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Jingle Bell Bride

by Kate Thomas

The Cowboy Said, "I Do!"

Eligible women were notoriously scarce in Matt Walker's corner of Montana. But he desperately needed a wife, and Matt was willing to do anything to get custody of his daughter. Even marry...

The Merry Matchmakers

by Helen R. R. Myers

Santa's Little Helpers…

Read Archer's children were determined to have a new mommy. And their dad's reluctance to marry again spurred young Molly and Ricky to action. Armed with a video camera, they found Read's...

Father by Marriage

by Suzanne Carey

From Daring "Detective"…

Jake McKenzie's assignment was simple—find a client's lost granddaughter and bring her back. But the little girl's adoptive mother was not at all what he'd expected. Beautiful and trusting,...

Second Chance Family

by Laura Anthony

The Lady

Savannah Markum's busy days were filled with single-handedly raising a toddler and running her ranch. Her lonely nights were filled with longing for what might have been…if Matt Forrester hadn't shattered...

Wild West Wife

by Jayne Addison

Josh Spencer, Meet Your New Partner…

Carly Gerard showed up on Josh Spencer's doorstep, like a long-lost wife, claiming to own half of everything—including his Wild West Show. But Josh didn't need—or want—a...

The Cowboy and the Princess

by Lindsay Longford

Could This Stubborn Cowboy…

Heartbroken Hank Tyler knew marriage was not for him, which was why all this rugged rancher wanted from pretty housemate Jilly Elliot was a chance at a no-strings fling. Imagine his...

Daddy on Board

by Terry Essig

Temporary Togetherness…

Lenore Pettit would do anything for her little boy. But a cross-country trip with her boss, Paul McDaniels? No way! Paul was too much like her ex—too stubborn, too strong…and too handsome!...

Honeymoon Suite

by Linda Lewis

Undercover Seductress

Miranda St. James had a mission: get into Stuart Winslow's bedroom and find her family's lost jewels. Could that be so hard? Even inexperienced Miranda knew how to get invited into a man's...

Family Ties

by Dani Criss

Single Mom Seeks…

The first time single mom Laine Sullivan met her boss, Drew Casteel, she thought he was overbearing, insensitive and far too handsome. The next time they met, he kissed her and made her toes...

The Groom Maker

by Lisa Kaye Kaye Laurel

Always a Bridesmaid…

Rae Browning's wifely ways always turned the town's bachelors into marriage material. But each Casanova—an even dozen!—wed another, leaving Rae a lovable, if lonely, legend.

Never a Groom...

An Improbable Wife

by Sally Carleen

The Right Man?

Emily James was delighted with her new apartment—until she discovered her landlord was the grumpiest, most conservative…sexiest man in town! Whenever Carson Thayer "discussed" her impulsive ways,...

That Marriageable Man!

by Barbara Boswell

MAN of the Month


That Marriageable Man: Tall, dark and very sexy Rafe Paradise was single and satisfied—until he "inherited" four mischievous kids

His Ultimate Dilemma: Being a devoted dad without getting...

Bodyguard and the Bridesmaid

by Metsy Hingle

Right Bride, WRONG GROOM


Protecting people was Ryan Fitzpatrick's business—but being Clea Mason's bodyguard was going to be pure pleasure. After all, ever since he'd first laid eyes on the cool,...

Brennan Baby

by Barbara Boswell

MAN of the Month


The Brennan Man: The very handsome and sexy Dr. Devlin Brennan, expertly skilled in the operating room…and the bedroom.

The Brennan Charm: His bedside manner could win over any woman—except...

Seduction Of The Reluctant Bride

by Barbara McCauley


Sam McCants was a steer-ropin', dust-on-his-britches kind of cowboy. So what in tarnation was this purebred Texan thinking, getting himself hitched to a citified bride—even...

Notorious Groom

by Caroline Cross


Almost thirty-four, still a virgin and with no marriage prospects in sight, town librarian Norah Brown was headed for the Old Maid Hall of Fame. Then Elijah Wilder, the baddest...

Last Of The Joeville Lovers

by Anne Eames



Tall, dark and very rich rancher Josh Malone's bachelor status was legendary. No one had ever been able to tempt the most wanted man in Montana to settle down. Until...

Passionate G-Man

by Dixie Browning

MAN of the Month



The G-Man: Secret agent Daniel Lawless…double-crossed by his own agency!

The Woman: Brokenhearted beauty Jasmine Clancy…betrayed by her fiancé and best friend!

The passion:...

Taming The Tycoon

by Kathryn Taylor


Ian Bradford had it all: money, power, charisma and a parade of women who would love to snare him for their own. But the sexy entrepreneur was not about to succumb to any female—least...

Cowboy and the Calendar Girl

by Nancy Martin

Opposites Attract


Ever since calendar publisher Carly Cortazzo had laid eyes on handsome Hank Fowler's photograph, she'd been dreaming about this rugged cowboy. So she finally headed out to the...