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Sophie's Pleasure

by Patricia Pellicane

With her psychic abilities, Sophie occasionally helps out the police on cases that appear to dead end. Joe Palermo is a Suffolk County detective and Sophie's brother-in-law's partner. Sophie and Joe dated briefly...

Hit and Miss

by Lyn Cash & Alexis Fleming

Book one in the Sexy Mythconceptions Series Nothing like a little foray into BDSM to make a girl feel good about herself. When Kat Toomy discovers her lover cavorting on her bed in her underwear with his best...

Missing in Milan

by Elizabeth Coldwell

When Laura's sister disappears in Milan, the most dangerous part of the search may be falling for the man who wants to help her...A weekend in Milan with her student sister, Charlie, should be a welcome break...

Hot and Humid

by Shermaine Williams

With a life as dull as dishwater, Jeanette takes a spontaneous holiday to the sunny Caribbean seeking some adventure, but will she get more than she bargained for? Desperate to inject some life into her dull...

Naked Ambition

by Ashley Ladd

Homecoming Valentines Collection, stories of love lost and love found: "If you love someone, let them go. If they return to you, it was meant to be. If they don't, their love was never yours to begin with..."...

One Wild Weekend

by JC Holly

Fantasies become reality for one couple as they share a wild and sexy weekendBobby and Chris' relationship is starting to stagnate. They're constantly bickering, and haven't had sex in weeks. On hearing this,...

Taking it Off

by Rachel Randall

Valentine's got a talent for finding the right fit-whether it's matching an executive to a job or finding a lover for himself-but he's never had a first impression like Lucy before.Commandeered by the intriguing...

Wicked Woman

by Aurora Rose Lynn

Book three in the Sex in Sessions Series An ultra sexy fugitive and a beautiful lawyer search for an elusive criminal but when do misdeeds cast a long shadow? Luke Desemond has been declared a fugitive, even...


by Cynthia Rayne

What if you found out your gay boyfriend was decidedly bisexual, and not only that, he has had a thing for you for years? Julie Stewart has a bit of a crush on her gay boyfriend, Troy Daniels, but has always...


by Cassidy Ryan

Her bad day just got a whole lot better.Cadence is disillusioned with her job at Veritas Magazine, and dissatisfied with her life in general.After a frustrating meeting with her editor she decides to take the...

Battle of Thrills

by Amy Valenti

Tease, tempt, tremble...but don't touch.Old friends and colleagues Jared and Elle embark upon a sexual game with only one rule: no touching. Whoever breaks the rule first loses the game, and no matter how much...

Aloha Kaua

by Jenna Byrnes

On her first trip to Hawaii, Michaela Donovan discovers lust and love in the most unusual place. Aloha Kaua. May there be love between us. Michaela Donovan isn't sure about love, but she's looking for something...

Attitude Adjustment

by Bobbie Russell

Lincoln Parish has an attitude. That's what got him in trouble and now he's doing community service time at an old ladies' retirement home. But the women there also have attitudes, and they floor him with their...

Wish Fulfilled

by Jennah Sharpe

With another man in the mix, what will it mean to never again have a normal marriage? Greg and Sarah Perry have a solid marriage. They're the envy of their friends. When Greg, a lawyer by day, suggests adding...

Play for Keeps

by Isabelle Drake

Two men, one woman, a secluded beach and a challenge - which man really knows how to give her what she craves? Dominic Santos is fed up with Jace Cater's know-it-all about women attitude. That's the only reason...

Give it to me Spicy

by Evie Balos

The one man who can satisfy her deepest, most secret urges is the one she'll have to stay away from.Tara Duncan has been aching to have sex with her colleague, Jay, for six long months. He oozes the sort of...


by Lexie Davis

Every good girl desires for a chance to be a little naughty and workaholic Brooklyn O'Reilly is no exception. After booking a much-needed weekend getaway to a remote island, she meets island photographer, Channing...


by Justine Elyot

It's her job to snare him, but this trap might be more complicated than she thought.When Tilly went into business as a private detective, she thought it would be all brilliant deductive reasoning and car chases....

Stupendously Blind

by Tonya Ramagos

Tired of playing games, Dalia is ready to give Travis the birthday present of his life, even if they have to spend an entire romantic evening blindfolded. Frightened of repeating the same mistakes as their parents,...

Bound by Love

by Cassidy Ryan

Love hurts - and not always in a good way! For two years Rhys has had a casual D/s relationship with Draven. It was never supposed to be anything more than an arrangement; a way for Rhys to occasionally indulge...