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Broken Rainbows

by Catrin Collier

The third novel in the Long Road to Baghdad series, a vivid, moving, historically accurate account of a conflict between Eastern and Western Empires.

1916, Mesopotamia. The Turks order prisoners from the siege...

Beggars and Choosers

by Catrin Collier

It had long been her dream to discover what had happened to the rest of her family. Her mother and uncle had managed to get out alive – but what of the others who’d disappeared?

But how do you find out what...

All That Glitters

by Catrin Collier

Cornish smuggler Devlin 'Devil' Varcoe braves winter weather and revenue men to fetch the contraband on which Porthinnis depends for survival. Drawn to Jenefer Trevanion, whose father finances the smuggling...

The Bounce

by Betsy Tobin

From the award-winning author of BONE HOUSE...An extraordinary novel of love, death and lions, set in the glamorous and squalid circus world of London in the 1870s.

Nineteen-year-old Nathan crosses the Atlantic...

The Graham Saga: Books 1-4

by Anna Belfrage

Life in the 17th century is no walk in the park. Ask reluctant time traveller Alex Lind, who struggles not only with unfamiliar surroundings, but also with determined avengers, political upheaval and religious...

The Boys of Summer

by Sarah Madison

2nd Edition

David McIntyre has been enjoying the heck out of his current assignment: touring the Hawaiian Islands in search of the ideal shooting locations for a series of film-company projects. What's not to...

Ravishing Ruby: A Bound and Determined Novel

by Lavinia Kent

Torn between duty and desire, London’s most infamous madam fights for a future with the love of her life: an insatiable, ruggedly charming American sailor.


Emma Scanton’s grandfather wants her to marry....

Sutherland's Secret: A Highland Pride Novel

by Sharon Cullen

If you love Maya Banks and Monica McCarty, don’t miss Sharon Cullen’s captivating Highland Pride novels! Sutherland’s Secret kicks off a series that’s overflowing with mouthwatering Scottish warriors,...

Book Analysis: The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett

by Bright Summaries

In this clear and detailed reading guide, we’ve done all the hard work for you!

The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett received huge success after publication and is the author’s most popular book. It tells...

Susana and the Scot

by Sabrina York

New York Times bestselling author Sabrina York carries readers back to the wild Scottish Highlands in Susana and the Scot, where the bravest of men surrender to no one-except the boldest of women...



V #2

by Jane Feather

Duping unwary nobleman out of their fortunes in the gaming halls--a dangerous game she plays in order to raise money to avenge her father's death--Judith Davenport finds herself under the scrutiny of the honorable...

The Deception

by Catherine Coulter

The complete revamping of Catherine Coulter's 1983 Signet Regency, An Intimate Deception, led to this: a full-bodied historical romance with a new beginning and a new ending.

The Sinner

by Margaret Mallory


Four fearless warriors return to the Highlands to claim their lands and legacies. But all their trials on the battlefield can't prepare them for their greatest challenge...

Recklessly Yours: Her Majesty's Secret Servants

by Allison Chase

Holly has always been the reckless Sutherland sister, the one most likely to hitch up her skirts and gallop astride a powerful stallion. Holly's affinity for horses leads Queen Victoria to enlist her help when...

The Maid-At-Arms - A Novel

by Robert W. Chambers

This volume contains Robert William Chambers' 1902 novel, "The Maid-at-Arms". It is a heroic romance that tells the story of George Ormond and Dorothy Varick, two young would-be lovers living in New York during...

Marietta, a Maid of Venice

by F. Marion Crawford

Zorzi Ballarin' is a Dalmatian who, despite Venetian laws forbidding it, learns the trade of glassblowing and becomes a master artist with dreams of having his own furnace and creating his own kinds of glass....

Ivanhoe - A Romance

by Sir Walter Scott

This vintage book contains Sir Walter Scott's 1820 historical novel, "Ivanhoe". Set in twelfth-century England, it tells the story of a Wilfred of Ivanhoe, a Saxon who has become disgraced in his father's eyes...

The Fortunes and Misfortunes of Moll Flanders

by Daniel Defoe

This moral comedy of low life set in the reign of Charles II, and probably suggested to the author's imagination by the story of some real criminal whom he met in Newgate, the 'Fortunes and Misfortunes of the...

Some Brief Folly

by Patricia Veryan

The Napoleonic wars are at their height on the Continent when Miss Euphemia Buchanan, young, much sought-after, and unattainable, decides to journey from London to Bath with her brother Simon and her young page...

The Noblest Frailty

by Patricia Veryan

Patricia Veryan's superbly entertaining Regency romances have inspired Library Journal to call her "one of the most able writers of this genre," and The Chattanooga Times to proclaim her "a worthy successor...