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Hakon - Book 8 of the Tales of Aswin

by Carmenica Diaz

Rionna crosses the Cold Sea to the Northern Reaches and then onto the capital of Hakon where she will face her moment of truth! This is Book 8 in the Tales of Aswin!

Journey Northward - Book 7 of the Tales of Aswin

by Carmenica Diaz

Rionna finds herself in the situation of travelling with the Northern knights to the icy Northern Reaches. Book 7 of the Tales of Aswin.


by Kevin Lomas

It started on a nice day, the happiest of most people's lives. And then it turned bad. Then it got worse. No one had any idea how bad it could get. Religion and cults warned us, and now it is happening. 'Evil'...

Castle Estosia - Book 1 of the Tales of Aswin

by Carmenica Diaz

Sorcery is alive in the alternate Earth called Aswin where monarchs have absolute power and politics is driven by the sword and conquest. In this alternate Earth, Riclamin the Younger, Novice Knight in the legion...

Heiress to the Ice Throne - Book 6 of the Tales of Aswin

by Carmenica Diaz

After earning the gratitude of the King, Rionna discovers pleasure that she had never known before. Then, the disturbing news the Northern knights have left Aelius! Where are these fearsome warriors going?

Project Thirian

by Kevin Lomas

It's wonderful redesigning a planet all of your very own with the profits it could bring in, and just in time, too, as fortune would have it, but satisfaction is short-lived as 'lightning' strikes twice ...

Lilium Saffron Dewbell: Part 3: You Cannot Bottle a Goddess

by Kevin Lomas

Part 3 - You Cannot Bottle a Goddess - Ebook. Lilium continues her amazing and dangerous adventures and soon discovers that friends are not always friends, because she is a valuable commodity. Priceless even....

The Royal Court - Book 5 of the Tales of Aswin

by Carmenica Diaz

Confined to the Dark Tower in Therilia, Rionna must find a way tofree not only herself but also Lady Asa! Rionna learns more skills and forms a close friendship. This is part 5 in this ongoing serial.

Lilium Saffron Dewbell: Part Two: Out There

by Kevin Lomas

Part Two - Out There ... and Lilium, disgusted with her gods, at last ventures out into the universe/s on her own. But what is the point of being told you are becoming a goddess, and potentially dangerous, too,...

Therilia - Book 4 of the Tales of Aswin

by Carmenica Diaz

Rionna travels to Therilia and stands before the ill tempered King Arthur. Will her new abilities save her and her companions from the intrigues of the Royal Court? Another episode in this old fashioned sword...

Pandora - Evolution Gone Wrong

by Miss Christie Nortje

On 21/12/2012 a deadly ancient virus, we now know as 'Pandora' escapes from deep beneath the earth crust. After a minor earthquake hits. Lying dormant for centuries this ancient killer once responsible for the...

Doctor Who: Illegal Alien

by Mike Tucker & Robert Perry

The Blitz is at its height. As the Luftwaffe bomb London, Cody McBride, ex-pat American private eye, sees a sinister silver sphere crash-land. He glimpses something emerging from within. The military dismiss...

Dr. Heidenhoff's Process

by Edward Bellamy

This early novel from the author of the socialist utopian tale Looking Backwards is another classic of the nineteenth-century science fiction and fantasy genre. The 'process' in the book's title refers to a...

A Traveler from Altruria: Romance

by William Dean Howells

This novel from popular nineteenth-century American author William Dean Howells features a visitor from a mysterious distant island known as Altruria. The contrast between the utopian island community and conditions...

Looking Backwards: From 2000 to 1887

by Edward Bellamy

One of the best-selling books of its era, Looking Backwards presents a science-fiction-influenced twist on standard political philosophy. In the novel, protagonist Julian West finds himself transported to twenty-first...

Salisby Dalisby in Alien World 59.5 Years in Pleaketauk City: Times Before the Galaxies // Volume 2

by Funk C Victor

Salisby Dalisby the time and Universe traveler has been disrupted again with the dark Lords time cloaking technologies. This time he has been moved into a darker time zone into a Grey Masters military city with...

The Forever Watch

by David Ramirez

An exciting new novel from a bold up-and-coming sci fi talent, The Forever Watch is so full of twists and surprises it's impossible to put down.

All that is left of humanity is on a thousand-year journey to...

Across the Zodiac: The Story of a Wrecked Record

by Percy Greg

If you're a fan of swashbuckling interplanetary science fiction, add Across the Zodiac to your must-read list. This wildly imaginative novel, originally published in 1880, helped to originate the genre. This...

Meccania: The Super-State

by Owen Gregory

Set in 1970, this gripping dystopian tale creates a nightmare scenario in which an unnamed European country has been overtaken by fascist totalitarianism. Although little is known about the author of Meccania...

Lady sarara

by Claudio Cordella

Lady Sarara by Claudio Cordella - Imperium Collection (English edition) In Ludosphere, Cephea meets a “Stone Angel”. Her fate has come to a turning point. The warrior must protect Sarara and the life she...