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Scarlet Woman

by Barbara Faith

Scarlet Woman

Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks and then marrying the son of the wealthiest man in town had made Holly Moran the center of gossip. So she'd left home. But even now, years later, returning...

The Bride Price

by Ginna Gray

Not the Marrying Kind…

Hell would freeze before a mere female brought proud Wyatt Sommersby to his knees. The macho millionaire always got what he wanted—and then moved on. But Maggie Muldoon proved immune...

No Kids or Dogs Allowed

by Jane Gentry

What's a Daughter To Do?

Cara Fairchild thought her mother needed a man. And since Elizabeth was so young and beautiful, Cara knew that any man in his right mind would be happy to have her. So how in the world...

Here to Stay

by Kate Freiman

Here to Stay

A lonely Canadian road. A patch of black ice. And Miles Kent's vintage Corvette was history.

So was his memory…his identity.

All the bitter amnesiac had was a gentle woman to save him. Tender Sasha...

Cowboy's Kiss

by Victoria Pade

Cowboy's Kiss

Proud, hard Jackson Heiler had plowed his blood, sweat and tears into his father's rugged Wyoming ranch. And now the wispy city woman in his father's will aimed to plant her cute greenhorn butt...

A Family for Ronnie

by Julie Caille

A Family for Ronnie

Suddenly orphaned, little Ronnie faced two startled guardians. His aunt, Alicia Brant, wanted to mother the boy. And his rugged bachelor uncle, Luke Garrick, was proving a natural-born dad....

Brooding Angel

by Marie Ferrarella

He Was Her Hero

For Mary Clancy, Alex Mitchell had been everything. She'd fallen in love with his dark, brooding eyes, with his sense of honor and his sexy ways. He was everything she'd dreamed of—and he was...

A Father's Wish

by Christine Flynn

A Father's Wish

Alexander Burke had never understood why Kelly Shaw had given up their child. But once he found little Ryan, Kelly was gone. He'd never forgiven or forgotten her. And now she was back…But she...

A Perfect Surprise

by Caroline Peak

A Perfect Surprise

Maggie Sullivan's first surprise arrive in the form of a rain-soaked rambunctious black Labrador. Her second surprise came when she returned the runaway to a gruff mountain man who looked strangely...

Truly Married

by Phyllis Halldorson

Truly Married

Their marriage was eternal magic, a fiery fusion of body and soul. But in one blind moment of betrayal, attorney Fergus Lachlan forfeited Sharon's precious love and lost his paradise on earth.


Does Anybody Know Who Allison Is?

by Tracy Sinclair

Allison Who?

She'd come to the affluent New England town hoping to discover her parentage, and Allison Riley got more than she'd ever bargained for. In her search for her true identity, she may have also found...

A Man for Mom

by Gina Ferris Ferris Wilkins

It Takes a Very Special Man to Win That Special Woman!

Single mother Rachel Carson had devoted herself to her two beautiful children…and to the business that had been her late husband's dream. She'd learned...

The Secret Baby

by Amy Frazier

The Child She Never Knew She Had

Single mother Meg Roberts had returned to her hometown with one goal in mind. She was convinced her son had a twin, a baby taken from Meg at birth—a child she was told had never...

Rocky Mountain Rancher

by Pamela Toth

Rocky Mountain Rancher

The drifter came from the night. Came from the storm. And came with a past…. Still, warmhearted widow Maddy Landers needed a hired hand. So what if Luther Ward had done time? The man was...

Sara's Father

by Jennifer Mikels

Sara's Father

Once, skinny Erin Delaney and popular Sam Stone shared teenage high jinks, loads of laughter…and a breathless, tentative passion. But their futures had lain far afield—wrenching Erin away, wedding...

Baby My Baby

by Victoria Pade

Baby My Baby

Beth was a strong, stubborn ranching woman—a Heller through and through. Asher Blackwolf was a breathtaking, maddening Sioux male. And together they'd once made magic, made the earth move. Yet now...

The Sultan's Wives

by Tracy Sinclair

It Takes a Very Special Man to Win That Special Woman…

Globe-hopping for the perfect scoop, fearless photojournalist Pippa Bennington sometimes landed in hot water. But this time the sassy redhead was in up...

Jenni Finds a Father

by Brittany Young

Jenni Finds a Father

Chilly British nobleman Alec Devereaux seethed with desire to reclaim his ancestral estate. Warmhearted American Tess Parish longed to gain custody of her orphaned kid sister and give Jenni...

Husband: Some Assembly Required

by Marie Ferrarella

It Takes a Very Special Man to Win That Special Woman!

A silver tongue. A killer smile. Spectacular muscles. Handsome Murphy Pendleton had all the right parts to make any number of women swoon. But, injured in...

An Interrupted Marriage

by Laurey Bright

An Interrupted Marriage

Magnus Riordan believed his wife could not possibly hurt him any more than she already had—until she finally returned to the home they had shared. It was only then that he truly understood...