love where he least expects it… 

GP Oliver James knows exactly what his "perfect bride" should be like—and vibrant, unconventional new locum Lula Chance is the total opposite! Yet there's something about beautiful...

His Only Defense

by Carolyn McSparren

He's no killer…. Or is he?

According to Liz Gibson's cold case file, Jud Slaughter's wife disappeared seven years ago without a trace. Despite the lack of concrete evidence, everyone still thinks Jud is guiltier...

His New Nanny

by Carla Cassidy

The whole town was talking about his new nanny--and that wasn't all...

There were whispers about Sawyer Bennett, locked up behind his estate's stone walls. Untouchable. The only chink in his armor--his mute daughter....

His Mistletoe Bride

by Cara Colter

Police officer Brody Taggert has his reasons for hating Christmas. But Lila Grainger's arrival in Snow Mountain tilts his carefully balanced world sideways.

When they are snowbound in a log cabin, beautiful and...