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Charlotte's Cowboy


Redheads Have More Fun!

Eight-year-old Tim Thorneton had decided he wanted a mom, and a baby sister—a baby sister with red hair….

Charlotte Darnelle wanted to make one thing clear—she was not a redhead. She...

Once Burned

by Margaret Way

"She Wears His Ring…"

Guy Harcourt is strong, forceful and dynamic. He is also irresistible to women.

Celine Langton is one of those women.

"When I left Guy three years ago it was because I felt he deserved someone...

Hidden in the Past

by Rosemary Gibson

Torn Between Two Brothers…

Daniel Sinclair had always aroused strong feelings in Kat. But for as long as she could remember, it was his gentle brother, her childhood friend James, that she'd hoped to marry one...

Spanish Nights

by Jennifer Taylor

To Have and To Hold…

Laura had fallen in love with Luis Rivera at first sight. Theirs had been a fairy-tale romance—until the wedding night! Then everything had fallen apart and Laura had run as far and as...

Captive Bride

by Rosemary Carter

A Wedding Deception?

"I want you to be my wife."

Kyle had asked Liane to marry him not once, but twice, which at least should have argued sincerity on his part. Or, perhaps it was just determination—if he was...

Angels Do Have Wings

by Helen Brooks

Dear Vicky,

Things are just the same here. My life is mapped out for years ahead without a chance of anything changing…

As she wrote those words to her best friend, Angel had no idea that a gorgeous stranger...

Forever Isn't Long Enough

by Val Daniels

"Father Knows Best!"

Mark has a problem: His dad is sick and wants to see Mark married without delay.

Sarah has a problem: Mark! On the day they meet he helps her lose her job and sprain her ankle.

So Mark comes...

The Baby Caper

by Emma Goldrick

A Bachelor, a Bachelorette and a Baby…

It was the formula for disaster—novelist Jeb Lacey was left holding a baby! No wonder Meg Hubbard seemed heaven-sent; she was, after all, a woman, and bound to be naturally...

A Captive Heart

by Sally Carr

Lora Was Falling in Love…With Her Kidnapper!

Nothing had prepared Lora Seaton for a man like Luc de la Falaise! Faced with the man's devastating good looks and Gallic charm, Lora found it all too easy to forget...

Between Two Loves

by Rosemary Hammond

A Guilty Secret and a Dangerous Attraction…

The sudden shock was so overwhelming that for a moment she was afraid she'd faint. What would he do if he found out about their mutual past?

She had been in the car...

A Family Closeness

by Emma Richmond

Out of the Frying Pan…

If Davina's fiancé hadn't run off with her best friend, she wouldn't have got involved with Joel Gilman. And now, four years after their disastrous encounter, it seemed that time hadn't...

The Best for Last

by Stephanie Howard

Would Cassandra's Fate Be Sealed With a Kiss?

"Dear Diary,

The very last person I ever wanted to have anything more to do with has suddenly appeared out of nowhere again…"

Cassandra knew that Damon Grey thought...

Wanted: Wife and Mother

by Barbara McMahon

Dear Miss Evans,

My aunt's attorney has assured me that the best solution to the problems facing us would be to marry…

Nick Silverman needed a mother for his orphaned niece, and Caroline needed money to pay her...

Build a Dream

by Quinn Wilder

Dreams Can Come True…

Janey might be small—but she was tough! She was also determined to take revenge on Blaze Hamilton who, she was convinced, had caused her father's illness….

But how could she prove Blaze's...

Cover Story

by Jane Donnelly

"He's Not My Type!"

Newspaper boss Adam Schofield didn't normally have problems attracting women. Rich, successful and dynamic, he had most of the qualities that appealed to the opposite sex.

But Millie was impervious...

P.S. I Love You

by Valerie Parv

It's Important You Read This Letter!

Dear Mr. Branden,

I'm sure you receive thousands of letters, but this one is different, so please, please read on….

How Penny wished her young niece had never written that...

Simply the Best

by Catherine Spencer

When Virginia heard that Jordan Caine was coming home, she had to admit she'd never forgotten him. But Jordan was no longer the "bad boy" Virginia had grown up with. Now he was a successful and wealthy businessman,...

Oasis of the Heart

by Jessica Hart

Spoilt little rich girl!

Max Falconer didn't have a very high opinion of Cairo. In fact, she was just the kind of woman that he wanted to avoid. Glamorous, beautiful, immaculately dressed…. He couldn't think...

Hollow Vows

by Alexandra Scott

"The Honeymoon's Over!"

"It's not as if we married for the usual reasons!" Briony protested as Finn Lawrence carried her off on their honeymoon…. But, at first, their marriage seemed to have a chance. Then everything...

A Brief Encounter

by Catherine George

A Woman Alone?

"I didn't imagine a woman like you would have reached your age without several men in her life…."

Olivia's carefully cultivated veneer of indifference was usually enough to deter admirers. But...